MLF backs SRK Restoration Agenda Message

MLF backs SRK Restoration Agenda Message
Published: 18 July 2017 | by Chrispen Nyoni, MLF Spokesperson



The Saturday, 08 July 2017 gathering at The Large City Hall, by Stanley Raphael Khumalo (SRK) subpoenaed lots and loads of opinions from different people in both Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe, not excluding the Mthwakazi peoples in the diaspora. Opinions that are constructive and destructive are still being thrown here and there, since that day.

As MLF we will not dwell on the legitimacy of SRK (as it is not our duty to do so) but on the subject of Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda, which he is so eloquent about and focused on. The content that he preaches is very important, for Mthwakazi people have been under bondage for far too long. Again, it must be noted that, enemies of the Agenda, which includes Zanu PF, are collaborating and hatching allegations that equate the call for RESTORATION to something else that attracts what used to be frightening, which was treason.


Resulting from what SRK did on the day mentioned, there has been an influx of grand standing from many people including the factions within the Khumalo family (which we cannot involve ourselves in). In the process of grand standing which is happening these days, the enemy of RESTORATION is given an advantage so that it escalates the divisions among the Khumalos and other Mthwakazi forces. So many goons have been unleashed and they are determined to either tone down or totally see to it that the Agenda is obliterated from human memory forever. What is happening is really a cause of concern to all those who believe in freedom through RESTORATION. Attention to other pertinent issues has been diverted and the focus is on the “issue of the moment” which is about SRK’s model route to a RESTORED MTHWAKAZI.

What the people want is a RESTORED MTHWAKAZI through practical means that are devoid of any suspicious grand standing which may turn out to be an appendage of the Lucific regime that we all know. Mthwakazi cannot assist the regime in muddying the Mthwakazi Agenda and obliterating its existence to capture the world’s attention in their favour.

In his words, which are not heard for the first time, SRK said Mthwakazi was dismantled when she was a KINGDOM not a republic. This tone can be disputed by some who give certain versions based on what they believe in, whereas there are some who are ardent believers of the Kingdom route as the one that will deliver Mthwakazi from evil. From the political escapades of MLF, the Queen of England, reiterated that she will hand over Mthwakazi to the Heir to the Throne, not to politicians.

In another instance, she said, she handed over Mthwakazi to Mugabe in 1980 and whoever wants Mthwakazi must talk to Harare. These two statements were designed to confuse. One of the statements is purely pointing to the Royal family’s duty to pursue in the direction of the Kingdom whereas another directs the politician to confront the heir apparent, in the name of Zanu PF, so that a way out, by Mthwakazi is achieved. Remember that Mthwakazi cannot Restore through the Zanu PF Zimbabwean elections, not in a million times. So, that being the case, Mthwakazi peoples have a compelling reason to take one route, all in unison, then our freedom will come tomorrow not next week-end. Now, what is debatable is which route is the right one that will pull everyone in one direction? History has tales of tribes uniting against an enemy and coming up winners. So the easy and objective methodology by the peoples of Mthwakazi is to conglomerate and confront the situation. That’s the recipe of and for success.

It is known that an idea whose time has come (like the Mthwakazi Restoration) is getting to a critical stage where our people are conscious and ready to march towards realizing the need to recover uMthwakazi from the colonial Zimbabwe. The recovery and restoration of uMthwakazi state from colonial Zimbabwe will indeed offer a permanent solution to the Mthwakazi peoples.

The speech given by SRK was and still remains designed to spell out how an alternative and possible Restoration process would be done. The route is robust and it is there to set Mthwakazi on a platform for contestation with whoever disputes her right to Restoration, SRK model for RESTORATION and those with other alternatives. Some noises from certain quarters can be a result of the contestation of space and desire for recognition as the only voices that talk about Mthwakazi Restoration. Hey bakwethu, there is a lot behind the scenes operations by so many people some of whom are quietly working. So, Mthwakazi peoples need to create some form of order that will produce what we want most.


It has become a predictable norm that when concerted efforts are applied about the RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI, there arise some who will view those efforts with disdain and malice. Again, in order to silence the callers of RESTORATION those opposed to it dutifully coin terms and strategies that are then used to intimidate them and also go to the extent of crafting criminal offences out of desperation to stop the RESTORATIONISTS from their continued lobby.

These days, the Sunday News Online is bringing spirited articles and those articles were penned by Tinomuda Chakanyuka, its Senior Reporter, which turns out to be informing Mthwakazi Restorationists that the Zimbabwean system is busy crafting some treason charges against SRK.

As Mthwakazi, we must rally behind one who is being targeted by the system. We must set aside the differences that exist and support the one attacked by the enemies of the Agenda. MLF cadres who were being charged with treason then, had so many people coming in to support them until they were acquitted by the Lucific system. From this agent of the enemy of Restoration, in his/her words wrote:

1. CLAIMANT to the Ndebele throne, Mr Stanley Raphael Khumalo took his treasonous antics a notch higher when he unveiled what he said was the flag for Mthwakazi Kingdom which would replace the national flag in parts of the country that fall under his “revived empire”.

