Zimbabwe is now a Banana Republic

Published: 29 March 2016 | by Chrispen Nyoni


 If one needs to understand zanu pf,he/she must know that there is a"system" which is sacronsact and the pillar of zanu pf. Questions may be asked,so many of them,based on George Charamba (Nathaniel Manheru) revelations on what the "system" is and for one to be regarded as zanu pf,he/she must be trusted by the whims of the "system." 

did not know but am now enlightened and suspicion has been deleted. Zanu pf is the " system" and the "system" is zanu pf. Policy directions of zanu pf are directed by the "system". Leadership is directed by the "system". So who is the "system?"What is the "system?"

These questions are too broad when looking into zanu pf. My analysis of the whole Charamba (Nathaniel Manheru) bullysh speech to Prof Moyo,reveals a lot of hidden issueswhich build zanu pf,which built zanu pf and if all goes according to the way the "system" dictates,it posses an aim of preserving the existence of zanu pf beyond the lifespan of the present Zimbabwean and Mthwakazi adults. So the citizenry have been captured and incarcerated by the "system."

My understanding of the whole saga is that the "SYSTEM" is the security organs of zanu pf. Thessecurity organs comprise the dreaded CIOs,the army,the police,the war vets and obviously the underground world (lucifer's den.) I will briefly explore this"system" that has been confirmed by Charamba (Nathaniel Manheru-in The Herald). 

The underground world has been used to enforce dogmatic followership of members by zanu pf leadership and within the leadership to toe the line of the movement whether its wrong or not.It has always been used to bring deviance to order,to correct wayward behaviour,to silence those who dare challenge the "system" and those who intend to halt the gravy zanu pf political N1. 

Several people have departed from this Earth through this underground world. No answers have been found to date except suspicion. Cde Tongogara,Chitepo,Gen Mujuru, Captain Nleya, Rashiwe Guzha,Sydney Malunga, Elliot Manyika etc were taken away from the Earth under unclear circumstances and no answers have been found to date. 

This underground world,is so vicious because where it strikes,it does that with the cruelty of a tractor's wheel when it pounds an insect. The underground world,is vast in its definition. 

External hands that leave no traces are used,well paid and assisted to disappear. They are trained and trusted mercenaries. One can easily remind the reader of the Ari Ben Manashe episodes. So the underground world is just like that. Who is next,anybody's guess will be as good as mine. 

So Charamba(Nathaniel Manheru) who seems to have graduated with a distinction from the demagoguery of the "system" saw it wise to tell Prof Moyo,that the "system",will donate him to the next omnipresent world called hell or heaven. This assertion finds relevancy in the following Charamba (Nathaniel Manheru) statement," Minister, the system is asking if Moyo is not supporting VP Mnangagwa to succeed,so who then is he supporting? Why is he trying to prevent VP Mnangagwa? That makes him dangerous and he must be stopped." In zanu pf politics,stopping someone is taking that somebody's life and in the statement Charamba (Nathaniel Manheru),covertly told Prof Moyo that the "system" will voluntary terminate his life if he opposes the dictates of the "system."

The aspect of the dreaded CIOs,is one security instrument used by zanu pf to clear all those who are opposed to what the system prefers. The system,like the law of the jungle,can eat itself too. I will explain this view. CIOs have reined over zimbabwe like vultures on a dead body of an animal. They have been used to silence dissent. 

People have disappeared,killed,raped,disembowelled,disabled and tortured by this sector. They are known. Names are there but the "system"protects them. Patrick Kombayi, Cain,gukurahundi victims,murambaswina,Dzamara etc are examples that come into light. Patrick Kombayi assailants were identified and nothing was done to them. They were kept mingling with the people as if nothing had happened. 

But Patrick Kombayi lived with a dismembered body. There are far more scenes that can be mentioned that are a result of the dreaded CIOs. So this kingdom is also the "system". Charamba was right to tell or remind Prof Moyo of this nemesis,that they are not happy and he must be donated to hell dwellers. The former VP,Mujuru, was silenced using a combination of concoctions of all the apparatus of the "system",then now the one who replaced her,is silently strategising and assisted by the "system" to outmanourve the incumbent.

The army is one which decides who come next in the leadership of every sector of the country. The country is run like that. Look at who is running down the parastatals and any key aspect of the country,at border posts etc so how can they fail to appoint who can be the next leader of the country. Commanders said it in 2008 that they are a straight jacket. That meant that the "system" is paramount as it cannot be challenged. MDCs can confirm that. Tswangirai won elections in 2008,but what happened,he decided not to challenge the "system" and had to seek sanctuary in neighbouring Botswana. So the army is the "system" too.

The ZRP is the "system" as it can be used anyhow by those in power. It is used to pin down any discontent voices. They choose who to arrest. If not so,why don't they arrest those who stole $15b worth of Chiadzwa diamonds? So they are the "system" Charamba (Nathaniel Mahneru) was referring to. Spurious cases can be laid against Prof Moyo so as to silence him and those who dare oppose the "system." All the concern that Charamba(Nathaniel Manheru) was bringing to the fore,was that Prof Moyo was as he is not part of the "system." 

Now convinced that the "system" is all security apparatus of zanu pf,used for all the dirty scheming and implementing the dirty tactics of zanu pf,the major scheme was amd is how to implement the succession of the incumbent so that the "system" lives in perpetuality. The "system" is made of dirty bloody hands and must rotate amongst the bloody dirty hands.

