Of Mnangagwa, Matebele Genocide and Diamond blood money

Of Mnangagwa, Matebele Genocide and Diamond blood money
Published: 28 November 2017 | by Israel Dube, MLO Information and Public Affairs

The political crisis in Zimbabwe is far from over without the two state solutions demanded by the people of Matabeleland. Its time Matebeleland must break away from Zimbabwe. We long served the government of Zimbabwe with our Notice for The Restoration of Matebeleland State. It’s time to effect our Notice beside.

MLO would like to notify all Matebeles to stay alert and keep their ears on the ground as an important announcement will be made in due course
Our position is clear, if Matabeleland is still under Zimbabwe oppression the struggle goes on. As has shifted from one Gukurahundist to another it is time to up the ante.

We do not recognize the military coup that has taken over power through a clear coup d’état. Whether it is under the guise of removing a dictator or ushering a new tyranny ably assisted by Britain, it remains a coup d’état. It is illegal and against their own new constitution and unacceptable, except in chaotic Zimbabwe and Britain.

MLO refuses to be caught snoozing on duty under the deception that the coup plotters who have been slaughtering innocent Matebeles, rigging elections, exploiting natural resources in Zimbabwe and Africa for 37 years will  change from being corrupt looters and murderers that they  are.

In order to be heard or achieve your political goals within a wink of an eye in Zimbabwe, one has to mobilize tankers, AK47ns, bazookas and soldiers.

Is that not inspiring? Were Zimbabweans not inspired by the same?

Who should complain when the oppressed Matebele are inspired by the same?

The precedent has been set and the die has been cast.

Unfortunately, the so called new political dispensation ushered in by coup plotters, at gun point, bears all the hallmarks of Shona supremacism. It is heavily dominated by anti Mthwakazi Genocidists and promoters of Shona supremacism.

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Earmarked as the president of the proposed transitional government and very much part of coup conspirators, his name needs no introduction in Matabeleland. We know as uZandlezbomvu (one whose hands are dripping with innocent blood).

At the height of Matabeleland genocide he would roar like a lion, "blessed are they who will follow the path of the government laws for their days on earth will be increased. But woe to those who will chose the path of collaboration with dissidents for we will shorten their days on earth". And then more than 100 000 innocent  Matebeles would lose their lives including children, women and old people.

He would shout like the devil's angel that he is, " the campaign against dissidents can only succeed if the infrastructure that natures it is destroyed ", and more than 100 000 Matebele homes would go up in smoke and some with people inside. He likened Matebeles to “cockroaches" and the National Army Fifth Brigade to "DDT" a deadly pesticide used to exterminate vermin. And this sums up his hatred for Matebele people.He is also fingered in what Japan.

se researcher Ken Nyamamoto referred to as double dealing in DRC during the war. Mnangagwa and his comrades in crime would pretend to be assisting the DRC government to fight rebels during the day but supply the same rebels with arms of war under the cover of darkness in exchange of diamonds. The war continued and so was the looting millions of innocent people lost their lives. No one cared as long Mnangagwa and his generals enriched themselves with Diamonds.

Wrote Ken Yamamoto on his article of 3.10.16, titled: How Mugabe double crossed Joseph Kabila and the DRC. "It further names Emerson Mnangagwa as the key strategist on this move who at that point had “won strong support from senior military and intelligence officers for an aggressive policy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” He was supported by then General Vitalis Musungwa Gava
Zvinavashe (now late), Perence Shiri, Constantine Chiwenga, then Brigadier General Sibusiso Moyo, (Director General of COSLEG), Air Commodore Mike Karakadzai (Deputy Secretary of COSLEG – who went on to preside over the decay of Zimbabwe’s railway company and now late), Colonel Simpson Sikhulile Nyathi, and Charles Dauramanzi (now late).

