Karangas, a component of the Shona are dummies

Karangas, a component of the Shona are dummies
Published: 08 November 2017 | by Paul Siwela, Leader of MLO
President Robert Mugabe wears 2 wrist watches one on each arm every day of his life. If anyone was thinking of challenging him must first know the reason why he wears 2 wrist watches every time. If you don’t know, you are advised to stay away, don’t attempt anything against him.

Robert Mugabe Uncontested Leadership
No one in Zanu-PF, I repeat, no one in Zanu-PF would challenge Robert Mugabe for the leadership of Zanu-PF never mind his incompetence, age or health status. He would remain a big liability and die with Zanu-PF. President Robert Mugabe has refused many times to groom or appoint his successor claiming that the next leader of Zimbabwe will be chosen by the people. True, the next leader shall be chosen by the people.

It won't be long before Zanu-PF Youth League, Women's League, War Vets, Cross-Border Traders. Association of Mujibhas and Chimbwidos, Zimbabwe Chiefs Council, Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions, some church leaders, business organizations, nondescript vuka sihambe organizations, will be shown on Zimbabwe Television trooping to Mazoe orphanage to ask Grace Mugabe to assist President Mugabe to run the country after, as usual, he had been declared the winner of March 2018 elections.After a few months of consideration, Grace Mugabe shall accept " with humility the honour and great responsibility " bestowed on her by the people of Zimbabwe, questioning "who is she to refuse the will of the people". Remember she is " now fireworks "

Thereafter, President Robert Mugabe would announce his intention to retire from government office but retain his party leadership position and ask parliament to choose his successor as per constitutional dictates. Remember, the current Constitution stipulates that if the leader of the governing party becomes incapacitated, resigns or dies in office, the governing party must elect from their number the successor to take office. The other parties are not eligible to contest for the office until the next general elections. The Zanu-PF MPs would be whipped to have a single nomination of Grace Mugabe as the successor to President Robert Mugabe. Thus, the leader has come from the people and chosen by the people's representatives in Parliament for this reason the Zanu-PF primary elections shall focus on producing MP candidates who are inclined to support Grace Mugabe candidature for the presidency in 2018.

The Deferred Karanga Presidential Ambition

The soon to be President Grace Mugabe is likely to be deputized by Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo and the other possible permutation is that of Phelekezela Mphoko and Ignatius Chombo after Emmerson Mnangagwa had been declared a national hero along the curve. Emmerson Mnangagwa must be declared a national hero before Robert Mugabe departs to meet his master in hell. The Karangas would morn and as usual, nothing would happen. For those who will find it difficult to contain their grief, they are well advised to consider inviting Zodwa Wabantu to join them during the night vigil for dancing and gyrating without her underpants. Who knows?

If they attempt to rise they would be ruthlessly crushed and effectively silenced indefinitely. Paradoxically, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces made up of Zimbabwe National Army, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Air Force of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Prison Service is 60% dominated by the Karanga ethnic group though largely being the boots. For the foreseeable future, the Karangas presidential ambition to rule Zimbabwe must be deferred to the next century unless if they are prepared to shed blood and unwind what Robert Mugabe had built over 37 years. Now, they don’t have such courageous and wise leader to attempt such a risk enterprise. That is a herculean task for them.

The Powerless Generals

All the generals that have been identified to be sympathetic to Emmerson Mnangagwa or known to dislike Grace Mugabe shall be retired after the elections, where Robert Mugabe, as usual, shall be declared the winner. This would affect all other persons holding strategic positions in government. They will be replaced by very well-known enthusiastic and very loyal officers to President Robert Mugabe and the soon to be President Grace Mugabe. The retired generals would be powerless and if they attempt to venture into politics, will be closely watched and monitored and any attempt to be mischievous would be cause one to be declared a national hero, just as Brigadier General Paul Gunda, Brigadier General Fakazi Muleya and Major General Gideon Lifa died under mysterious circumstances within days apart, and so was the case with the assumed powerful General Solomon Mujuru. Nothing happened after his death and nothing would be amiss even this time.

Karangas Sold A Dummy
The Zezuru and Kore Kore sold a dummy to the Karanga after 1980 false elections that Robert Mugabe was a Karanga and that their enemy was the Matebele who had to be dealt with for past imaginary political crimes. Little wonder that they happily participated in the Matebele genocide and even attempted to kill Joshua Nkomo when he once visited the then Fort Victoria. The MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai friends in crime have implicated him in the Matebele genocide and failed Joshua Nkomo s assassination attempt.

