MLF's proposes Matebeleland exit Bill

MLF's proposes Matebeleland exit Bill
Published: 28 November 2017 | by MLF











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21 November, 2017

1. Introduction

General Constantine Chiwenga reaffirmed again yesterday the worst fears of the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) about what is in store for all of us under an Emmerson Mnangagwa‘s incoming administration of RULE BY CONQUEST. The General stated that the current operation is codenamed ‘RESTORE LEGACY’. It is important to briefly outline what this ZANU-PF legacy is all about as alluded to by General Constantine Chiwenga.


To the people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi), restoring ZANU-PF legacy effectively means the continuation of the dishing out of death through the ZANU-PF killing fields (genocide) and ethnic cleansing inflicted on the Matebele people since 1980 until today. In other words, the squabbles that had characterised Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s ZANU-PF in recent times meant that ZANU-PF as a party of dishing out death, rapes, torture, disappearances, arbitrary arrests burying people alive in mass pits, throwing them alive in disused mine shafts was no longer efficient and effective, hence the need for ZANU-PF to be reinvented through the removal of Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his replacement by Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.


2. ZANU-PF Legacy

The impartial seasoned observers and historians know only too well that contrary to those who characterise ZANU-PF as a revolutionary party that the opposite is quite true. ZANU-PF including its predecessor ZANU party has never been a revolutionary movement but a reactionary party hell-bent on killing whosoever stood on its way.


In 1976, ZANU did not heed the advice of its former leader Ndabaningi Sithole who advised his party (in writing and in possession of the letter) not to allow Robert Gabriel Mugabe into assuming the leadership as he was the most dangerous person to be entrusted with power on this earth. They did not listen. Instead, the military leadership of ZANU then led by Josia Tongogara proceeded to depose Ndabaningi Sithole in a military coup and replaced him with Robert Gabriel Mugabe. At the time, Josiah Tongogara, Solomon Mujuru, Kumbirayi Kangayi and others were incarcerated in jail in Kabwe, Zambia by President Kenneth Kaunda for the killing of Herbert Chitepo. Robert Gabriel Mugabe together with Emmerson Munangagwa had masterminded the killing of Herbert Chitepo, following the Nari Rebellion in Zambia that claimed hundreds of lives from one of the ZANU camps in Zambia.


ZANU was subsequently expelled from Zambia by Kenneth Kaunda and it relocated to Mozambique. Whilst in Mozambique, Robert Gabriel Mugabe took control of his party not for long before he was seriously challenged by Josiah Tongogara the ZANU military commander. But Tongogara was immediately killed when he came back from the Lancaster House talks on the instructions of Robert Gabriel Mugabe. This was both on the eve of Zimbabwe’s first election, as well as on the eve on which General Magnus Malan (South Africa’s defence minister) and Pik Botha (South Africa foreign minister) literally gave Mugabe power on the undertaking that he would not offer any military bases to the African National Congress (ANC) and its uMkhonto We Sizwe (MK) military wing. At this meeting with the South African power in the persons of General Magnus Malan and Pik Botha, Robert Gabriel Mugabe was accompanied by Emmerson Dambudzo Munangagwa.


As a matter of fact, following this meeting Robert Gabriel Mugabe announced that his ZANU-PF party would win the first Zimbabwe elections with fifty seven (57) seats. He won by fifty six (56) as a matter of fact. During this period which witnessed the holding of the first plebiscite that gave rise to the independence of Zimbabwe, no one in the whole of Mashonaland was allowed to vote. ZANU-PF’s military wing (ZANLA) threated everybody in those areas with death if they voted for any other political party apart from ZANU-PF. This is a fact which was ignored by Britain under Lord Sommes, as they wanted Robert Mugabe to continue as a proxy of Britain.

Once Robert Gabriel Mugabe had assumed power, assisted by Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa in the so-called independent Zimbabwe, from 1980 onwards until this very day, the Matebele people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) have been consistently and continuously on the receiving of side death through genocide, rape, mass live burials in mass graves, burials in mine shafts where victims are just thrown in alive, the decapitation of the infants whose parents are then compelled to eat the flesh of their dead children, torture, disappearances and various other forms of brutality.


