Mzilikazi II's Imbizo Speech at City Hall yesterday

Mzilikazi II's Imbizo Speech at City Hall yesterday
Published: 09 July 2017 | by HRM King Mzilikazi II, Stanley Raphael Khumalo

Speech given by HRM King Mzilikazi II at the Large City Hall in Bulawayo on 8 July, 2017.


The first ever public meeting I called to talk and pray over the Matabeleland issue was almost two years ago, on 26 September, 2015; just a day before my birthday. The work was almost exclusively organised by my wife, myself and Mr Thomeck Dube. We invited over a thousand people through leaflets and by word of mouth. That excludes letters to chiefs and to local church congregations through their pastors. However only 51 people came. The meeting was held here at the Large City Hall. So, this is a historic place for me. Today is another very important day in the history of Mthwakazi.

I promised you that I will today give you the date for the inauguration of HRM King Mzilikazi II as revealed to me by the Almighty. The inauguration on its own as an event carries no value to the general populace if it will not practically answer to our current situation of uMthwakazi. It must therefore be seen to meet our expectations of our kind of king as we remember King Mzilikazi, the beloved Father of this glorious nation. As Mthwakazi you are entitled to know what’s in it for you, both as a nation and as individuals. As bases for my presentation, ghI will use the message that God gave me about the Restoration of the Matebele Kingdom and its people. This is the message I sent to His Excellency, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in a letter dated 07 March, 2016. Throughout my speech I will seek to expound and demystify this four point message.

From today on it must be crystal clear to everybody concerned what the inauguration of King Mzilikazi II means to them and their families. This is God’s work and purpose.
God says that:  
• The people of Matebeleland have suffered greatly particularly under the government of Zimbabwe and that they must be freed. There is a lot of grieving, crying and anger in both the living and the dead, and this is a bad omen to all of us. There is a great need for genuine forgiveness from the heart and genuine healing before God can bless us with His peace, progress and prosperity.
• The Matebele people and their Kingdom must be fully restored together with her known boundaries, her resources and assets.
• The Matebele Monarch must be restored as the true custodian and authentic leader of Matebeleland and her peoples, tribes, cultures and languages.
• And I, Stanley Raphael Khumalo have been appointed and anointed by the Almighty God to be the Servant Leader and King of His people of Matebeleland.


For myself introduction and my calling, I would like to refer you to my profile. I am Stanley Raphael Khumalo; HRM King Mzilikazi II. I am fully a Khumalo both legally and through my bloodline, a true son of King Mzilikazi. However being a Khumalo is not the most important thing to me, but what my God destined me to become. God in His eternal wisdom purposed to tie my destiny with my family line, particularly King Mzilikazi.

The Calling:
On 26 September 2015, the Lord gave me the whole chapter of Isaiah 61 to read in the hearing of the people who were here that day and I did. Today I have been given just the 1st verse of the same chapter (Isaiah 61:1) “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor. He has sent me to heal the broken hearted; to officially announce freedom to prisoners; and to open the prison doors and release the prisoners to freedom.” I pondered a great deal in my spirit over this word of God and it dawned to me that the people of Matebeleland are the prisoners and that Matebeleland is one huge prison cell. There are countless “prison guards” who have been sent to monitor the behaviour and conduct of each Ndebele. The people are aware of this situation. By mere hearing a language they know that they must conform. The fear is unbearable among our people and this is very unacceptable. We cannot carry on like this.

Now God in His love has sent me to heal the broken hearted Ndebele people and to release them from this life long prison. However this is no ordinary assignment, the situation is too complicated and heavily compounded. I thank God because He has anointed me and filled me with His Holy Spirit for this purpose. For this reason I will continue to recognise and acknowledge God because He is my Source of Authority, Wisdom and Power. He is my Everything and I rely on Him for everything. Without Him I would not dare do what I am doing now. This assignment is His and not mine and so is the methodology of accomplishing it. Though a King, I am His choice and just a mere servant.