In stripping DRC resources, these military and security men were aided by shady but sleek and controversial business associates of all types: Thamer Bin Said Ahmed Alshanfari (an Omani national who fronted Oryx Natural Resources, the ZDF’s front for a 49% share in a diamond operation called Senga Mines, which attempted to list on the London Stock Exchange); Billy Rautenbach (who ran
Gecamines, taking out copper and cobalt before being kicked out), John Arnold Bredenkamp (who at one point ran Gecamines after Rautenbach), Nico Sheffer (a convicted criminal based in South Africa whose company Tandan Holdings had a diamond joint venture with Zimbabwe Defence Forces – he arranged for Zimbabwean officers to be trained in diamond valuation in Johannesburg). Niko Shefer was in the spotlight in Zimbabwe recently for receiving nearly half a million dollars every month for facilitating a Development Bank of Southern Africa $206million to refurbish a highway connecting the towns of Plumtree and Mutare – connect the dots on how he got the deal!". Hope you can see when and where this unholy bond between Mnangagwa and the army generals who have today staged a coup on his behalf, started. They are also to blame for 15 billion dollars from Marange diamonds which went missing.

Morgan Tsvangirai

Proposed Prime minister of the transitional government. He is on record as saying he will never step over dead bodies on his way to Zimbabwe parliament. But now he is attracted to the transitional government ushered in by the military at gun point like a fly attracted to human waste.

He is a well-known anti Matebele who participated in the killing of Matebeles during Matabeleland genocide. He is in the habit of sending Shona speaking thugs to beat up leaders from Matabeleland. We saw that happen during the MDC split of 2005 where the then MDC Vice President,
Gibson Sibanda, Secretary General, Welshman Ncube, Treasure General, Paul Themba Nyathi and others were stoned out of Harare by Tsvangirai's hired thugs.

A few months back Morgan Tsvangirai showed his ugly fangs against Matebeles again. MDC T Vice
President, Thokozani Khupe, Chairman, Lovemore Moyo and Organising Secretary, Abednico Bhebhe were beaten up by Tsvangirai's Shona thugs driven all the way from Harare to Bulawayo. A week later Morgan Tsvangirai shocked the world when he justified Matabeleland genocide at White City stadium.

Joice Mujuru

Is the wife of the late Solomon Mujuru who was Commander of all Zimbabwe armed forces during Matabeleland genocide. On her capacity as Youth in 1980, She was part of the then Prime minister Mugabe's team which went to North Korea to conclude a deal that saw North Korea providing instructors who trained National Army Fifth Brigade.

Together with Tsvangirai she is campaigning for amnesty on behalf of all Matabeleland genocide perpetrators.

Dumiso Dabengwa

There are unconfirmed reports that Dumiso Dabengwa, during his time as Zipra intelligence head, was also an impimpi, informer for Zanla, reporting to Emmerson Mnangagwa.

But what we already know is that on his capacity as head of Zipra intelligence he failed to detect the evil Grand Plan of 1979. He failed to see the National Army 5th Brigade coming to kill thousands burn down homes, torture, maim and displace millions of Matebeles into exile. We ask, was this innocent incompetence or collaboration with genocidists?

As Minister of Home Affairs in the period 1992 to 2000 he sent riot police......
The Zambezi Water Project meant to draw water from Zambezi to Bulawayo failed and collapsed under controversial circumstances when he was its Chairman.

General Chiwenga

Operating under the false name, Dominic Chenhenge. Chiwenga was the first Fifth Brigade commander before Perence Shiri aka " Black Jesus" took over.....

It goes without saying that the above evil combination of genocidists, war mongers, tribalists and looters is a danger not to the people of Matabeleland only but to the people of Mashonaland, Africa and the world as their evil operations, as evidenced by events in DRC, have no boundaries.

So those who are celebrating the takeover of power by these criminals are not different from those who celebrated Mugabe’s takeover in 1980 only to cry later. The fact is, if in deed the Military Junta which has staged a coup in Zimbabwe really takes over, it will not be too long before we see their supporters crying again and running to exile either as political or economic refugees.

To Matebeles we say zimbiwe ngu Linda, akuqili lazikhotha emhlane.
Yiso isikhathi sakhona.


Izenzo Kungemazwi!
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- Source: MLO, published by umthwakazireview.com


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