Later, they were told the enemy is the British who wanted to take the country through the unsophisticated tea boy Morgan Tsvangirai and " reverse the gains of hard-won independence". Only after 37 years, they woke up from a deep political slumber to realize that Robert Mugabe is a Zezuru but using a Karanga surname and that Matebeles are not their enemy by any stretch of the imagination but the Zezuru and Kore Kore who had monopolised power and control everything and anything that matters in Zimbabwe.

Josiah Tongogara of Karanga extract was ready to serve as the first commander of Zimbabwe defence forces under Prime Minister Joshua Nkomo in 1980 but was eliminated for that reason and replaced by one compliant Zezuru, Solomon Mujuru. When Fort Victoria was renamed Nyanda by the Karangas, the name was quickly rejected by the Zezuru leadership who later imposed Masvingo instead. Nyanda was rejected because it had Matebele historical connotations.

Upon realizing that the Karangas had been sold a dummy that Matebeles were their enemy number one, Eddison Zvogbo of Karanga extract, openly regretted and apologized for the Matebele genocide committed by the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade, largely dominated by the Karanga.So far, he is the only Shona person who has apologised for Matebele genocide.

President Grace Mugabe Government

Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwawo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Kudzai Chipanga, Sydney Sekeramayi, Webster Shamu, Mike Bimha, Gideon Gono, and Nicholas Goche to name but a few, shall occupy strategic and powerful positions in the new dispensation to prop up President Cde, Dr, Amai Grace Mugabe.This would leave the Karangas feeling alienated from political power and refuse to support the government though some like Walter Mzembi and few others from Masvingo would like to identify with the Zezuru and Kore Kore. The Matebele, as usual, would be alienated.

Grace Mugabe s rule shall be short-lived and characterized by gross abuse of human rights, financial profligacy and economic mismanagement. At least it would stretch for 3 to five years. There would be many mysterious deaths and many inexplicable disappearances of prominent politicians opposed to her rule, many incomprehensible and illogical detentions of political leaders and civilians opposed to the new administration and potential have strained diplomatic relations with several countries both in Africa and elsewhere. The economy would grow into a comatose. This would lead to another mass exodus of people into neighbouring countries with South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique carrying the most burden.

Spontaneous and dramatic events would eventually lead to an unanticipated massive uprising that would leave a trail of blood on the floors and destruction of property. President Cde Dr Amai Grace Mugabe ! But shall deliver the violent end of Mugabe dynasty rule and leave a confused and unstable Zimbabwe which is a FAILED and COLLAPSED STATE that would be VERY, VERY COSTLY TO RECONSTRUCT and unmistakably deliver the Independence and Sovereignty of The Republic of Matabeleland. Presidents Robert and Grace Mugabe would be killed at the same time during an unexpected uprising.

Many Zimbabweans would be shocked to discover that most State capital assets have been looted over the years and the country's debt is unmanageable.

Zimbabwe would immediately join the Failed and Collapsed states like Somalia after the demise of dictator President Mohamed Siad Barre, Libya after the demise of Leader Muammar Gaddafi and Iraq after President Saddam Hussein.

The British Disastrous Miscalculations

The Shona ethnic people would once again fail to coalesce under one Shona leader, thus assuming the pre-colonial status where there was no central authority in Mashonaland. The British and Americans would spend huge sums of money trying to bring the disparate Shona ethnic groups together under one leader and that money would be misused and enrich those identified to bring the Shona tribes together. In case anyone doubts this, recall the past 10 to 15 years, the British and Americans allegedly spent about US$3,5billion dollars supporting the Movement for Democratic Change in its various formations but largely under the leadership of Richard Morgan Tsvangirai but failed to achieve regime change against the Zezuru and Kore Kore group that believes its God ordained to rule Zimbabwe.

The British shall be disappointed by the level of deceit and corruption amongst the Shona ethnic groups and failure to coalesce under one leader. Once Robert Mugabe is gone, there is nothing that can bring the Shona ethnic groups under one leader. Instead, they would be fighting in their little corners for power. Those who doubt this must recall why Daniel Arap Moi from the most minority Kalenjini tribe in Kenya became the President of Kenya for 26 years after the demise of Jomo Kenyata while the majority Kikuyu were fighting each other to produce the next leader Mwai Kibaki. It is inevitable that there would be a lot of infighting and confusion amongst the Shona ethnic groups as to which leader must take over from Robert Mugabe and from which ethnic group. Some would even remain ambivalent to enjoy being the beneficiaries of British money being poured into the project.

