MLF hails King SRK as a towering figure

MLF hails King SRK as a towering figure
Published: 14 September 2017 | by Chrispen Nyoni & Andrea Sibanda


The revival of the kingship in Mthwakazi continues to make it big in some media circles these days. It also continues to enlarge the gulf of the divide of the nation as the confusion peddlers seem to be so determined to keep the momentum of confusion alive.

So as Mthwakazi how do we close the gulf and bring the issue of kingship to rest? Those are the big questions that need Mthwakazi peoples to intervene in an issue which is principally a Khumalo matter, if not, why are they not involving the peoples in that Kingship selection or identification process?

That is one of the questions from the many that may arise. So that’s a Khumalo issue but when the aspect of RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI comes in, it then becomes OUR ISSUE (Mthwakazi peoples), so we become seriously involved and get prepared to shoot down the Machiavellian mechanics coming in to soil the Agenda.

The 9th and the 12th of September 2017 have come and gone with their loaded verbal and non-verbal messages. While the 9th had nothing so spectacular that could have shifted much focus and attention from both the politicians and the general populace, it is the 12th of September 2017 which became pregnant with spectacular actions reminiscent of a people who want freedom from what has been denied by a bully regime. The day had been booked for the coronation of SRK and it attracted a lot of people from all walks of life.

People wanted to witness the long overdue fall and end to 124 years of Rule by Conquest of 1894 at Trade Fair grounds on the day. Clearly, history of its own kind was made by those who '-prepared to die for an idea that will live than to live for an idea that would die' (Biko). Hordes of people, came on their volition, not transported but came on their own despite the economic menaces they are facing and that was a sign that the Mthwakazi Question has come of age and people are thirsty for the RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI. The RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI puts Mthwakazi as she was before colonialization as well as putting the 1923 outcome of a referendum that amalgamated Mthwakazi and Mashonaland to rest.

As MLF, we acknowledge that for the first time since 1893 the power of the rule by conquest has been distinctly challenged by SRK. Yes, Prince Njube and others tried it in the 1920s but without success.

The magnitude of the unfolding RESTORATION AGENDA as witnessed by the events of the 12th of September 2017 show something that has never happened and unprecedented in the history of Mthwakazi. The walls of the British Rule of Conquest bequeathed to the Shona are falling and our people need to unite and push further and harder to regain their freedom and nationhood.

The impact made by what happened on the day, presented certain tremors which are still reverberating far and wide as the day saw the deployment of the heavily armed riot police in every corner of the City of Kings with orders not to allow any gathering to take place at the ZITF and at any place in Bulawayo. That was a sign that best signaled the fear that grabbed the British proxy/Zimbabwean regime together with their partners (some Mthwakazi people-we will call them partners) who were seen and heard praising the actions of the British proxy/Zimbabwe of blocking the event from taking place.

It is depressing to note that the Shona batmen still want to stand on our people's way to freedom. Our people, have for the past 37 years, watched the evident collapse of the Zimbabwean regime’s oligarchy which is now even failing to pay its workers for their labour.  A little resolute push from Mthwakazi peoples will see the total collapse of Rule by Conquest. The occupying regime has never observed Rule of law over our people since inception in 1980, instead it adopted Rule by Law. This is to say, they have enacted dubious laws in line with Rule by Conquest to keep our people subdued, oppressed and repressed. Such is called rule by law and the batmen are very good at it.

As Mthwakazi peoples, we must immediate effectively embark on the crafting of the exit strategy and the implementation processes of the exit. The making of the MTHWAKAZI CONSTITUTION as well as other priority police frameworks should also be prepared. Strategic assembling of facts on all systems of governance and related issues should be put in place.

We have the capacity to do that as Mthwakazi peoples. Any spanners thrown against the direction of this MTHWAKAZI RESTORATION AGENDA will be for the detraction of the programs that are yet to unfold. It is now time to prove to the world that we are a nation and that we can nurture a nation that was subjugated for more than a century to become one of the best among others. Engaging the regime and other world bodies that matter should start happening now.