The short summary above therefore represents the ZANU-PF legacy. In battle, ZANU-PF was only fighting civilians by mobilising them through the barrel of the gun in to the forced singing gatherings (pungwes) and locations in praises of Robert Gabriel Mugabe and ZANU-PF. There is no known significant battle that ZANU-PF can recount where they had been engaged in any serious battle or skirmish against the Rhodesian Forces. ZANU-PF did not destroy even a single bridge, let alone a military camp. Their legacy has always been to target innocent civilians who are then subjected to the worst forms of killings ever recorded in Africa that are similar to Hitler’s gas chambers during the holocaust. ZANU-PF is therefore not different from serial killers who target, brutalise, rape, kill and thrown their victims anywhere in swamps, in bushes, and so on.


Now, when we hear about the revival of the ZANU-PF legacy, that message indeed sends shivers down our spines. We are dealing here with a killing machine that if it is allowed to reinvest itself, no person in Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) will ever be safe again. It is for the afore-mentioned chronology, that we the people of Mthwakazi (Matebeleland) have chosen the path of the restoration of our country (Mthwakazi) without fear or favour. We now turn to examine the Restoration of Mthwakazi which is the only MECHANISM that will GUARANTEE our survival as the Matebele people permanently.


3. Terms of Mthwakazi Restoration

As part of the determination by the MATEBELE PEOPLE never again to suffer genocide and ethnic cleaning, and thus endangering their security and their right to exist as a people on this earth, they commit themselves to the following: that,


the independent state of Mthwakazi will re-emerge and embark upon its re-existence after a total of one hundred and twenty-four (124) years (87 years of British colonialism and 37 years of Mugabe’s and Mnangagwa’s Shona colonialism, genocide and ethnic cleansing) as a democratic federal state with a Bill of Rights for all who live in it (as was the case under the Kingdoms of Mzilikazi and Lobengula),

the independent State of Mthwakazi will engage the services of independent international and regional experts in all its negotiations where necessary and possible regarding the determination and observance of borders, and the division of assets and liabilities with Zimbabwe, 

the independent State of Mthwakazi will vigorously push for the establishment of an independent authority comprising all countries (Mthwakazi, Zambia and Zimbabwe) that derive hydroelectric power from the Kariba Dam so that water rights are observed and access to hydroelectric power is maintained,

the independent State of Mthwakazi will without delay establish the Mthwakazi Water Project (MWP) to draw water from the Zambezi river for the purposes of industrialisation and extensive agricultural irrigation along the lines followed in Israel or California and Texas in America,

the independent State of Mthwakazi will establish its own competent army, police and intelligence service based on the rule of law, which will not threaten any other state but which will be called upon to defend the security of its people at all cost whenever threatened,

the independent State of Mthwakazi will thus not tolerate any potential insecurity posed by its neighbours, 

the independent State of Mthwakazi will have its own currency, INKUNZI, which shall be supported by an open economy with the emphasis of free enterprise with government intervention involving only the setting of rules of conduct,

the independent State of Mthwakazi will enter into trade arrangements with all countries internationally and with Southern African Development Countries (SADC), including Zimbabwe,

the independent State of Mthwakazi will establish and deregulate its own mass media including the air-waves in order to benefit all its citizens, 

citizenship will be confined to the original inhabitants of Mthwakazi (the Matebele people of Mthwakazi),

citizenship will also be extended to anybody who can show either a grandfather or grandmother born and lived in Mthwakazi within the last 100 years,

citizenship will not be issued to members of an extended family that has not been resident in Mthwakazi for the past 100 years, 

Residence rights will only give rise to citizenship after 10 years of continuous residence in the independent state of Mthwakazi,

For those with residence rights, any absence for a period of 1 year shall lead to the extension of the qualification period for full citizenship by an equivalent period,

a resident who commits a serious crime during the 10-year qualification period will most certainly lose the right to citizenship, and could also be deported to their country of origin, including those from Zimbabwe, and that,

the independent state of Mthwakazi will embark on a major campaign of persuading all its citizens who fled the old wretched Zimbabwe to return and contribute to the development of their newly re-established country.



