Mthwakazi Republic Party: – For Peace and Justice in our Life Time

 Mthwakazi Republic Party: – For Peace and Justice in our Life Time
Published: 14 December 2014 | by Mqondisi Moyo




To the Vice President of Mthwakazi Republic Party, Mrs Sithabiso Masina
 To the Chairman of the Mthwakazi Republic Party, Mr. Zakhele Ndebele
To the Secretary General of Mthwakazi Republic Party
To all National Executive Members here present
To all National Youth Executive Members here present
To all National Women Forum Members here present
TO all Provincial Members here present
Members of the Media here present
People of Mthwakazi here present


I would like to thank the Chairman for the tributes he paid to the passing of a great man and hero in the world: The Late first black President of the Republic of South Africa. He stood for justice, peace and equality in the face of illegal imprisonment, inspired us as young man growing up in Southern Africa.

It is that same courage and discipline that guides us as we embark on this current project
We pray that God Almighty will give us singularity of purpose to pursue our overall goal without wavering.

Until we realize our goal and hold in our hands, our dream of the nation state called Mthwakazi:
A state where all its citizens will really be equal before the law: with equal access to all its resources especially in their own home districts. We will adopt DEVOLUTION OF POWER as our system of governance in Mthwakazi once we achieve our goal.

I would also like to thank the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe for granting the Late Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe; a child of Mthwakazi, the honours he deserves.

It may be argued in some circles that it took the government of Zimbabwe way too long to do this, but for us we thank God that the government of Zimbabwe has seen it fit that  the late Vice President of Zimbabwe be given such a status; because it was well deserved.

We say to the Nkomo family and all the people who have eagerly waited for this day: Alala Alala!! No one can keep a good man down!
We welcome all of you to this landmark event today where we present what we believe is the final solution for the woes of the People of Mthwakazi.

Generally most people of Zimbabwe and their Mthwakazi sympathisers often claim that we are cry babies.

We cry not because we are cry babies but because we are hurting, because we live in a system that is hurting us.

Let me build this case.

Why Mthwakazi Republic Party, someone may ask?

We would like to locate this party’s roots in history of this part of the world: Southern Africa.
One 19th Century American Christian author is quoted to have said: “We have nothing to fear for the future, unless we forget how God has led us in the past” E. G. White.

Mthwakazi was the nation building project that was initiated by Inkosi Mzilikazi after he chose to live Zululand and find a better place for his people away from Nkosi Tshaka’ tyrannical rule.

Some ill informed historians have claimed that he fled Tshaka, but the truth is that he left:
How does one flee with women and children and livestock?  No! You do not flee, but rather you leave. 
That is what iNkosi did.

It resembles the Biblical Exodus to me. According to the oral tradition, we learnt from our forefathers that he was inspired to call this nation Mthwakazi. After he had been informed that the first people to have lived in the area he chose as a final settlement for his people and nation were called Abathwa.
Those who know history also know that those people were generally short in stature.  Therefore he chose to call his people and the nation, Mthwakazi: where [–kazi] in this instance is a prefix of enlargement - denoting a bigger, taller representation of the group that were the initial inhabitants.

So in essence, Mthwakazi was a nation building project that was the brain child of iNkosi uMzilikazi. 
In that project, the people of Mambo, who ruled this land before the arrival of iNkosi uMzilikazi and his already rainbow nation, which included, Ngunis, Sothos, Pedis, Tswanas, worked collaboratively to create something that was bigger than the sum of their parts.

So by default, the Lozvis, the Tongas, the Nambyias and the Dhombes, the Kalangas and Karangas as well as some Shona groups who chose to come and live under the benevolent hand of iNkosi uMzilikazi became incorporated into the nation, through both war and diplomacy as was the practice of the day. 

Some of the local people came into the Mthwakazi nation building project because they were seers and medicine man and iNkosi needed their services, in the nation building project in terms of its spiritual prosperity. 

A statement that deconstructors often make about the project is that there were negative segregative structures in this project.  But the truth is not really there.

Actually, there were Nguni groups, that iNkosi uMzilikazi left Zululand with as well as those of the Swazis and Northern Ndebeles (of Mahlangu and Mabhena); and there were the Enhla groups who were gathered in the northern parts of South Africa: Sothos, Pedis and Tswanas; as well as the Hole groups whose place of origin were local people abaka Mambo.  The “Hole” designation referred mainly to the attire of brandishing a blanket by the Mambo groups: (ukuhola ingubo; as opposed to how the Nguni groups dressed: ukunxiba amabhetshu – skin coverings). 