As MLF, we will not involve ourselves in the internal dynamics of the Khumalo family and their kingship issue but we will seriously engage in all efforts that genuinely push for the RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI which embraces, as a package, our cultures, languages, religious beliefs, our geographical locations, our sovereignty devoid of Zimbabwe, and all other issues that are part and parcel of a healthy independent nation as espoused by SRK. His messages on Mthwakazi trajectory is not ambiguous. He is fearless and determined as his great grandfather King Mzilikazi. There is no reason why RESTORATIONISTS should not support him.

The RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI can come through the revival of the MTHWAKAZI KINGDOM whose incumbent King can lead the peoples out of an entity called Zimbabwe (this concept will be explored in the next article which will detail broadly on that only).

For all the Mthwakazi peoples, we should reiterate our unwavering support for the towering Mzilikazi ll (SRK) for his resoluteness in challenging the present status core which is skewed in favour of Harare. He has done that for the love of Mthwakazi and without firing a single bullet hence we say history has been made.

We salute the bravery of the King who has, despite the well-known brutality of the Harare regime, stood up for the nation at its very time of great need.  His coronation which was intelligently done a couple of days before has rendered the Harare regime inept and no match in terms of strategy and it is known that they are shaken to the core - yet more is still to come.

So, it is folly of anyone to peddle hatred to SRK whose mission has nothing that disturbs anyone. He is ONLY SEEKING RESTORATION OF THE KINGDOM OF MTHWAKAZI and RESTORE HER INDEPENDENCE as was the case. We have those of his bloodline who have risen to the contest for the KINGSHIP but with somewhat ambiguous strategic route.

Those SRK kin and kith have not even denied that it values a system where a King remains a subject of the current status core (Zanu PF and its Zimbabweness-some people now prefer to call Zimbabwe, Zvimbagwe) together with the subjects (Mthwakazi peoples). They are quoted as harboring interests in having a King whose main role would be that of presiding over cultural issues only and following the dictates of the Zimbabwean Constitution. We see this as a corrupted notion crafted to please the British Proxy/ Zimbabwe and a mockery of what the peoples really want. It does not need a rocket scientist to affirm for the umpteenth time that the Mthwakazi peoples want RESTORATION.

One may not be wrong to confirm that their plan may have been hatched in haste as a devious plan to block SRK from assuming the throne of Mthwakazi Kingship which is tailor made in the RESTORATION AGENDA/RESTORATION OF THE KINGDOM. Anything outside that is as foreign as subjecting the Kingdom and the Mthwakazi peoples to Zanuism. It must be known that that intentional path, sets MLF to oppose it as it does not answer the calls from the people. Ours is about the Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda and not who has to rise to the Kingship but we will support a trajectory that speaks of Mthwakazi Restoration, not anything that is ambiguous or plays into the traitorous box of the Zimbabwean regime.

The key to nation building is the revival in each clan of ethnic pride, followed by tolerance, acceptance and appreciation of other clans. We build like that up to national level. As Mthwakazi, we must not drag the revolution down into petty clan issues and other unhealthy contestations. People want RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI, kwaphela nje.

The great key to national revival is a leader who has equal respect of all ethnic groups that make uMthwakazi as envisioned by SRK. Whereas those “abafuna Inkosi yemugubho yodwa qha!” are on record having said that they want to create a system where there is a “house of the commons/amahole and the house of the royal” so that there is a clear distinction of who is royal and who is not. That alone is archaic and against the modest modernized world. A leader whose vision settles without boundaries koMthwakazi and feels comfortable working with whoever regardless of their clan is a great leader. It is then that the nation can only be bound and elevated by one who has followers and subjects from all the ethnic groups koMthwakazi. Only this way can we have a significant and permanent victory over dynasties and hegemony as seen from the Zimbabwean government.

