Mzilikazi II's Spokesperson releases a statement on recent events

Mzilikazi II's Spokesperson releases a statement on recent events
Published: 26 August 2017 | by Greater Sibanda, Mzilikazi II's Spokesperson

24th August 2017



Greetings to the mighty Mthwakazi Nation, uMthwakazi omuhle, oNdlela zimhlophe, uband’ olubandwe yizitha zalutshiya. Uband’olwabandwa kusukela ngo1893 kuze kufike elalamuhla. Ubando olwabandwa lango1983 lwavuka ngo2017 ngaphansi kukaHRM King Mzilikazi II, ibhubesi lesizwe, the “Buffalo Soldier” in the heart of uMthwakazi, uNgangwezwelakhe.

As a Great and resolute Nation of uMthwakazi, it is not in our character or design to be reactionary forces to machinations of external situations or forces whilst the Nation of uMthwakazi is bleeding profusely from the wounds inflicted by its enemies.  It is however sufficing to observe and note the recent nomination of Bulelani at Thenjiwe Lesabe’s farm in Gumtree area by the Royal House of uLobhengula ukuthi abambe inkezo after 125 years of that House wandering in the wilderness in a disorganized fashion and trance.

Albeit known for their legendary disorganization, trance state inaction, it took HRM Mzilikazi II okaHlangabeza to wake them from their slumber and for them to engage in a rat race to counter his splendid work with the people of Mthwakazi. That counter-reactionary action is too late as iNkosi yamaNdebele uMzilikazi II, Stanley Raphael Khumalo okaHlangabeza esehlumile wamila kwaMthwakazi, ezweni laboKhokho bethu.

We seriously observe the said nomination as a discordant and a disconnected nomination with uMthwakazi and, in some sense, an attempt by a section of the Khumalos, to slap uMthwakazi Nation on her face. Bulelani, innocent as he is, has never toiled and suffered with uMthwakazi and her people and therefore if truth can be told, he is a foreigner to Mthwakazi issues and challenges. And, by any form of rationalization, this issue of him being discordant and disconnected, is not out of his making but due to the burdensome fate of history.

Bulelani has no connection at all with the trials and tribulations of uMthwakazi Nation in Nkayi, Gwelo, Siganda, Tsholotsho, Gwanda, Lupane and many other areas of this great Nation. While an innocent man of integrity, he is simply an outsider to our issues and challenges we face. As such, he will always be outside-looking-in as regarding our issues rather than inside-looking-out as HRM King Mzilikazi II has and continues to do splendidly.


It must be stated without fear or favour that the sectional Mantungwa meeting was hurriedly assembled by less than 30 people, who brand themselves as the anti-forces of His Royal Majesty King Mzilikazi II. These counter-reactionary forces included just one Chief, Maduna and an acting traditional leader from Ntabazinduna, one Nhlanhla Ndiweni. Counter-reactionary Club 30, as it is now popularly known, did not, by any stretch of common sense, represent the diverse people of uMthwakazi Nation and all the majority chiefs of this Kingdom.

The revival of the Mthwakazi Kingdom must be a strait jacket issue without prevarications that we observe and have observed from a section of amaKhumalo for donkey years.  It must also be noted that the August House of AmaKhumalo in its entirety and the Nation of uMthwakazi itself is bigger than the House of Lobhengula ensemble.

uMthwakazi is the biggest constituent that matters in the Revival Agenda of this Kingdom and any side-stepping of uMthwakazi Nation as a big stake holder is a mistake of gigantic proportions. Such action is suicidal to say the least. The Nation of uMthwakazi matters more than anything else. King Mzilikazi I, with his unparalleled wisdom, ensured it mattered the most during his reign. uMthwakazi Nation far out-strips the Counter-reactionary Club 30 and its machinations.

Any serious observer should seriously take note of the stake that uMthwakazi Nation has played ever since HRM King Mzilikazi II emerged to take over the throne. The Nation has been a big stakeholder on the revival agenda since the 25th  March 2017 when HRM King Mzilikazi II conducted the First Fruits Festival (Umthontiso) on this day koMthwakazi.

