The 1893 Restoration Movement releases names of its Top International Leadership

The 1893 Restoration Movement releases names of its Top International Leadership
Published: 01 May 2017 | by Thembani Dube & Ayanda Manala, 1893 Information and Publicity Secretaries






After having gone public yesterday with its Gukurahundi Genocide Speech and within the speech its ideological leanings, the 1893 Restoration Movement is happy to release the names of its top International leadership today. It is also happy to inform the public about the programmes this vibrant organization has already embarked on to this day.


The public will be glad to know that The 1893 Restoration Movement has embarked on these programmes since its infancy days working with other like-minded organizations:


1.    Fencing of the Gadade Monument working in collaboration with uMhlahlo weSizwe as part of its Cultural and Historical Restoration Agenda


2.    Supported Mthwakazi kaMzilikazi Cultural Association in providing funds for the transportation of bricks to build toilets at Mhlahlandlela site where yearly Mzilikazi Day commemorations are done.


3.    Provided transport in the form of buses to transport Mthwakazi from KwaBulawayo City Hall to Mhlahlandlela site in last Year’s King Mzilikazi Day Celebrations


4.    Worked closely with uMhahlo weSizwe in providing buses to fetch Mthwakazi from City Hall to Gadade in last year’s Gadade Commemorations


5.    Provided support to uLoyiko to launch its play and to organize its recent successful 380 Degrees Imbizo Gukurahundi Genocide Demo in South Africa

Therefore the 1893 Restoration Movement has been in existence for a while, doing its work and engaging the community as a progressive Restorationist Movement.


Today, we have the honour of presenting to the public its top international leaders who are very passionate about the Movement and its vision and the work it does.


·         President: Vusani Maqeda


·         Vice President: Greater Sibanda


·         Secretary General: Vusi Sibanda


·         Deputy Secretary General: Cora Ndebele


·         Secretary for Finance: Nkosi Ndlovu


·         Secretary for Health: Faith Mabandla


·         Secretary for Agriculture and Horticulture: Alfred Ndlovu


·         Secretary for History and Cultural Affairs: Lameck Dube


·         Secretary for Political Education and Re-Orientation: Nkosilathi Mkhwananzi


·         Secretaries for Information and Publicity: Thembani Dube & Ayanda Manala


·         Secretary for Women & Child Affairs: Dorothy Ndlovu


·         Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education: Helem Thebe


·         Secretary for Tertiary Education: Lawrence Siziba


·         Secretary for Citizen and Community Empowerment: Chrispen Nyoni


·         Secretary for Business and Entrepreneurship: Maurice Bunu


·         Secretary for Fundraising in Africa: Onesimo Ncube


·         Secretary for Fundraising in Diaspora: Edfil Nyathi Mdluli


·         Secretary for International Relations, Europe & Asia: Rori Masiane


·         Secretary for International Relations, Americas, Canada and Caribbean Islands: Nkululeko Ndlovu


·         Secretary for Security Affairs, Diaspora: Lungile Moyo


·         Secretary for Youths and Sporting Affairs: Ray Tshuma


·         Secretary for Security Affairs, Africa: Douglas Nkomazana


·         International Matebeleland Football Agent: Siphambaniso Dube


These are the tried and tested sons and daughters of Matebeleland who are always passionate about putting Matebeleland First. The Restorationist Agenda is entering a different phase as the 1893 Restoration movement embarks on an all-encompassing Agenda that views no Restorationist and or Mthwakazi people as enemies due to their political opinions but brothers and sisters to be persuaded to cross the floor to the Restorationist Camp.

The 1893 Restoration Movement will be happy to receive them with open arms but would dare not tolerate anyone who wishes to undermine its noble goal of Self Determination without recourse to violence as its essential principle. We are the doves of peace and developmental progress for our Nation. We seek not to dominate anyone but ourselves.


The 1893 is wishing uMthwakazi Nation Peace and Progress and a resolute determination to look after herself and her needs. It is our generational duty, challenge and responsibility to “Restore, Rebuild” and make Mthwakazi “Prosper”, a duty and responsibility that we must exercise with patriotism and dedication.

- Source:1893 Matebeleland Restoation Movement, published by


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