Mugabe's birthday Bash was a show of arrogance

Mugabe's birthday Bash was a show of arrogance
Published: 06 March 2017 | by Andrea Sibanda & Chrispen Nyoni, MLF Secretary General and MLF Acting Spokesperson

Once again and for the umpteenth time, The Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, has shown damning arrogance premised on Rule by Conquest by celebrating his 93rd inconsequential birthday at Matopo, which is in Mthwakazi and one of the areas where his Gukurahundi soldiers committed heinous crimes that have been so far classified as genocide. It boggles the mind that an old-man of his age, falling and struggling to pick himself up, goes to celebrate his bash at a very wrong place altogether to the disbelief and dismay of all Mthwakazi people. It is arrogance at its worst!


Matopo hills have always been sacred to Mthwakazi nation and will remain so despite Robert Mugabe's concerted efforts to defile it through his involvement in ways that are devious. Not long ago, a contingent of Shona people who had been sent to Mozambique to do some rituals there, and in their return, they brought some stones and bones and as per instruction, they went straight to Matopo and piled their baggage there. That is abominable. Why did they not dump their baggage somewhere in Mashonaland? That place is sacred because it is resident to Mthwakazi spirits and gods which Mthwakazi nation often turns to in times of difficulties like drought and other unnatural eventualities afflicting the nation at any given time.  

The people of Mthwakazi regularly perform rituals on these hills to appease their national spirits. Since time in immemorial, Mthwakazi nation has always revered the hills and preserved their sanctity for generations. But these Zanu PF felons, as if bewitched to permanently buttress the Mthwakazi peoples in an extinction misfortune, they continuously keep on pressing in all angles, for the total obliteration of the peoples. That will never happen in the life cycle of all human generation.

It is at Matopo hills that the man who founded a nation, King Mzilikazi's remains were buried and lie until to-date. Robert Mugabe is no match to King Mzilikazi and he certainly can’t be propped to stand on those sacred hills in whatever context and purport to be in the same league with the mighty Mzilikazi. 

Robert Mugabe is an infamous villain who is responsible for decimating the once united Mthwakazi nation into shameful shreds it finds itself in today. Robert Mugabe has lost all humanity from the time he fraudulently ascended to power in 1980 as a British batman to sustain and perpetually maintain their(British) Rule by Conquest of Mthwakazi and he has never even bothered to repeal his masters' piece of legislation that has caused untold suffering to Mthwakazi nation.
He must know that by so doing and trying to equate himself to the mighty elephant, King Mzilikazi he is not angering Mthwakazi nation alone but their national spirits and gods as well. Mthwakazi people revere their traditions and cultures in their diversity so it is an insult for Robert Mugabe and his regime to be at Matopo to celebrate his lavish birthday bash when the locals are still harbouring the pains that the Gukurahundi inflicted on them. 

Robert Mugabe and his gang destroyed everything which could have stood for Mthwakazis prosperity. 

Clearly, this was not just a birthday bash but a symbol of power over the people of Mthwakazi. This power was acquired from the 1980s genocide when the elderly and foetuses were murdered for nothing other than for belonging to a different ethnic grouping to his. It was at these Matopo hills that his tribal troops armed to the teeth, exterminated families and threw others alive into disused mineshafts at Bhalagwe while burying others in shallow graves. So, he was celebrating his ability to get away with genocide for all these years more than celebrating his last days before he faces the many innocent lives he terminated without due cause. He was celebrating his triumph over the peoples whose families were butchered in Matabeleland South (in Mthwakazi). 

The Mugabe regime has always defended that about 20 000 people were butchered. That’s fallacy of the regime. We believe the number runs into thousands (about 500 000) of Mthwakazi peoples butchered.  We can’t have the butcher tell us the number of people he killed and then accept, no ways, people butchered are more than that. ZANU and Mugabe downplayed the figures and we must not fall prey to their machinations of the figures.

What is meant by arrogance of power is that the majority of the centres of power in the world these days are being maintained through using power abusively and manipulatively as happened in Matopo, kwaMthwakazi.