The initial makings of this nation building project made such a profound impact on the minds of the hearts and minds of all our forefathers. 
Because by and large regardless of the ethnic groups, there is a general acceptance of membership in this project whether one calls it UbuNdebele or one calls it Mthwakazi by most of the people who live in this region.

Of course the project deconstructors have tried to tribalise the term AmaNdebele to mean people who came from Zululand, but that is just plain mischief, because those who came from Zululand were Ngunis groups.  Like Mthwakazi, AmaNdebele is a national designation, and those who have not been brainwashed or misinformed know that.

One of the elements of the genius of iNkosi uMzilikazi is that every able bodied man, who by default had to go through military training, was legally and culturally granted the status of being the iNkosi’s brothers at the pass-out parade or at their graduation.  Almost like an Honorary Degree.  So while the person maintained their ethnic identity, they also shared the royal identity with the iNkosi as well.

Unfortunately fate did not allow iNkosi to live long enough to see his project to its natural completion.
In spite of that interference, iNkosi had planted the seeds of a good thing and all those who came after him did not have anything better than the Mthwakazi national identity, therefore it has stuck to this day.
It is actually amazing that if you look at UbuNdebele or uMthwakazi, there is no one else who gets the credit for its construction and its maintenance but the towering person of iNkosi uMzilikazi and his son iNkosi uLobengula.

What is true is that the Colonizers, the Rhodesia Front regime and indeed the so-called nationalist have tried in overt and covert ways over the years to deconstruct this project but with little overall success.  That identity persist to this day.

In the past we as the benefactors of this nation building project have resisted the deconstruction of this nation project.

However, we meet here today to announce to the world that we as the children of those great men and women want to actively take this project back from where iNkosi uLobengula officially left off when he disappeared and refused for his body to be held by the hands of abafo (his enemies).

While we respect projects to re-establishment of the Monarch, it is not our place to work for that because it is not in our place to do so.

We want to re-establish Mthwakazi as a republic and continue the nation building programme which as so effectively began by iNkosi uMzilikazi with the collaboration of the people of Mambo.
What is our justification?

1.    Just as it was when iNkosi uMzilikazi arrived in this land around 1821, now 34 yrs after Independence from British Rule, Zimbabwe is at a place where it has become a failed state. There is no justifiable reason as the people of Mthwakazi to be part of this state called Zimbabwe
2.    When the Republic of Zimbabwe was constructed, we as the people were never approached to opt to be included in this state.
3.    Judging by how we were treated after the days of colonial rule in the state of Zimbabwe, it is clear that we are not welcome in the state structure of the people of Zimbabwe:
a.    Education policy - excluded
b.    Economic policy – excluded
c.    Political structures and governance and government operations -  we are excluded
d.    Agricultural policy – excluded
e.    Employment and company boards – excluded.
f.    Social and cultural development – excluded
g.    Sports, culture and the arts – excluded. etc…

The most difficult thing to find is a sector where we are included and treated as equal citizens in Zimbabwe.

Arguments of careless mouths suggest that this is so because we are immigrants:
The real problem with that statement is that everyone in Zimbabwe is an immigrant, so you wonder who has the right to call the other immigrant here.

But as for us, we cannot leave a country where our grand fathers, fathers and brothers; our grandmothers, our mothers and sisters died for four times:

-    The 1893 War with BSAC
-    The 1897 War YaMahloka Abomvu (Red Axes) still with the BSAC (In modern Zimbabwe history our contributions during  this war are credited to other people but us)
-    The 1960 – 1980 War of Liberation
-    The Gukurahundi Massacres (1983 – 1987) – 5th Brigade (Outside the structures of the Zimbabwe National Army)

We must add to these wars, the current economical war that has been relentless fought on the
economic front to keep us out of the economy activity of this country
As if that was not bad enough, that war is also fought to pillage our resources and move them to develop things in Zimbabwe and the expense of necessary developments in Mthwakazi.
So we are not going anywhere and everybody needs to get used to that.

As we say at Highlanders: Ongafuniyo akayekele (Just leave us alone, we can do our own thing too)
So what do you want? Someone may be asking: the answer is very simple:

2.    That means Mthwakazi must secede from Zimbabwe forthwith along known and accepted national boundaries

Why do we want to do this, someone may also ask?
So that we can:
-    Govern ourselves
-    Manage our own resources and operate our own economy for the benefit of all our various peoples
-    Grow our own food
-    Develop our own selves: education, skills, technology, cultures and languages
-    Yes to become masters and mistress of our own destiny
But before we get on this grand task whose completion we shall live to see: we have major things to do first in Mthwakazi.

