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Published: 30 June 2018 | by MLF





1.              INTRODUCTION

The case of Mthwakazi is a unique one in the whole world. It must be borne in mind therefore that all political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. The faith of the people of Mthwakazi stands pledged to the preservation of a RESTORED MTHWAKAZI as per pre-1893 model, and subject to this limitation only, Mthwakazi peoples have at all times the inalienable right to alter, restructure or abolish what was agreed on by all political parties that sat at Lancaster House in 1979 which culminated in the birth of the present day Zimbabwe.

2.              MTHWAKAZI NATION

Mthwakazi peoples are made of an inter-cultural society of multi ethnic groups of people, a product of emigration, colonial expansion and intermar iages, who fall under five groups being: pre-colonial black inhabitants, European emigrants, Asian emigrants, Black emigrants, and Coloureds. We are also a diverse community of inter

-cultural nationalities namely: Ndebele, Zulu, Nguni, Kalanga, Xhosa, Venda, Tonga, Sotho, Nambya, Swazi, African Whites, African Asians, Coloureds, Tswana, Shangani, Kung or baSarwa.

From the north we have the peripheral Tonga and Nambya Nationalities. The Tonga people originated from the great Tonga Kingdom and the Nambyans originated from the Rozwi Kingdom. From the south we have the Sotho, Venda, Swazi, Xhosa and Ndebele nationalities, which originated from the South African Kingdoms. From the west we have the Tswana originating from the great Ngwato Kingdom. We also have the Sena or Basarwa or Nama [Thwa] who are recognised as the first nationalities to settle in Matabeleland (Mthwakazi country). The Kalanga is the nationality known by the Language which resulted from the mixture of Sani, Tonga, Rozwi and Tswana languages. In the east there is the Shangani nationality which originated from the Shangani Kingdom.



Mthwakazi (otherwise known as Matebeleland) is a state covering 45.749,00 square kilometres in surface area.




She was a state with distinct ter itorial integrity before it was amalgamated with (Mashonaland) now Zimbabwe on the 24th of J anuary 1923. The following were Mthwakazi Borders that were recognized by its neighbours, Limpopo Rivers in the west which separated Transvaal and the kingdom, Ramaquabane River  in  the  west  which was demarcated when Bechunaland was declared a British Protectorate in 1888. In the east  there  was   the  “J ameson  Line”  which  was   agreed  between  the  Kingdom  and J ameson the BSA Co, Administrator in 1891.The J ameson Line runs along Sanyati/ Shashe and Tokwe rivers, in the north was the Zambezi River.

And these are the dates and subsequent treaties:

v  Mthwakazi with South Africa (Tranvaal ) _1887 signed out under the Treaty of Friendship,

v  Mthwakazi with Zambia (Barotseland) -1888 Signed under the Treaty of Peace and Unity.

v  Mthwakazi with Botswana ( Bechunaland Protectorate)- 1888 signed under the Moffat ‘s Treaty

v  Mthwakazi with Zimbabwe (Mashonaland) - 1891 known  as the  J ames  Line Treaty by  Star J ameson Leader. We  declare  to  the  world Mthwakazi must be free

4.              VISIONS

This petition is set to be the maiden mechanism which spearheads all the other processes that will be used to RESTORE MTHWAKAZI from the present status where she is part of Zimbabwe. Most importantly, retention of the indigenous cultures, economic independence, equality of all languages, promotion of community’s social cohesion and democratic values will form the cornerstone of life of the peoples who have suffered Genocide and the worst marginalization in the history of Southern Africa.

5.              AIMS

This petition aims to usher in a/ an:

v  free Mthwakazi and re - establish an independent state.

v  form of democratic atmosphere where a multi - party system will prevail in the governance of the country.

v  accurate document and chronicle the history of Mthwakazi state as well as the culture of all tribes of Mthwakazi.

v  free and united peoples of Mthwakazi.

v  healed       Mthwakazi            peoples       from          the          past       apprehensive             and genocide(Gukurahundi Genocide) that took place as early as the 1980’s.

v  guaranteed private property rights and redistribution of land in an equitable manner to all the inhabitants of Mthwakazi.

v  inclusive model where all the peoples of Mthwakazi will decide how the country should be run.

v  established government where leaders value and appreciate all the people’s language in practice as a way of uniting the nation.

v  established democracy, rule of the people by the people in the RESTORED MTHWAKAZI where proportional representation in all elections will take place for the purposes of properly accommodating minority views.



MLF values human rights, gender equality, non - tribalism, non-racialism, justice for all as well as waging a deliberate  and relentless  struggle  against domination, eradication of poverty, hunger, ignorance, disease, crime and prejudice, promoting  a  tolerant society.