The building of the Ndebele Nation and the Ndebele State/ Kingdom

The word kingdom is made up of two words joined together; king and domain. So, a Kingdom is a territory that is dominated or ruled by a King. Matebeleland is a Kingdom and not a republic. Matebeleland is a country that is ruled by a King. The values and orientation of the Matebele people and the principles governing their lives are kingdom based; they are not republican. Generally speaking, all of them are traditionally and culturally royalists at heart regardless of their different tribal origins. They have remained so, despite what they have gone through in the hands of their colonizers and sell outs within their midst. Kingdom life is in their spirits and DNA and it cannot be removed. They all support or at least sympathise with Highlanders Football Club always. During the days of uBaba u Joshua M. Nkomo, he alone was the Father and leader of all Ndebeles. He was neither a Khumalo nor a Moyo; he needn’t be. To all of us he was ok as uMdal’ uNkomo, ubaba wethu. He could have been Kalanga or Nguni or Tonga, but who cared; that was who God in His love, wisdom and in the spirit of unity had given us. He was to us a symbol of hope and we still love, honour and greatly miss him to this day. He will forever proudly remain in the annuls of our history as our own hero and father. However in this generation God has chosen to use me, simple and despised, a sinner with no righteous credentials to show but failure. He says He looks at the heart and His strength is made perfect in weak vessels like myself.

A strong sense of communal responsibility, respect for self and others and loyalty to the Kingdom and the King; these are the natural marks of a true Matebele.

King Mzilikazi

Mzilikazi, son of Matshobana should easily be seen as the exceptional visionary, a nation builder par excellence, who put together this wonderful nation of Mthwakazi. He is the builder of the Mthwakazi Kingdom of which he became the King and Father. Mzilikazi was a man of very high intellect and wisdom, a strategic thinker and fearless warrior; and yet he was also a man with great sense of social responsibility, a man of great humility and possessed a heart filled to the brim with the love for all people. He was a virtuous leader in a class of his own and still unparalleled to this day. He possessed a heart that God could use for the good of many, that is why God made a promise that there shall never lack a son from his loins who will seat on his throne. I am the result of that promise.

King Mzilikazi left modern Zululand with between 300 – 500 people, among them women and children, believing that he had the capacity to defend them. He had very few fighting men but those were mighty men of valour, the cream of fighting men. Mzilikazi left Zululand because he had been called by Injelele (Ilitshe) to come and set up his Kingdom eBudlanondo. The reasons behind this move have nothing to do with King Tshaka of the Zulu nation. This was God’s project. God made sure that only a few people left with Mzilikazi because He (God) had lined up many people from different tribes, languages and kingdoms to join Mzilikazi. These are the people who built this colourful nation of AbaButhwakazi abahle Ondlela zimhlophe and not just the 300. The very foundations of Mthwakazi as a Kingdom and a nation are the different tribal groups and peoples whom God used to build this beloved nation. This is not a one family nation like the Children of Israel, here, God used a different format. One of the major reasons that brought down the kingdom of the Great Elephant, King Lobhengula was the categorising of this nation tribally. You cannot do that in Mthwakazi and survive. uMthwakazi is God’s project and for this Kingdom to stand that fact must be accepted and respected. The issue about Mthwakazi is not the tribes and the languages because all these belong to the King, but the pride of the Kingdom and the unity of its citizens. Mthwakazi, is a peace loving nation of greatly feared warriors.  
King Lobhengula

King Mzilikazi built Mthwakazi Kingdom and settled the nation all within a lifetime. At the time of his death, isizwe sasesidlondlobele, and there was total peace. Now it was left to King Lobhengula to deal with “New World Order,” preserving the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. At the Berlin Conference of 1885, the Europeans had agreed that, in their scramble for Africa as they looked for states to colonise, they should draw boundaries in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts among themselves. By 1891, Matebeleland was the only independent sovereign state still ruled by a native, King Lobhengula; all her neighbours had become protectorate colonies, mainly to the British. Between 1887 and 1893 King Lobhengula signed several friendship treaties and also undertook verbal agreements with her neighbours to mark his boundaries and to protect his Kingdom from these new powerful neighbours. In compliance with the Berlin Conference Agreement of 1885, by the end of 1891, Matebeleland had clearly defined and respected boundaries with her neighbours. To the south, her boundary with the Transvaal was the Limpopo river, to the west the boundary between her and Bechuanaland protectorate was the Ramaquabane river. To the north her boundary between her and Barotseland protectorate colony (Zambia) was the Zambezi river, and to the east the boundary between her and Mashonaland protectorate colony was the Sanyathi, Shashe and Tokwe rivers. This last agreement was made in 1891 by King Lobhengula and Dr Leander Starr Jameson the Administrator of Mashonaland at the time. By the time of the destruction of the Kingdom on 4 November, 1893, Mthwakazi had its own flag and seal as a sovereign nation and Mashonaland was one of its neighbours just like Bechuanaland (present Botswana).

The many efforts to Regain Mthwakazi Kingdom and Statehood

Since the fall of the Kingdom to the British, there have been numerous efforts to restore the Matebele Kingdom and its country Matebeleland. May it be known that the unprovoked attack and destruction of the Sovereign Kingdom of Matebeleland and the forced occupation thereof by the British, was illegal and morally wrong. So also was the forced union with Mashonaland later in order to form the Southern Rhodesian project, completely ignoring, as well as denying the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Matebeleland.