Then there are those strange members of our society that are colluding with the Shona batmen to deny our people their inherent rights. We know them and we shall be naming and shaming them. To them, we say if they too, stand on our way to freedom, they shall be crashed together with their Shona masters. They are betrayers of the nation and such betrayal can only be equated to that of Enos Nkala who died in deep pain trying to exonerate himself from his involvement with the Shona batmen in the Gukurahundi Genocide.

When the drums of restoration started beating, these are the very same sellouts who were quick to say we were feigning tribalism oblivious of the suffering of our nation because they had taken bootlicking as their chosen way of life, a life of servitude. To hell with those who want to stall our independence by endlessly and shamelessly looking for petty issues. Some people need to understand that Mthwakazi does not belong to clan, but that Mthwakazi has a right to choose and rally behind whoever takes them out of Shona bondage. Mthwakazi is not a private company for anyone but a home to the diverse nation held together by common ideals of Ubuntu. The objective is to set the nation free and not to bolster a certain hegemony.

Very soon we shall be dragging to the international court of justice, the Shona batmen together with their leader in crime, Robert Mugabe for genocide and one only wonders where shall these people who seem to side with the batmen will be. They must wake up and smell the coffee. This is not the time to swim against the tide, as one shall be swept away too. We now have impeccable evidence to kick start legal proceedings against the genocidists and no one should seem to stand on Mthwakazi way.

All roads now lead to Mthwakazi independence. Justice shall finally be served to our nation which has been bleeding for decades at the hands of the remorseless Shona batmen who shall now be prosecuted in a competent court of law.

We are aware that there is seething anger across the length and breadth of Mthwakazi following the unprovoked aggressive behavioral tendency of the Shona batmen when they were barricading the entrance to the ZITF. We urge our people, wherever they are, to keep their eyes on the ball and unite to roll back the evils of the enemies of the Restoration Agenda. We shall have to use some robust defiance methods as a way of signaling that their grab over Mthwakazi has slipped and never again shall we put our freedoms and rights on the table for them to trample and bruise.

We call upon the region and international community to protect and help Mthwakazi carve its chosen way of life without meddling from Zimbabwe again. Freedom is a basic human right and as humans we are also exercising our democratic right in our own land left to us by our forefathers to determine our chosen destiny. Henceforth, we also ask the Zimbabwean regime to let Mthwakazi free to avoid some problems that may happen in the future. We should live as neighbors just like we did prior to colonisation. Let's live as good neighbours. The Shona people can come to work in Mthwakazi as expatriates just like they do in other countries following the collapse of Zimbabwean economy due to mismanagement by Mugabe and cronies.

It is also important stay ready to defend one another whenever victimization is implemented by those opposed to MTHWAKAZI RESTORATION and that of Her KINGDOM. So many people are prepared to defend our Mthwakazi Restoration/Kingdom through any means necessary and deemed universally acceptable. We will never be cowed down and we shall accelerate the spreading of MTHWAKAZI RESTORATION AGENDA/KINGDOM without fear or favour. Let’s keep our eyes open and our ears on the ground so that we block those habits of stealing/kidnapping our peoples for the sake of instilling fear on them which is a known characteristic of the regime found in Zimbabwe. As MLF, we also urge that all minded MTHWAKAZI movements must pull together and support SRK in the quest for total RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI-phela akuncengwa emuntwini and akucelwa emuntwini, we demand our freedom.

Never has there been time to unite as a people for a common good and push in one direction - total restoration of our country and nationhood. We call upon all our people in their diversity to unite to roll back the manacles of oppression and poverty peddled by the Zimbabwean regime for a long time. In every corner of Mthwakazi land, let us roll back the Zimbabwean oppression in its countless forms. We shall not stop shot of our freedom and independence and no amount of intimidation or brutality shall stop an idea whose time has come.

By Chrispen Nyoni MLF Information & Publicity And Andrea Sibanda MLF-Secretary General


Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) stands for Economic Cultural & Political Independence of Mthwakazi State & restoration of Mthwakazi Independence that existed prior to colonisation.

- Source: MLF, published by


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