 That is to  protect everything that is theirs-filthy wealth,criminality and block prosecution for crimes against humanity. Prof Moyo,does not fit in that scheme. No known and suspected murderous life from him.He must be kept out of the "system". 

Again the "system" is purely shonacentric. This is proven in the political theatrics of one Christopher (the pants thief) Mutswankwa who took a spirited vocal line of pummeling Prof Moyo as one who deserted them during the war,when he could witness him "thieving pants." 

That was a telling story that Prof Moyo you were not there when the "system" was created and its constitution which is fully buttressed on the 1979 Grand Plan. So Charamba(Nathaniel Manheru) tells Prof Moyo that this issue of succession is solely zanu pf trouble child,not a Ndebele issue as Prof Moyo is. 

The "system" should not be broken by an outsider, those not counted in the politics of the country. The "system" will never ever allow a Ndebele to lead the country as is the view that Mpoko may rise to the occasion so he must be blocked-thus why the "system" i rekindled by Mnangagwa Gukurahundi using the likes of Charamba(Nathaniel Manheru)

The trend according to them, should be followed which is supported by the "system",so explicitly stated by Charamba(Nathaniel Manheru). It is in the public domain that the security/"system" plays a watchdog role,weeds out those perceived as malcontents and populate the whole "system" with dozens of no name brands and fierce loyalists. Thats the "system" as projected by Charamba (Nathaniel Manheru)-just some coalition of the politically wounded.


In the scheme of the "system" the war vets have been romped in. Bringing in the war vets is meant to scare everyone into submission. In reality,to be scared by the rented aged guerrillas's is as good as running away from a torch light at night thinking its a ghost. These guys are a rented lot whose lives are held at ransom by the "system"which thinks they still have something to offer in this modern life. In the game of football,any player above 35 years of age,is relegated to the stands because cannot exploit his talents as fast and with ease of precision. 

People cannot be fooled anymore,especially those from Mthwakazi. We are waiting with the zeal of a child,for the 7th of April meeting of the "system",Mugabe as well as the war vets. 

The outcome will shape the way how the "system" must be handled because if it is left unchecked,then the "system" will do as it wants on the citizens that are willing(shonas)and those unwilling(Mthwakazi nationals). It is time to check mate. War vets from Mthwakazi must pull out from zanu war vets. These Zanu war vets are a stray aspect of the "system" whose contribution to the "system" is solely on instilling fear to the citizenry. 

I see something big coming. Very devastating. I sense some evil civil disturbances that call for every right thinking person to stay ready,for either running away or spitting back. 



Charamba (Nathaniel Manheru) tells us that no-one other than a person chosen by the "system" will ever succeed Mugabe. Since the "system" is shonacentric it goes without saying that zimbabwe will be led by a shona person until donkeys grow horns.

So it is of particular importance that,the concept of a Zimbabwe must be revisited speedily. Mthwakazi peoples do not have the "system" Charamba (Nathaniel Manheru) boasted about. 

So the peoples of Mthwakazi should not subscribe to that Shonacentric/zanucentric notion. Mthwakazi peoples are not considered in any strategy that is set to put one of them in the leadership/presidency of Zimbabwe. Then the bigger question is: Why should we keep ourselves in a subordinate position for the rest of our lives?! It is clear that the "system" has no room for us. 

We cannot be fooled in the assumption that some Mthwakazi peoples are in key positions that have been historically set aside for pf zapu. Thats just some useless token used as a bait to fool the world into believing that some political equity created in 1987,between pf zapu and zanu pf is still existing when reality has it that that is a mere decoy.

The "system" must be crumbled now that it has been exposed by Charamba(Nathaniel Manheru). If the "system" is fronting Emmerson Mnangagwa,the GUKURAHUNDI ARCHITECT,then MTHWAKAZI must RESTORE now. Time has come. Time to oppose the "system" is now. 

We the Mthwakazi peoples reject the "system". It is not our creation. Never should we continue to be presided by the very "system" that butchered the Ndebele peoples. 

Every Mthwakazi national,where-ever they are,should do something,either individually or in a grouping. Lets challenge the "system" and forsake it. Let force a new order based on the tenants of RESTORATION. 

If Mnangagwa is the "system's " chosen,its a welcome move,because it justifies why we should RESTORE now. It is time for all those used by the "system" from Mthwakazi,to re-think and refocus. It must be known by them that the notion of "one country"  exist for the purposes of silencing the marginalised tribes. 

A Mnangagwa Gukurahundi presidency must be rejected by Mthwakazi nationals. It will never help us. It is forced on peoples and the right to reject it is ours. All resources that we get must be used to scale down the "system" and its apparatus. Oppressive systems of the world collapsed so why can this "system" outwit us? In accordance with conscience,political values and traditions,the quest for liberation from the zimbabwean albatrous has resurfaced with vigour. 

There are numerous strategies that must be implemented to restore confidence and rapidly stimulate heightened levels of political activism in support of RESTORATION.

Since the bigwigs in zanu want Mugabe out,they should then offload him together with the concept of Zimbabwe-must leave us in a RESTORED state.# the"system"mustfall#


By Chrispen Nyoni- MLF Foreign Relations (In his capacity as a Mthwakazi National)

- Source: Chrispen Nyoni, uMthwakazibReview


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