There is no doubt in the conviction of the Matebele people that the independent state of Mthwakazi can survive in any kind of competent market economy. For the first time in more than a century of domination, the peoples of Mthwakazi would utilise their mineral deposits and the tourist industry. The Mthwakazi regions would also benefit immensely from the revenue derived from trade particularly with South Africa. People in these regions of Mthwakazi would for the first time, also develop and broadcast on the air programmes that enhance their infrastructural, culture and other educational objectives.


The independent state of Mthwakazi shall forever remove the major constraint of Shona determinism on development in its regions. No longer would there be Robert Gabriel Mugabe's or Emmerson Mnagagwa’s ZANU-PF regime’s refusal to develop water supplies to undermine the region as a viable economic base. ZANU-PF would thus had been denied any further strategies with which to implement resettlement programmes aimed at "Shonalising" the historic indigenous regions of the Matebele people. The independence from Zimbabwe wouldl have brought to an end the sad chapter of the barbarity of "Shonalising" the birth-right of the Matebele people in their own regions, by use of Mugabe's and Mnangagwa’s ZANU-PF's policies such as nepotism, differential funding in economic development, land access, education, housing, employment contracts, business opportunities, outright genocide as happened in 1982 to 1988 and the continuing ethnic cleansing policy.


The independence from Zimbabwe would thus have dealt a major blow to the ZANU-PF's contemplated objective of driving all the Matebele people into South Africa. It would also had put paid to the brutal policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Robert Gabriel Mugabe's and Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ZANU-PF regime against the Ndebele people in Matebeleland (Mthwakazi). Thus the barbarism and brutality of Robert Gabriel Mugabe's and Emmerson Mnangagwa’ZANU-PF regime would therefore remain coloured by psychotic appeals to Nehanda and Mwenemutapa and a host of other historical additives for Shona hegemony but contained within the borders of Zimbabwe. There would be no place for such psychotic appeals in the independent State of Mthwakazi.


4. Justifications for the Restoration of the State of Mthwakazi

The justifications for leaving colonial Zimbabwe and founding the State of Mthwakazi along the historical boundaries range as follows: that,


both the Matebeleland regions comprise historic indigenous areas for the Matebele people,

these regions were incorporated by British colonialists into the present unitary system without consultation and consent of the Matebele people,

those responsible for this incorporation subsequently failed (in the course of the de-colonisation process) to provide enforceable protection of democratic rights to all the citizens of such a unitary system which was created without due consideration to ethnic (national) groupings, boundaries, linguistic and cultural concerns,

they then failed to intervene to protect the Matebele people against the horrific genocide and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by another ethnic group, the Shona, 

the group responsible for this barbaric genocide chose a fascist path of annihilating another ethnic (national) group, and have no one but itself to blame for the complete breakdown of the convenient colonial unitary marriage system, 

the path of inflicting genocide was chosen with the full knowledge that the Matebele people had no means whatsoever to defend themselves,

this international crime was committed with the full knowledge that there would be no outside intervention (from within the region, internationally, or from the former colonial power) to stop it with those responsible being punished,

the creation of a new state of Mthwakazi (as was the case before British colonialism) would thus prevent the completion of the annihilation, eradication and ethnic cleansing of the Matebele people,

such a state would ensure the basic survival of the Matebele people as a member of the human species in their own inherited historic land regions,

the State of Mthwakazi will prevent the deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing and outright discrimination by restoring the rights of the Matebele people in all the socio-economic, political and cultural fields, as well as their inalienable contribution rights to shape their own destiny, and 

that, this state will thus prevent the current practice of importing workers from Mashonaland (Zimbabwe) regions (as government employees, party functionaries, police, army and intelligence personnel, contract workers, doctors, teachers, and other such settlers) from ever again displacing the original inhabitants of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) regions.


5. Historical perspective


One of the most stable political observations since the independence of Zimbabwe is that politics has always been based on ethnic allegiance despite statements to the contrary by ZANU-PF top officials. In other words, when one reads statements by ZANU-PF cabinet ministers during the 1982-1988 genocide, the survivors and victims of this genocide cannot take comfort in the lapse of time since then, because similar statements are still being made by the same ministers of the ZANU-PF regime (apparently, ZANU-PF ministers are never fired, they are reassigned to other ministerial posts in a game of musical chairs, lest they spill the beans on all activities behind the 1982-1988 genocide). There is apparently unity in fear of survivors.