We must first do into YOBUNTU Why so?

Because our land languishes from curses of serious diabolic acts which were done on it:

1.    We must first rebury all the victims of the Gukurahundi massacres
2.    We are not fighting with anyone who perpetrated this bestial acts of human rights violations
3.    But the bloods of our people cry out on the ground: from shallow graves, from mine shafts, from anti bear borrows - seeking better treatment and cessation of neglect
4.    We do not want apologizes from anyone, we just want to grant our people rest and human dignity in death as they had in life, by giving them as proper re-burials as possible.
5.    We want to set up permanent monuments in their memory in each district where these atrocities occurred for the sake of posterity and humanity.
6.    We also want to set up, even if is informal, a Gukurahundi Memorial Holiday that we shall celebrate from hence forth annual as the people of Mthwakazi
7.    We want the world to know that, God willing, like the Jews: NEVER AGAIN, shall our people be victims of such inhuman global treatment while the world looked aside, NEVER AGAIN!
We shall seek funds from among ourselves and friends of our course to allow us to do this.  We understand that the State of Zimbabwe is not financial disposed to assist us on this project.
But we have sons and daughters in the diaspora, whom we shall approach to assist us to do this.
And anyone else who may see this as a worthy cause in the interest of human rights and civility
And because this is not just a political activity but a humane one, we shall ask religious groups and NGOs to spearhead this programme on our behalf.
We do this because not for political acclaim as a party but we want to do Ubuntu for our people who were brutalized at the hands of those who sort to obliterate us from the face of the earth.
What else do we want to do?
1.    Parallel to this process we shall be putting in place a negotiating team from those amongst our elders who know and understand our cause to seek to create a platform to negotiate with the government of Zimbabwe, Britain, UN, EU, AU South African Government and the rest of stake holders involved in this matter, for the cessation of the Mthwakazi nation state from Zimbabwe
2.    Upon the completion process, we shall invite a care taker government to be set in place composed of respectable leaders in our community together with some of our chiefs, while a new constitution is structured for the state of Mthwakazi, constituencies are delimitated and a voter’s roll is created.
3.    We project that this should not take no more than 2 years after which our party and other parties should go to a free and fair election so that we set up a new government of the people by the people for the people for the continuance and sustenance of this priced project.
4.    We will invite such organs like SADC, AU and UN to participate in this process not withstanding their stance (SADC and AU) on the maintenance of colonial boundaries in the new Africa.
5.    This is not a tribal programme but rather a national programme. Therefore those individuals who see themselves as Zimbabweans who opt to stay here will be welcome. By the same token those people who are children of Mthwakazi who live in Zimbabwe territory who chose to live there will be free to stay there as well.  But those who choose to leave either state are also welcome.
6.    We plan to do this through a negotiated settlement with the government of Zimbabwe: no war, no force of any kind whatsoever.  WE do not believe in war and/or violence to achieve our objectives.
7.    We would like this whole matter to be concluded within a two year period and ideally within a year’s period.
8.    Although, we have a right to seek reparations from the government of Zimbabwe over the cold blooded murders of our people and the economic pillage of our land, we just want to be left alone to manage our own country because the government of Zimbabwe has failed us on all fronts.
9.    WE want all wars to cease
10.    WE want our people and children for all generations to come, to experience peace, prosperity and development within the dictates of their own conscience, cultures and languages, without any imposition of services by people external to them even from within Mthwakazi nation state.
11.    We therefore challenge the Government of Zimbabwe to take us seriously even though they have not seen us on the political rudder before: we are not playing, we mean business.
12.    WE have this sense of fore boarding that we maybe the last generation of Mthwakazians who will want to do this in the way we are suggesting it be done.
13.    This needs to be seen as the honest to God truth rather than any kind of threat to by the Government of Zimbabwe.  The frustration levels within the people are reaching breaking levels: WE know because we live amongst them.
14.    WE have waited for more than 100 years to enjoy our God given rights as a people to exist on this world without always living in the shadows of others.
15.    WE need to complete this project that our forefathers began and create the most enviable African State in the World.
16.    The time for us to end external control is now
17.    Nothing and no one can stop us now because, like our motto states: This God is our God!
18.    We demand what is RIGHTFULLY ours and ours only.



TEL: 00263771385422

- Mthwakazi Republic Party


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