2. THE Government has warned claimant to the Ndebele Kingdom throne, Mr Stanley Raphael Khumalo, against his treasonous machinations, saying authorities will not hesitate to arrest and charge him accordingly if he crosses the line with his antics.

3. This came on the heels of yet another move that bordered on treason from the “King”, in which he wrote to President Mugabe demanding keys to the State House in Bulawayo, which he claimed was his official residence. Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Cde Obedingwa Mguni described Mr Khumalo’s plans as treasonous and an affront to Zimbabwe’s founding fathers.

The statements are revealing something. They are simple telling a tale yet to happen. We are being told about what is to be done. Some lucific act is being crafted which will be used to pin down SRK. We are being told that a revisit of what visited MLF through Messieurs John Gazi, Paul Siwela and Charles Gumbo will be unleashed soon. The reporter acts as a precursor to what is being planned behind the scenes.

 The enemy of RESTORATION wants to scare SRK into abandoning the route he is taking. The alarm raised by the precursor must be used to prepare the Restorationists in all respects so that when the devil attacks, finds people prepared to defend. Mthwakazi must defend using peaceful but robust means. Mthwakazi must rise to the occasion and forward their case to the relevant authorities without fear but remaining calm and resolutely focused.

This is the time for the robust and objective marketing of the agenda whose time has come. It must not be a matter of SRK because one thinks his/her route to Restoration is the best. No, that will not help anyone but save the agents of the regime which are opposed to Mthwakazi Restoration.

Some challenging times are reckoning on the horizons. From an MLF point of view, these apologetic approaches by some groupings will not help Mthwakazi in anyway. As Mthwakazi, we must not have people who still view the Mthwakazi Agenda as only cultural, leaving out its political gravitas, and then we have a big insurmountable problem.

Mthwakazi peoples do not want to co-existence with Zimbabwe, so those who still believe we cannot exist on our own, have a right to jump the borders and move to Zimbabwe so that they co-exist with that regime that has inflicted pain and suffering to the peoples of Mthwakazi for a long time.

We do not need Zimbabwe for Mthwakazi’s existence. We can live as neighbors just like we will live with Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.

There is no need to be apologetic. Their Grand Plan brazenly lays what they ought to do and did it unapologetically. Remember that Mthwakazi has a daunting task to reverse the gains made by the 1979 Grand Plan. Mthwakazi has a task to dismantle all the visible forces that are used to perpetuate our bondage to Zimbabwe and So moving by way of apologists and deceitful routes of diversion of Mthwakazi Restoration strategies will not in any way help us attain the much needed outcome and we will never agree.

The time to lobby seriously for the denunciation of the leadership that butchered Mthwakazi peoples as exemplified by the post-World War 2 trials must be a song amongst the Mthwakazi peoples. Mthwakazi peoples must name and shame.

Never can we be presided over by murderers, genocidists and a leadership that is wants to suppress Mthwakazi forever. Time is now to objectively refuse. Some world events have taught us how to peacefully refuse to be led by a regime we do not want and we consider, without doubt, that it is murderous. The international community must be lobbied seriously. 


As Deputy Minister, this man has become so excitedly and negatively involved himself on matters he must be supporting and defending against the regime of Zanu PF.

It boggles the mind to find an elder supporting a narrative that was constructed to buttress him against his very being, which is ubuThwakazi. He gloats that it is treasonous to RESTORE Mthwakazi. He acts like someone who has been let loose to contain the people in the land he was born in. A small memory betrays or is it a way of keeping himself in the niceties parceled along the title of being Deputy Minister. Mthwakazi had people who ran mad in defense of Zanu PF and its Lucific strategies. Where are they now? Abadala bathi,’ ubonyathela ubheka.” these are the people who have become useful Zanu PF (f)ools.  He acts like an extension of the hard core Zanu PF.

We challenge Mguni to prove that Mthwakazi was historically part of Zimbabwe and that there was some legal agreement binding the former to the latter. Mguni does not know how Zimbabwe was founded. Which books did he read? Did he (OBEDINGWA MGUNI) do any super special history that we don’t know about? The advice to him is simple. That he must not be used to extend vicious tactics to his very people. Depending on falsified history will not change known facts.

He seems to be the only odd fellow from Mthwakazi who wants to defend what is not defendable. It’s unfortunate that we have some people gliding as MPs when their really roles are hidden. We need to find out whether he is an Mthwakazi or a plantation to guard the peoples from “the perceived straying away from the Grand Plan”. Is he a Grand Plan addition posted by the regime?


Bakwethu, the Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda is under attack and it needs all of us, to defend. The noise that is heard these days from different people grand standing for one reason or another, gives the system we want to leave some chances to breed confusion amongst ourselves.

Whether we like SRK or not, its time, just for once, to come together formidable and face the regime’s plan to resurrect the treason mechanism that they always use to scare some RESTORATIONISTs from calling for Mthwakazi’s Restoration.

The regime we know is cunning and will use all they can to close this Restoration Agenda. So as things unfold, our Mthwakazi Restoration case will be in the media for some time from now. It will be put to test and let’s get prepared to even move our case to the world arbitrators. Woza lelolanga sibone!!!

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