After the destruction of the Kingdom, Matebeleland was taken by the B.S.A.Co under the “ruled by conquest” order of 1894. She, however remained a separate country even though some of her territory was stolen and ceded to Mashonaland. Fortunately the rivers are still there. In 1896 the Matebele regrouped and fought the white settlers in a bid to regain their country back. This battle was resolved through negotiations at Matopos between the Royal Council of Matebeleland led by Chief Somabhulani Dlodlo and Cecil John Rhodes for the white settlers. Needless to say, Rhodes and his people did not honour their part of the deal. In 1914 the Royal Council sent communication to the British Queen in demand of their territory. After a four year silence, the Royal Council sent Prince Nyamande to make a follow up. The verdict of the Judicial Committee was that “The Ndebele Sovereignty had been broken down and replaced by a new and better system as defined by the Matabeleland Order in Council of 1894”(Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, 29 July 1918).

In 1922 the whites called a Whites only Referendum in Matebeleland. The options were that Matebeleland should either join South Africa or Mashonaland and they chose Mashonaland. This is how we came to be ruled by Mashonaland, now Zimbabwe, illegally and without our consent as the owners of the country. There is no Matebele King or his authentic representative who has ever signed any agreement uniting our Kingdom with Mashonaland. There has never been an open or freely expressed desire by the people of this Kingdom to join or to be subservient to Mashonaland. In 1923 the white settlers came up with their Southern Rhodesia Constitution; an effort to legitimize an illegal process.

In 1943 further efforts were made to restore the Kingdom of Matebeleland when the people of Matebeleland, with the help of the British Crown tried to enthrone Prince Nguboentsha, another of the sons of King Lobhengula. This was foiled by the white settlers with the help of some drunk Matebele chiefs. In recent years many organisations have come up in Matebeleland, in pursuit of the restoration agenda. Matebele National Home Society and recently uMhlahlo we Sizwe sika Mthwakazi are some of the organisations that made great strides on the issue of the Restoration of Mthwakazi Kingdom. I know about the efforts of uMhlahlo because I financially partnered the organisation during the leadership of uBaba uMaduma.

The Efforts to Unite for Moral Reasons and their Disastrous Results

Over the years we have felt morally obligated as Matebeleland to unite with Mashonaland and a lot of effort has been put towards this even by the ordinary citizens. The results have always been disastrous to us and often it has cost us lives. Think of the ZIPRA cadres murdered at Magagao in Tanzania, the bloodshed at ENtumbane 1980, the gukurahundi genocide, the massive looting of the Matebele resources, while the people powerless watch and this terrible fear that is constantly maintained over the Ndebele people. In brief these are just some of the heavy prices that the Ndebele people have paid in the hope of appeasing some imagined moral obligation to unite for peace sake.

The fact that by October 1980 Robert Mugabe as Prime Minister of both states had entered an agreement with the North Koreans to train an exclusively Shona army to be deployed in Matebeleland to kill Ndebeles speaks volumes about our true relationship to Mashonaland. The reference by Mugabe’s lieutenants to Ndebeles as “cockroaches” needing gamatox, clearly shows the folly of any imagined moral obligation to unite.

This moral obligation to unite was influenced by the Pan Africanist and Internationalist politics in the late 1950s and early 1960s, with the slogan “umtane nhlabathi.” I guess one needed to check which “nhlabathi” they are referring to. This ideology is what led to the union of the ANC of Bulawayo and the Salisbury Youth League into one political party which eventually became ZAPU. On 04 August 1962 the Rhodesia Herald and The Chronicle reported that some members of Zapu from Mashonaland were to announce their own party and the suggested names are; “Sons of Chaminuka Movement and National Chaminuka People’s Union”. This is what letter became Zanu as we know it today. Actually, this organisation in the spirit realm is still known as “Sons of Chaminuka Movement” and it is Mother to all political organs from that area.


 As the King of Matebeleland, King Mzilikazi II, I want to categorically state that there is nothing that legally or morally binds my Kingdom/ country, to Mashonaland/ Zimbabwe. I have no agreement with the Government of Zimbabwe for them to rule my country, nor did my predecessors King Mzilikazi nor King Lobhengula sign any. Any agreement made outside these three principals need to be ratified by King Mzilikazi II, for it to be valid anywhere in Matebeleland. The King is here now and the Good Kingdom of Mthwakazi is back in business.