Robert Mugabe's birthday bash has been compulsory to all Mthwakazi people - as it is a symbol of steadfastness in upholding the Rule by Conquest bequeathed to him by his employers, the British. Schools, communities and virtually all institutions in Mthwakazi have been coerced into contributing towards his senseless and lavish bash while scores of children and families had nothing to eat. What an insensitive grandfather to enjoy and party to the tears of Mthwakazi nation! Robert Mugabe stands condemned for his inhumanity right into his grave and beyond.
We would like to put it on record as MLF that despite being aged 93 and being visibly frail, Robert Mugabe stands condemned together with his accomplices by Mthwakazi. No amount of age can absolve him from the evils he committed. Robert Mugabe shall be the first ever modern African who shall be remembered for all the evil things on earth and memories about him shall always evoke hatred and scorn.  Robert Mugabe shall be the only African man, who after purportedly, fighting for human rights in the 19th century, went against all the principles of humanity to violate the inherent rights of fellow blacks with unthinkable impunity. 


Having demonstrated to the world that Mugabe and his regime have power to deceive, VP Phelekezela Mphoko has said the Government will not dig up mass graves of people who died during post-independence disturbances in the Midlands Province and Matabeleland region, saying doing so is un-African. He seems to have forgotten to state also whether it was African to brazenly butcher the Mthwakazi peoples in what is known as the Gukurahundi Genocide done by Mugabe and his Zanu PF.  

Doubling up also as the Minister of National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation, MPHOKO said the Peace and Reconciliation Bill was already in place and would be tabled before Parliament soon. This is a brazen show of mighty and they show it by stating that they want to attend to it now when it suits them or it is a ploy to hoodwink the Mthwakazi peoples into believing that something is being done. It is only hoped that the bill will answer the questions on what should be done to those who were complicit in the era at hand. 
What happened in Matopo, leads to Zanu-phobia. Those who planned the event that it should be held at Matopo had a jaundiced view that it will be perceived as a sign that the issue of Gukurhundi Genocide (GG) was a forgotten issue when it is not. The momentous decision to stage the bash in Matopo was not the right decision because it is perceived as the acts of the return of the judo champion to the region to remind them that he is still there and can repeat the same.

Holding the bash at Matopos was a testament of power over the Mthwakazi peoples. We must reject that with the mighty it deserves. We do not need the judo prowess to prove that we want no Zanu PF to intimidate and show they can stifle the debate over the GG.

SOMETIMES God has answers for us although they come late. After the bash, it is believed that the Zanu PF youths were mortified as they were left with no transport to ferry them back to where they were from. Well after their boss bash which was meant for angling for psychological advantage over the peoples of Mthwakazi.

People like Mphoko have been trained to subvert and manipulate the unsuspecting people over the GG issue. We now have people who want him to take part in the uLoyikho GG Demo in South Africa. It will be a blessing in disguise if he ever ventures into that because the peoples will have a field day over him. We are so thirsty on that opportunity.

It is evident that Mugabe and his Zanu PF want to treat the Gukurahundi Genocide as essentially a contest in manipulation of the minds of the people of Mthwakazi in a show of power. This act is a ruthless show of power by the zanu coterie. 

Zanu acts like a bully who divide people into those they can control and those they can’t, so that they are singled out and identified for some brutal silencing them. It’s a fact that the people in Matopo were silenced as there was an influx of CIOs and soldiers well before the event.

 It is more circumstantial that apart from the presence of the security there was a lot of abundance of goodies for the locality. This has since vanished. Promises of this and that were made and now what is left is to see the fulfillment of the promises. Well it’s a pity that we have some Mthwakazi peoples who involve themselves in some freelance operation of mercenary like behaviour and they are well funded by the Zanu PF system. 

But on our end, as MLF, we will be judicious and as we see it, some citizen’s arrest must be instituted on those supporting the Lucific cause and they are always in some flashy shopping malls of Jhb in SA and other places. There is every reason to institute some arrests now that we have realized that we are taken for granted.