Today, however, the same ministers, so-called war veterans and a whole range of Mugabe’s Keepers, had suddenly turned against their master, professing ignorance at the ZANU-PF legacy of death, rape and brutality. What a shame of being RULED BY CONQUEST by such cowards who turn against their master at the altar.


Unless the injustices of the previous 37 years can be righted, it would be folly for the Matebele people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) to support anything under the skin of ZANU-PF and its Generals. Therefore, our determination to free the Matebele people from the external fascist colonial power based in Harare which is bent on destroying and annihilating us. The imposed colonial unitary system of governance despite its appeal to Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Emmerson Dabudzo Mnangagwa and their ZANU-PF regimes, has clearly become unpalatable to the Matebele people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) given the 1979 ZANU-PF stated superiority philosophy and the actual infliction of genocide and ethnic cleansing on the Matebele people since 1980. These experiences compel us (the Matebele people) to seek a complete exit from this unitary state to found a new state that treats its citizens with justice and fairness. We understand fully that this restoration path is not without difficulties, but again this is irrelevant because of


The right to self-determination is demanded by the Matebele people of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) and we fully understand that it will not be given on a platter as previous experiences with colonial wars have taught us in Southern Africa. However, we believe that any meaningful constitutions of ethnically diverse countries must contain an exit option. The existence of exit options in constitutions of unitary systems of government such as present in Zimbabwe provides a much more peaceful solution to the problems faced by ethnic (national) groups in real democracies.


In life there comes a time that a people so aggrieved, so victimised, so ethnically cleansed and facing extinction, for no other reason than their being, their humanity and their identity, must rise against any form of fascism, hegemony and colonialism based in Harare, using all the means at their disposal if only to ensure their basic survival, their lives and their way of life, threatened by a psychotic group so determined to annihilate them. Clearly, the Matebele people have now crossed the Rubicon and reached a stage (after approximately 40 years of unrelenting apathetic coma) where they can no longer remain silent and incapable of doing nothing in the face of this total annihilation campaign and grave injustice.


Time is now. We will no longer tolerate acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing, cultural cleansing and language imperialism. We will oppose this madness with a tougher determination unparalleled in our history which will be even much tougher than the one we employed against British colonialism. We, are therefore, serving NOTICE to those hell-bent on destroying us, that we will not allow, nor will we ever again watch in horror and disbelief the slaughter of our people, without doing anything about it.


6. Conclusion

We are also serving notice to those hell- bent on destroying us that they have gone too far, it is high time they stopped this brutal and horrible experiment. We are absolutely determined never again to suffer genocide, ethnic cleansing, humiliation and a permanent indignity of being treated worse than dirt in our own historic indigenous regions, which we also sacrificed for in the struggle against colonialism. History has shown that regimes bent on destroying a people by violence inevitably trigger a counter violent response.


7. Going Forward From Today

We call upon the incoming colonialists of Mthwakazi to urgently convey an ALL STAKEHOLDERS INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED CONFERENCE, which should address without fear of favour the Mthwakazi Exit (MEXIT) from Zimbabwe. We are not in the least concerned about the politics of Zimbabwe. What we know and agree on is that EMMERSON DAMBUDZO MUNANGAGWA cannot be allowed to RULE BY CONQUEST our country Mthwakazi ever again. We just want to be free, so that he KEEPS HIS ZIMBABWE AND WE KEEP MTHWAKAZI for the good and prosperity of all its peoples.


That is the only way forward for charting the future trajectory of both peoples of Zimbabwe and Mthwakazi, and thereby entrenching a new beginning for all. In the case of Zimbabwe they could then proceed with their ZANU-PF legacy whereas the people of Mthwakazi are concerned with building a legacy that befits and benefits all its inhabitants supported by the value chain of justice, equality and dignity of all our peoples. Imposing Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa on the people of Mthwakazi through the RULE BY CONQUESNT will not be tolerated. We are not going to clap our fingers when killers are exchanged before our eyes for the only reason of perpetuating untold brutality and suffering on us. For what??????????????????????????? Simple for the EGO and HEGEMONY of Emmerson Dambudzo and his ZANU-PF slaughtering legacy.



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