MLF calls for defiance strategies for Restoration

MLF calls for defiance strategies for Restoration
Published: 10 April 2017 | by Chrispen Nyoni, MLF Policy and Strategy


The ever-coming echoes of RESTORATION as seen from the perspectives of MLF whose mission is to achieve the objective through nonviolent means and obviously without partaking in the Zimbabwean elections which embody multiple Lucific aims meant to discredit the RESTORATION AGENDA, has reached the levels never to allow the peoples to lose hope, vision, track and sense of belonging. Success is the ultimate goal and “inhlangano ezinye sezibona kancane ukuba linto ifuna ukubanjiswana ngeqiniso”. The following postulations are meant to fuel us into action and start thinking of what to do so that we are seen to be serious and results driven. Restoration is a task that is achievable without the enemy hand seen “sizoxova”. The Mthwakazi peoples have lots of issues that can be used to achieve what is before us.


MTHWAKAZI has a case to put forth, which is the economic status of the present set up. Cases to refer to are many and best suit the Question of Mthwakazi. For instance, the largest city in Belgium, the bilingual Brussels is an enclave within the country’s Flemish-speaking north. So, there are some economists, who are always frequently thinking about the issue for their freedom argue that for a people to reach what will save them from unfair governance, it is best advanced by having many competing influences. More choices in achieving the objective of separating from “colonizing country” are alright as there is a spread of ideas which positively compel repressive governments to be less likely to be oppressive when they know that people can enforce a separation. In this example, the Dutch part of Belgium pays-it is a milking cow and the French part of Belgium takes and develops itself. To have a permanent redress, secession becomes a means of limiting the greed and political arrogance of the political class.


Mthwakazi fits very well on what has been touched here. The argument can be used in a referendum that must be enforced as the Zanu pf regime cannot voluntarily listen to the people’s voices. Isn’t it that we have Zimbabwe siphoning Mthwakazi of her resources? Beitbridge is a skeleton of itself but racks in thousands of forex daily which in turn is siphoned to Harare where it is misused by the Harare regime at the expense of the source and the local peoples who are reeling in abject poverty. The question of Matabeleland North’s timber, the de-industrialization of Mthwakazi and above all the vivid sabotage of the Mthwakazi in all manners salient or otherwise are cases to use for our cause. Now how do we deal with the situation as a people?


It must be known that data is thin and that not everyone has ability to receive information on their gadgets (be it smart phones, laptops etc), but symbolism appears to play as much of a role as anything else in separation.


In the case of MTHWAKAZI RESTORATION, some bandanas with open labels such as,” MTHWAKAZI WILL BE FREE FROM ZIMBABWE!!” BELTS WRITTEN,’ MTHWAKAZI IS NOT ZIMBABWE” can be produced. So, there are so many other things that can be done as a form of symbolism in favour of MTHWAKAZI. The cost of these can be $1 and never increase the costs so that many people will find it affordable to buy those items of symbolism. These can be sold on the streets, selected shops, bookstores, hardware stores, and gas stations, mini-marts and so on.

The easy access to MTHWAKAZI FLAGs means that virtually every part of Mthwakazi has several banners visible, typically hanging from apartment balconies, shops in towns, and shops in the rural areas, on vehicles and private homes among others.


Reasonable demands result in successful breakaway. An example is wealthy Singapore. Singapore, after initially enjoying independence from Britain as part of Malaysia, the Southeast Asian state(Singapore) found itself at loggerheads with national leaders over banking rules, and ethnic tensions rose between Chinese and Malay groups. A negotiated divorce took less than a year. Both states have found success and co-exist peacefully.

Another case is when a list of grievances between the eastern and more prosperous western regions of then-Czechoslovakia led to an amicable divorce, too. Like most divorces, grievances remain. But no one threatened anyone, and ultimately, no one got hurt.


The Mthwakazi case fits very well in the frame of the cases briefly put forth above. The ethnic tensions that are currently buttressed by the existence of dictatorship are mounting such that when one day, they burst, no-one will ever stop the wave. The salient tensions are fuelled by the regime because they use their tribes as pawns to cover for their crimes against humanity. The regime does not want to be arraigned in the ICC for a variety of crimes against humanity so stern approaches to be used to pin Mthwakazi down. Then the question stands, that should we lie low forever?