On the 8th of July 2017, uMthwakazi Nation played a big part in the revival of the Kingdom, led by the Lion King of uMthwakazi, HRM King Mzilikazi II at the Large City Hall of the City of Kings, Bulawayo where thousands of uMthwakazi citizens became part of the growing army of the revival agenda of this great Kingdom.

If one contrasts and compares the Lion King’s works with uMthwakazi citizens as big stakeholders in the above mentioned significant events kwaMthwakazi, with a mere meeting of the Counter-reactionary Club of 30, consisting of one authentic Chief and one acting Chief, then it is very clear that uMthwakazi is being taken for a ride with the outcome announced by Club 30. Put plainly, the Counter-reactionary Club of 30 gathering was a counter-revolutionary gathering hurriedly made to counter the rise of iSilo sikaMthwakazi HRM Raphael Khumalo as well as to counter the Restoration Agenda pushed by the undisputed Lion King of uMthwakazi as we speak.

The fatal mistake the Counter-reactionary Club of 30 forces have made is to look down on Mthwakazi people, to regard them as inferior, as toys that have no say in such fundamental issues that concern them. Theirs has been a top-down approach to this issue while the Lion King of Mthwakazi’s approach is a bottom-up approach in the revival process. Times have changed. People matter the most in such issues of importance. It is one thing that HRM Mzilikazi II has outfoxed the counter-revolutionaries, that is being with the people and emerging from them for them.

There is no doubt that HRM King Mzilikazi II is head and shoulders above everyone in standing with the people. He is a people’s King, found within the people and living within them. He is not a remote King to his people. He is not physically, spiritually, experience-wise and emotional-wise remote and disconnected from uMthwakazi. He is very much at the centre of every experience of uMthwakazi Nation. He embodies uMthwakazi Nation in every aspect of her being.

The trials and tribulations of uMthwakazi are the trials and tribulations of the Lion King, HRM King Mzilikazi II. The aspirations, desires and wishes of uMthwakazi are the aspirations, desires and wishes of our Lion King, HMR King Mzilikazi II. He is in tune with uMthwakazi Nation. He shall triumph with them in this journey. He is not walking alone. He is uncompromising, bold and decisive. He is a “Buffalo Soldier” in the heart of Mthwakazi. He is indeed the undisputed Lion King of uMthwakazi. His enemies and counter-revolutionaries of uMthwakazi Nation and its mighty Restoration Agenda fully and nervously agree to this indisputable fact. His burst into the scene has and continue to change the geography of the Restoration Agenda within and outside the confines of uMthwakazi. YiSilo samampela lesi.

God has blessed and continue to bless uMthwakazi with such a visionary King. There has been a leadership vacuum for such a long time in Mthwakazi and that vacuum has been filled ever since HRM Mzilikazi II emerged. Mthwakazi is ready. Things will never be the same again.

• Paramount Chief Charumbira of Zimbabwe is certainly at pains to know who amongst ‘his chiefs’ graced Club 30 without him sanctioning it. If it is the case that he knew, then he sanctioned it before it went ahead. The invisible visible hand of Zimbabwe is there for all to see.

• Mthwakazi has got 79 Chiefs in Matabeleland and the Midlands and only one (1) attended! Point of correction and a matter of fact for those who state that 2 Chiefs attended: Nhlanhla Ndiweni is not yet installed as a Chief, therefore he is not a Chief. Therefore no one should underestimate and/or mislead the Nation by blanketing pertinent issues of national concern in this manner. This is dangerous and attests to people being a foreign legion detached from the realities of Mthwakazi as a Nation.

• Chief Maduna, a veteran who suffered at the hands of Ian Douglas Smith, is the only Chief who attended the Club of 30 gathering and we hear that his demand for full Restoration of Mthwakazi was contemptuously dismissed by the Zimbabwean-government hugging section of the Khumalos and a few hangers-on. Reliable sources indicate that he did not mince his words with regards to the need of a Kingdom with boundaries and powers and not a fluid superficial ceremonial Kingdom extending beyond borders. We are reliably informed that he was heckled by a wayward South African-based Khumalo and openly accused of being old and ukugula, a very disrespectful way to deal with Chief Maduna when he was raising a fundamental point.