Sprouting Seeds of Disintegration
The current MDCT leadership is dominated by the Karangas hoping to emulate the Zezurus hegemony but has come too late when every tribe is now opposed to ethnic domination by other ethnic groups. . History is repeating itself, Mashonaland is reverting to its original status where there was no central authority to govern the disparate Shona people before colonization. The Zezuru and Kore Kore would never countenance a Karanga leader for fear of retribution for the killing of Josiah Tongogara and other Karanga leaders and regaining political power given that the Karanga are the single largest ethnic group in Zimbabwe and dominate the military constituency albeit being the boots while the Karanga have resolved not to be led by Zezurus and Kore Kore again but fear retribution from the Manyika who remain bitter that the Karangas killed Herbert Chitepo and some of their leaders, yet the Manyika would produce a malleable but not electable leader amongst their number. The Manyika are always viewed as sellouts and should not be allowed near the State House. The Matebeles are irrevocably working towards their independence and sovereignty and will never be part of Zimbabwe again fearing another genocide, marginalization and ethnic discrimination by the Shona ethnic group.
Kunjalo bakwethu, zilungiseleni okwenu manje liphume ebuqgilini, ngoba isikhathi yisolesi.

The Three Major Future Events

During 2002 Presidential elections where I was a candidate, I became friends with Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. In one of our tete a tet meetings I questioned him if he was aware of three major future events that would happen in the country to which he replied in the negative.

I told him that he would not become the President of Zimbabwe never mind the people backing him and the amount of money thrown around besides making it public knowledge during my many speeches in the campaign trail and many MDC supporters were very, very angry with me. He did not believe me by then.

Secondly, I told him that President Robert Mugabe s departure from office shall be marked by unanticipated country wide violence, eliminations and disappearance of influential and prominent politicians and military officers, massive detentions of politicians both from Zanupf and opposition including some from the military with some fleeing into exile. There would be mass murders in urban areas and that Robert Mugabe will not be buried at National Heroes Acre in Harare. Many Zanu PF functionaries would also be very, very angry with me as well but who cares, as their anger would not change anything. I know they would not believe me now, only time would tell.

Thirdly, I told him that the fate of Zimbabwe was between M.L.O and Zanu PF and I made this public knowledge many times before I was pushed into exile. Those in doubt should check my previous press statements. I would not give further details to this apart from confirming that President Robert Mugabe has been served with " The Notice For The Restoration of Matebeleland State " and he acknowledged it and so are the Heads of State and Government in the SADC countries.

The Birth Of The Republic of Matabeleland

After visiting Mozambique and later Tanzania in late 1979, Robert Mugabe announced to the world that he was going to win the Zimbabwe s first farce elections in 1980 and his Zanu PF party would be allocated 56 seats in the National Assembly. This shocked and surprised many but no one believed and took him serious and yet Robert Mugabe knew from the arrangement with the British that his party was going to be allocated 56 seats based on the population of Shona people and Joshua Nkomo’s Zapu party would be allocated 20 seats based on Matebele population and so was the irrational 20 seats given to the Rhodesian Front party representing 600 000 whites from a population of 5million in 1980.The British were embarrassed by Robert Mugabe early announcement of results before the elections and thus ended up changing the seats allocated to Zanu PF to 57 and the others remaining unchanged. So, shock and surprises always happen and give ginger to life otherwise it would be dull.
Remember politics is played by many but understood and known by a very minute number.
Surprises are along the curve. Watch this space. The truth is that Zimbabwe is headed towards a split in the middle and give birth to The Republic of Matabeleland by 2018.No one can stop it. Interestingly, many don't even foresee the cleavage that has opened for the birth of The Republic of Matabeleland, little wonder we pronounced the birth to be around 2018 way back in 2013.Perhaps it's nice to live to get surprises from time to time and this time cannot be an exception.

So be prepared!
Akuzenzo kungemazwi !
Siyaphambili !
Siyanqoba !
Amandla !

Paul Siwela President Matebeleland Liberation Organisation

Sikhalelani Sikhalela Izwe Lethu
Sikhalelani Sikhalela Izwe Lwethu
Elathathwa Elathathwa YiZimbabwe
Elathathwa Elathathwa YiZimbabwe
Malibuye , Malibuye Izwe Lwethu
Malibuye Malibuye Izwe Lwethu
Sizibuse Sizibuse KwaMthwakazi
Sizibuse Sizibuse KwaMthwakazi

- Source: MLO published by umthwkazireview.com


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