In Matebeleland we are held by a strong belief that there is a God in Heaven who is Creator of all things and is the final Authority in all the matters of man. This same God is the One who created nations and gave them boundaries and dominion. He is also in charge of human leadership. It is Him who enthrones and dethrones kings. He did and continues to do all this because He wants peace to reign on earth and for His goodwill to prevail over all man. Languages which are likely the bases for tribal formations were given at Babel in order to stop a rebellious project, but as for nations; God is the God of nations. Tribes are like families within a nation just like the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin are families within the Nation of Israel. It is very much against God’s will that any nation should rule over another. That is why they never do it well because there is no grace for that.

The Nation of Matebeleland, just like every other nation under the sun, was created by this same God. He also gave them a territory and marked her boundaries including the Jameson Line, the official boundary between Matebeleland and Mashonaland. He did this so that the Matebele people may live in peace. For His goodwill to prevail over them He gave them kingdom DNA and a King. We are not here to copy other nations but to become who we really are. When we are finally done, this Kingdom will lead the whole world in good governance and good citizenship. Mthwakazi is here for a noble contribution to the world and it is not here to be abused.

Now for any Matebele to sit and ignore the statehood of his/her country of Matebeleland just because of fear or greed is something beyond cowardice and foolishness. It is disobedience and open rebellion to God who created the nation and gave her territory. It is a sin. It is betrayal not only of this generation but also generations to come. Pains of yester year cannot be allowed to determine our future forever. With God as well as with man, fear, pain, even death have never been plausible reasons for anyone to sell out a God given cause. As for greed, it is a selfish characteristic that defines only fools. What a shame to so called Christians who seem to be able to only walk by sight; people of “faith” but without faith. What a serious misrepresentation of the Gospel of Light and Power. We cannot seriously spend all our lives in anger and complaining and yet doing nothing about it.



From today onwards, any Matebele who willingly, knowingly stands to block or works against this work of full and complete Restoration of the Mthwakazi Kingdom or even speaks against it, will attract a curse for themselves and for their families.

From today onwards, any Matebele who willingly, knowingly practises or plants seeds of tribalism, racism or division among the people of Mthwakazi will attract a curse for themselves and their families.   

From today onwards, anyone, anywhere who willingly, knowingly stands to block or work or even speaks against the work of full and complete Restoration of Mthwakazi Kingdom will attract a curse for themselves and their families.

From today onwards, anyone who chooses to be an enemy of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi, its people and its God given leadership, will become an enemy of God.

From today onwards, anyone who fights the Kingdom of Mthwakazi, its people or its God given leadership, will be directly fighting the Almighty God.

However whosoever blesses, supports, loves and partners with the Kingdom of Mthwakazi, its people and its God given leadership, shall become a friend of God and shall receive a blessing for themselves and their families.

This is for the world to know that Mthwakazi is indeed a Colony of the Heavenly Kingdom and that God is alive and is the same yesterday, today and forever and that I am truly a servant of the Almighty God. So it shall all stand in the name of Jesus Christ.

I pray that God be merciful to you because of Christ.


The inauguration of HRM King Mzilikazi II will be held on 12 September, 2017. According to the calendar this will be a Tuesday and schools will be open that day. All the same it is the day that God has given us, so His will be done. The venue will be announced in the near future, so keep your alert.
On that day we are going to raise the Flag of Mthwakazi Kingdom to fly forever and any other flag that is not of Mthwakazi Kingdom will cease to fly that day. We already have the flag, I will show it to you today.

On that day I will also officially announce the King’s Interim Council that will effectively take on the governance of Mthwakazi in the interim, draft the constitution of the Kingdom and organise our first ever elections as the Kingdom of Mthwakazi.

It is supremely important that from today onwards you as individuals and as a nation begin to take what I say very seriously. “Nxa iNkosi ikhulumile kumele kuzwakale phakathi kweSizwe sonke abantu bevungama, bevumelana, betsho bethi; “INkosi ithe...... ……”

The people that I will give you as officials will need your cooperation, respect and support just like I also need it. When you do not support your own institutions and your own people it can only lead to your own down fall.

The inauguration is yours. Its success lies squarely own your shoulders, so do something that you would like to remember. The food that will be eaten that day will come from you, the organisation, the money, the planning, the transport, the labour force, the prayers, etc, will all be initiated, provided and done by you. I am at your service to do my part as well. The work starts in earnest today, so please avail yourself, “akubizwa ozwayo.”  

Let’s move forward by faith. I love you all Mthwakazi, home and away. God bless you.    

- Source: Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi, published by


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