Citizens of the Great MTHWAKAZI that are presently part  of Zimbabwe,  against their will, submit this petition as a demand to peacefully be granted the right to govern themselves as MTHWAKAZI NATION. That is simply refer ed to as RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI to its former status that existed prior to colonisation.


As this petition requests the BRITISH government to peacefully attend to its unattended obligation of fully decolonizing Zimbabwe so that RESTORATION is

granted to the state of MTHWAKAZI which will lead it to withdraw from the union that built Zimbabwe and create its own new government.

In respect of the above, the citizens of MTHWAKAZI have suffered from blatant abuses of their rights which are not excluding the zanu pf, Mugabe’s political party’s instituted Gukurahundi Genocide that culminated in the butchering of about 500 000 innocent MTHWAKAZI peoples, from 1982 -1987. In 1987, the gravity of the heinous Gukurahundi Genocide instituted by Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF stopped because Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF signed a peace deal with J oshua Nkomo’s PF ZAPU. From face value, Gukurahundi Genocide is considered to have stopped in 1987 but the reality is that it took another form and it saliently continued up to now and as per ZANU PF plans it will continue into eternity.

Given that MTHWAKAZI can maintain her affairs, it is practically feasible for MTHWAKAZI to withdraw from the union, and to do so she would be able to protect her citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the ZIMBABWEAN government.

MTHWAKAZI continues to suffer difficulties stemming from the lack of civil, religious, and political freedoms imposed upon her by less liberally minded Zimbabweans. It is entirely feasible for MTHWAKAZI to operate as its own state.

It is when in the path of human actions, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have linked them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal rank to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which compel them to the RESTORATION. Article 1 of the United Nation’s Charter (1945), International Covenants on Human Rights (1966), and the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and people (1960) states that Self-Determination (RESTORATION) is a right. It is disheartening that this human right is ignored by many states around the world. Some make it illegal under Sedition Laws, e.g. in India or Malaysia, others in their Constitution e.g. in Sri Lanka (Article 157A), some under Treason Laws e.g. in Nigeria and  others            by simple extra-judicial action, e.g. Zimbabwe, against individuals supporting self-determination. All lead to ar est, imprisonment and sometimes worse,

e.g.   former MLF members Paul Siwela and J ohn Gazi as well as an MLF member in Charles Thomas Gumbo and others were ar ested and hauled before the courts for simple having been found with MLF flyers that were meant to be distributed to the Mthwakazi peoples. The charge placed on them was TREASON (a charge meant to silence anyone who would have had a desire to join the noble cause) as those flyers were perceived by ZANU PF as likely to destabilize their Zimbabwe.

As Mthwakazi we urge the United Nations to lobby, support campaigns against the use of legal instruments that ban and/ or make it illegal to call for self-determination and also to adjudicate in the disputes and separation/ RESTORATION of countries that regard that route to be the best.

Governments are instituted among people, deriving their just powers from the consent

of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government which will do exactly what the citizenry will want done.

This petition is in conformity with THE CHITAWA DECLARATION of Saturday 10th October 2015 where upon, the MTHWAKAZI political formations came together and called out that:

We, the people of Mthwakazi, united in our diversity hereby declare that:

1.   We must be free and an independent nation amongst other nations.

2.  We have an undeniable right and God given right to self-determination and we are exercising that right without fear or favour.

3.  We are the rightful heirs of Mthwakazi state herein after also known as Matabeleland, which was ruled by the Kings Mzilikazi and Mambo before colonization.

4.  Our state was wrongfully and unjustly incorporated into the then British colonial state of Rhodesia in 1923, now Zimbabwe without consultation and our consent.

5.  We pray that the whole world knows and accept that we will be known as Mthwakazi and shall have a right to establish our own institutions of self- governance in accordance with world standards of statehood where Democracy shall prevail.

6.  We are not a violent nation, neither a ter orist nation and we endeavor to achieve our nationhood through all peaceful means that are universal acceptable.

7.  With all due respect we shall continue to treat Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans as our brothers and sisters, neighbours and economic partners. We hope and pray that our fellow neighbours in Zimbabwe will accept this good gesture and not misconstrue it as an act of antagonism as we share a history of struggling and defeating colonialism together.

8.  We reserve the right to defend our ter itorial integrity and national sovereignty against any forms of aggression like any independent state.

9.  Our nation has undisputable boundaries that are supported by historical facts which are accessible to all and sundry.

10.  By appending our collective signatures below, we consent to the establishment of Mthwakazi state as the only just and lasting solution to the colonial, and post

-colonial suffering endured by the peoples of Mthwakazi.

This Declaration is an organ and cornerstone to end all the suffering and marginalization we have endured to date as a people with a universal right to self- determination.



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 Contact: Chrisphen Nyoni, MLF Information and Publicity 0027787307538  








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