Of Mnangangwa, Davos and Matebele “Gukurahundi” Genocide Denialism: 1893 MHRRM

Of Mnangangwa, Davos and Matebele “Gukurahundi” Genocide Denialism: 1893 MHRRM
Published: 22 April 2018 | by Thembani Dube, 1893 MHRRM Co-Secretary for Information and Publicity

The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM) notes with grave concern the attempt by Mnangangwa to whitewash Matebele “Gukurahundi” Genocide on an international platform by refusing to tell the Truth about the Genocide and accept responsibility.

But what Mnangagwa has to realize is that the Matebele “Gukurahundi” Genocide, of which he is one of its great authors, will not go away despite frivolous attempts to brush it aside. Surely he must realise that, whereas his mission was to advertise Zimbabwe for business in Davos and indeed gain legitimacy in the world, the Matebele “Gukurahundi” Genocide played a spectacular boomerang on him and his government at that international forum. Those skeletons found in shallow mass graves in Matetebeleland and in some parts of Mashonaland confronted and hounded him in Davos. He did not look a confident and presidential man. He looked like a caged fox. His body language was tense and it betrayed him.

It must be stated unequivocally and in an unadulterated fashion that the attempt to manipulate Matebeleland Chiefs and use them as a gateway to achieve impunity on the issue, after bribing them with expensive cars, will not work. The role of Matebeleland Chiefs has nothing to do with addressing issues of state crimes or any crime for that matter, later on the state crime of Genocide. Chiefs are not criminologists and neither are they judges and lawyers. The ball is not in the court of Chiefs to resolve the matter. They are not the courts. They are not the law. The attempt to abuse chiefs in this whitewash agenda is a monumental fraud. The genocide issue must be brought to the attention of a competent international court for the purposes of Truth, Justice and Reparations for the victims.

The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement also takes this opportunity to condemn the whitewash Bill termed “Reconciliation and Peace Bill”. The Bill is an attempt by perpetrators to frog-march our people into what they term “Reconciliation and Peace” in the absence of Truth, Justice and Reparations, a very cheap attempt to strike the victims below their belts. There cannot be “Reconciliation and Peace” in the absence of Truth, Justice and Reparations for this Genocide.

It is in light of the above brazen disrespect for the victims of the Genocide, that the 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement flexes its muscle in mobilising Matebeleland people to stand up for their Rights and be counted and face an army of growing Genocide Denialists, Minimalists, Minorists, surrogates and sanitizers of the genocidal regime, who denounce these demos and defend the regime, both within and outside Matebeleland.

The Movement has therefore organised another Demo outside the Zimbabwe embassy in the UK on the 10th February 2018 from 1pm to 5pm to keep the matter on the international radar for mapping strategies for proper redress.

 All are invited to attend this crucial Demo, so we can make a strong statement to the world that impunity must not be rewarded in whatever shape or form.

Our first Matebele “Gukurahundi” Genocide Diaspora Conference is scheduled for 12th May 2018 in London where high profile personalities will grace the Conference and support the people of Matebeleland in advancing further the demand for Truth, Justice and Reparations for the Genocide. The venue for the Conference will be given nearer the time. Therefore there is no need to blink. We must stand up for our Rights and stand up for them we will.

For those who know little about the Matebele “Gukurahundi” Genocide kindly click the following links below to learn more about it.





Let us join the Demo on the 10th February 2018 outside the Zimbabwe embassy in the UK, as one people, with one voice and marching forward as one Movement for the Restoration of Our Human Rights and dignity as a people.

For further information about the upcoming Demo, kindly contact us on the following numbers:

Tel:           +447889422695

Released by 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement’s Information and Publicity Department


1893 Mthwakazi Human Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM) is a Movement that represents a proud Nation of Matebeleland made up of amalgamated tribes and races that have co-existed diversely and peacefully with each other for years.
 We are a Movement emerging from a Nation whose collective rights have been grossly trampled upon, severely assaulted and attacked since 1893.
 The Movement's ultimate purpose is to restore the collective social, economic, educational, and cultural, language and territorial rights of the people of Mthwakazi (Matebeleland)

Key Colonization Dates of the Matebeleland Kingdom (The Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi)

February 1888: The Fraudulent Moffat Treaty of friendship with Britain signed with King Lobhengula by Johan Moffatt, a colonial agent of Cecil John Rhodes, at the instigation of the deceptive and colonial crook Cecil John Rhodes. This treaty was deceptively signed with the full understanding and recognition that King Lobhengula was the legal and executive authority over the Matebeleland Kingdom.

30th October 1888: The Fraudulent Rudd Concession for exclusive mining rights for Rhodes and his colonial cronies was deceptively obtained by Charles Rudd; another colonial agent of Cecil John Rhodes. This treaty was once more a deceptive one signed however with the full understanding and recognition that King Lobhengula was the legal and executive authority over the Matebeleland Kingdom.

October 1893 to January 1894: Matebeleland Kingdom was invaded by Rhodes leading to one of the greatest wars ever fought in Southern Africa. The war is referred to as the First Matebele War. Impi YoMvukela Yakuqala.

18th July 1894: The 1894 Matabeleland Order in Council legal instrument that defined the administrative power of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) over Matabeleland and Mashonaland is passed. Matebeleland and Mashonaland are run independently as separate states with 2 Governors hence two state houses we have today.

20th October 1898: The 1898 Matebeleland Order in Council, a successor legal administrative instrument to 1894 Order in Council, that led to the renaming of Rhodesia as Southern Rhodesia is passed, accented to by the British Crown. Matebeleland and Mashonaland are still run independently with 2 governors.

March 1896 to October 1897: Second Matebele War otherwise known as Impi YoMvukela Yesibili.

27th October 1922: A whites only Referendum (without black Matebele consent and vote) is conducted to decide whether Matebeleland becomes a province of South Africa or is governed as a single entity with Mashonaland. The outcome was for a single entity of Governance as Southern Rhodesia much to the benefit of Mashonaland.

1983 to 1987: Gukurahundi Genocide committed by the regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his cronies, where 50 000 to 100 000 died, and millions remain displaced into neighbouring countries and overseas.

July 2000 to Present: Confiscation of Matebeleland Land under the Fast Track Land Reform Programme that targeted both White Farmers and the Matebele Lands

- Source: 1893 MHRRM, published by umthwakazireview.com


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