We need to understand now, more than ever, that each of us has his/her own duty to play in the reversal of the gains of the regimes Grand Plan. We must realize that all our actions affect both ourselves and others either negatively or positively, and that we cannot continue to be content with the infantile actions that help make the regime feel that it is acceptable koMthwakazi. Let’s re-group and move straight to do exactly what will set us free.

To succeed in reversing the gains of the Grand Plan, we need a collective amplification of power to defy anything that is not for us. The actions of the Mugabe regime, that are glued on arrogance, are teaching us lessons that we must come together in one way or another, to help shape the minds of those who are perceived to be advancing the agenda of the regime, deliberately or otherwise. Change tactics must start to be imbued to the people of Mthwakazi, who danced, donated, marketed and attended the birthday bash for Mugabe. 

The Mthwakazi Question should make all of us consider it (Mthwakazi Question) with more maturity and attention at the nature of the agenda itself before getting to interrogate the inter-human relationships amongst ourselves to find a viable solution for harmonious cohabitation and collaboration in reversing the gains of the Grand Plan.
As MLF, we have realized that the exaggerated and obsessive concern for individual Mthwakazi political entities will without doubt lead to a continued Mugabes Zanu PF regimes misrule over us, just because of none deep interrogation of the RESTORATION AGENDA issue. Our (Mthwakazi) attitudes, either through language or actions can be perceived as we do not care what will happen when we have failed to achieve what will set the peoples free from the arrogance chains of Mugabe and his regime. The regime may decide to make it a norm to hold the birth day bashes in Mthwakazi which will be a really pain. It would have raised the peoples hopes had the political players called for a stop to the madness of holding the bash in Matopo.

Lessons can be drawn from the past attempts by certain political players that have tried to change the mindset of the Mthwakazi people into shifting their focus from the Shona-centric political parties, but little has been achieved. This is evident in the number of MPs and councilors who are there and worse still, they report in Harare for everything they are doing because the person who is in charge and paying them, is in Harare. We learn something from history that we learn nothing from it-so said a certain author. So the arrogance, as shown by holding the bash, needs some similar counter arrogance like telling people not to attend Mugabe and his Zanu PF meetings and rallies.

It is an exaggerated concern that we can find solutions by parading the macro-agenda of RESTORATION when we ignore the solutions that can be derived from micro agendas. In other words, we are trying to solve a national issue but neglecting immediate issues, like calling for family problems not to buy tomatoes from foreigners, not to buy chimombe milk etc. the system has spread those people across Mthwakazi so that they siphon money that is there which in turn is used to oil the system and its apparatus that are used to further buttress Mthwakazi peoples out of existence. So, an important lesson in life is to know what is good and what is bad, what is true and what is false and how to make the difference between. Let’s reverse the gains of the Grand Plan.

Now, since there are signs of deterioration of power within the regime circle, some of the power holders are scheming to take over from the frail Mugabe so they have become arrogant and that is why they bravely held a bash in Matopo thinking that action will sway Mthwakazis perceptions in favour of Mugabe and his Zanu PF.
The Zanu PF arrogance, as sign of power they have, and also displaying a state of triviality to the habits in which they use to manipulate the peoples of Mthwakazi, is a sign that this power believes itself as invincible. It has become heartless, ruthless and dangerous as they can repeat what they did to the Mthwakazi peoples in the 80s. 

It is obvious that a sign displayed by Zanu PF, which is, visible installed abominable domination, comes from its arrogance in showing its power amid opposing voices. They no longer hear anyone, but themselves. Thats the transcendental truth that goes beyond the understanding of some people.

The Mthwakazi universal brotherhood of spirit must be inculcated in the peoples so that we understand each other, we agree to do what is right for the peoples and discard what we see as not useful.


The Mugabe birthday bash held in Matopo was a sign of arrogance by the regime. Aided by some Mthwakazi peoples, Mugabe and his people fulfilled what they had stated in their Grand Plan where they stated that everyone will accept the dominance of the system and reform into it.

- Source: MLF published by

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