A very positive lesson comes in forms of objective nonviolent defiance strategies. Examples are bound that send clear messages across to everyone such as giving names to businesses as MTHWAKAZI this and MTHWAKAZI that…a butchery is there in Filibuvir Centre christened MTHWAKAZI BUTCHERY. Football teams must be set up just like MTHWAKAZI UNITED FC in Bulawayo which is playing at Phelandaba Suburb and another one at Entumbane called King Lobhengula kaLotshe FC, taxis, private schools, shops, buses, music bands, sporting galas and lots of things both locally and internationally. Let’s challenge for representation in the AU, UN SADC etc. that must be done as MTHWAKAZI not as MLF as we have done as representative of those who obviously see RESTORATION as not attempting it via Zanu pf Zimbabwean elections. We need to be robust and unapologetic. Let’s be strategically defiant and choose what to defy and when to defy what. An example is Scotland which won the right to represent itself in some international competitions, notably soccer’s prestigious World Cup, and has built a separate identity via its athletes   on the sports page.

Abstaining from Zimbabwean elections is the best form of political protest. In our Mthwakazi quest, the fact that the Gukurahundi Genocidists still want to preside over Mthwakazi, that warrants a boycott in favour of RESTORATION. Mthwakazi has taken part since 1980 and nothing has changed towards what take us from suffrage from the colonizing regime. Using that as the only reason for now, it draws us to a point where we see nothing fruititious from a Zanu pf Zimbabwean elections, so taking part in it is at your own peril. Let’s boycott in large numbers while calling louder for separation.
In general elections boycott by Mthwakazi peoples will be a protest for many issues that the ruling regime has done against the peoples and we hope that will add up the grievances that we have and that legitimize our quest for RESTORATION. Off course it will not help nullify election results but some statement will have been sent far and wide. if nothing is not done to pursue what is ought to be done by the RESTORATIONISTS then we shall be detached from the reality and leave us susceptible to political irrelevance.


Many decisions in Zimbabwe are taken under the regime’s qualified majority voting rules, where the voting weights depend on the size of those deemed to be the majority. That means MTHWAKAZI issues can be outvoted and we will be forced to accept decisions with which are not favourable to us. So, the syndrome of falling onto the trappings poised by the election mantra hoping to pull a miracle is on its own a pie in the sky. We ought to do the right thing and the only right one-referendum straight away. There is no time for appeasing anyone as if something miraculous will be come out as a surprise gift for Mthwakazi, no ways bakwethu!!!


Some Sudan solidarity murals were visible on the walls both locally and internationally. Of recent secessions, South Sudan’s successful effort had the advantage of moral certainty. After decades of religious and ethnic friction, the north/south rupture finally became realistic when the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for arrest of Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir on human rights charges in 2009. It is very hard to argue against a breakaway from a butcher. It is not surprising that the same region had seen a previous secession before, when Eritrea broke from Ethiopia in 1993. In that case, again, a consensus of international bodies, including a U.N. vote of confidence, proved key. Most radically, when East Timor broke from Indonesia in 1999, via a UN-brokered referendum, Australian troops had to arrive and put down a violent reaction by Indonesian military and militias against Timorese civilians.


Mthwakazi RESTORATION case is a rare one and the cause surpasses the one mentioned above. Coupled with the genocide that the Zanu pf regime embarked on soon after 1980, the case of Mthwakazi can be supported by the UN among other world bodies that matter. So, lets out our case in the offices of the UN and those bodies that matter. In our large numbers let’s donate something towards the cause. If we are at least a 1000x R200=R200 000 of people willing to take on the initiative, retracing what UMhlahlo We Sizwe has done, we will win the case. That amount is big enough to start something major. Donor funds are highly likely to come in and the push will eventually yield results.


It must be noted that breakaway is not just a public matter, and it disrupts business and some other programs such as being employed. Note that in the Sudans, home of some major oil fields, pipeline issues have dogged the split. Breakaway would in part mean breakaway from favored access to markets and some businesses and when it comes to the sharing of some strategic economic life lines trouble usually ensures.


Just Mthwakazi case, it is high time to let our economists to consider the issue of what must be protected and start planning markets or even marketing Mthwakazi to would be investors. This must take a robust approach, without fear or favour.


Kosovo’s breakaway against overwhelming odds suggests that virtually anyone with enough pluck and determination can defend his or her tribe, and hold on long enough for help to arrive if it will ever come. On the other hand, Kosovo remains a militarized zone more than a decade after independence from Serbia, and it doesn’t seem likely to be “independent” in the sense of self-reliance any time soon.


The case of MTHWAKAZI must be such that everyone is indoctrinated into the Mthwakazi Restoration doctrine just like the Arabs believe in Jihad. Everyone must be prepared to defend the cause of MTHWAKAZI by all that one has. It is befitting to die for a worthy cause if need be. It must be in mind that even in peaceful marches Lucifer lurks his long poisonous tongue and select a few so that he instills fear to the whole flock pursuing the noble RESTORATION cause. ANGEKE !!!!!

A Secessionist’s Guide (Nov 30, 2012)-by Marc Hermann

POLICY AND STRATEGY (formerly International Relations) & ACTING SPOKESPERSON

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