• Paradoxically Chiefs do not select a King but it is the King who appoints and removes the chief(s). Our history attests to this: uGwabalanda Mathe lezinye izinduna zabulawa eNtabazinduna primarily because zase zizenze omabeka iNkosi.

• The Counter-reactionary Club of 30 must therefore take note of this fundamental and straight jacket principle when it comes to Kingship: Inkosi iyamila, iyahluma ibe yiNkosi njalo iNkosi yiNkosi ngabantu.
If this house of Lobhengula believes that ‘the identification of the King is a Khumalo matter’ and the people or the Nation of Mthwakazi are bystanders and are only there to be relegated to feasting and dancing at the coronation of the King, then theirs is a calamitous mistake of gigantic proportions.  uMthwakazi Nation is a big stakeholder in this and will refuse to be massively hand-held by counter-revolutionaries of the Nation and its Restoration Agenda. The King does not belong to the Khumalo. It is not a family thing. The King belongs to the people. HRM King Mzilikazi II belongs to the people. His roots are now with the people. He is a people’s King doing what the people need as a servant of the people, iNceku yakoMthwakazi. He does so, however, fearlessly and wants nothing other than an independent Kingdom of Mthwakazi.


The attempt by the Counter-reactionary Club of 30 to dismiss Mzilikazi II as unfit to ascend to the throne are mischievous and misguided to say the least based on the following points raised below.

• Mwaka Nxumalo, daughter of the Nkosi uZwide wamaNdwandwe was married to INkosi uMzilikazi as a Royal wife (Umdlunkulu) with the express responsibility being to give birth/raise a prince(s) who would eventually reign after the passing on of uMzilikazi, thus Nkulumane and Hlangabeza were born.

• Lobhengula was born to Fulatha Tshabalala – a maid/umthanyelo to Mdlunkulu umaNxumalo.

Therefore, custom, isiko was breached when Lobhengula ascended to the throne and that is why it took 2 good years for uMncumbatha weZikhali Khumalo to manoeuvre around the ascension process which finally brought in Lobhengula as King of the Ndebele.

• Now the same violation of tradition is ostentatiously being crafted after a century and a quarter and to add salt to injury Bulelani is second born in his family: what selection procedure was used to cast out the elder first-born brother?


• ULobhengula wangena embusweni ngomkhonto waphuma futhi ngomkhonto.

• Virtually all African states were attacked and colonised by imperialists but their kingdoms are still in existence to this day except that of Lobhengula. Something should have been wrong somewhere.

• ULobhengula akatshiyanga intonga yobukhosi ngoba waphuma ngesamagundwane.

• ULobhengula wachitha igazi lamaKhumalo (Mangwana, Hlangabeza etc.) igazi elingachithwayo wasebizwa ngokuthi ‘Ingqungqul’ emadol’abomvu ngokuguqa engazini zabafowabo’. Therefore, a cleansing ceremony could have been in order regarding this issue.

• May the House of Lobhengula House let bygones be bygones. At this juncture, the uMthwakazi Nation remains focussed and is looking at the bigger picture of things as a united force of colossal dimension. Mthwakazi needs iNkosi engathenwanga ezabusa iKingdom hatshi iNkosi eyobuswa yizitha. Honestly how do we recognize such a King?


May we assure this Great Nation of uMthwakazi, lina boNdlela zimhlophe that the inauguration date of King Mzilikazi II is still set for 12 September 2017. The coronation will go ahead as planned on this spiritual day. Come let us coronate together! Come let us hail HRM King Mzilikazi II together. Be part of this progressive Restoration Force. No need to be distracted and look back. Let us make history together on the 12th September 2017. Things will never be the same again. The Lion King is the undisputed King of Mthwakazi. Ibhubesi ngokwalo. He is uMthwakazi’s “Buffalo Soldier” in the heart of the Nation.  Bayethe Ngagezwelakhe! Bayethe Mthwakazi ondlela zimhlophe!

- Source: The Royal Information Department, published by


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