MLF rubbishes MRP's participation in Zimbabwean elections

MLF rubbishes MRP's participation in Zimbabwean elections
Published: 17 February 2017 | by Chrispen Khalipha Nyoni & Dr Mpiyezwe Guduza

BY Chrispen Khalipha Nyoni, MLF Foreign Relations and Acting Spokesperson
AND Dr Mpiyesizwe Churchill Guduza, MLF Vice President

1. Introduction

Once again, the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) has been flooded by calls from different people, organisations and some leaders across the Mthwakazi political and civic spectrum, church leaders and ordinary citizenry on the MLF’s position regarding the Zimbabwean elections to be held in 2018. These enquiries have been precipitated by the recent announcement from the so-called Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) that it will take part in the Zimbabwean elections. For reasons that will become clear during this Mthwakazi Restoration Awakening Series 4, we have decided to appropriately rename the so-called MRP as the Zimbabwe Republic Party (ZRP).  

2. The Zimbabwe Elections of 2018 

The position of Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) is that the elections due to be held in 2018 in Zimbabwe are for Zimbabweans. There is virtually no reason in a million years why the MLF would participate in the elections of Zimbabwe, an alien country or any other country for that matter.

Our view is simply that you cannot allow a situation in which an outsider comes into your house, brutalizes you with your children, then rapes your children, takes over your entire household and property and then say you must vote for me. That is crazy. A rapist is simply that, a rapist. There can never be any justification for a rapist to continue living in your own house and raping your wife and children whilst you clap your hands, ululate and justify that inhuman savageness with a vote. 

3. The MLF Values

The MLF stands for the RESTORATION of our country MTHWAKAZI which was brutally attacked and annexed in an unprovoked attack by Britain in 1893. It is important to remind the reader that as a matter of fact, King Lobengula did everything in his power to avoid the war, which had been planned by the British in conjunction with Shona batsman over a period of many years. King Lobengula had done so informed by the intelligence that he had gathered about the composition the invading forces which was backed up or supported by far superior weapons of death. You are kindly encouraged to read the upcoming Jonathan Maphenduka’s second book, ‘The Tragedy of the Rule by Conquest: Britain’s Scotched Earth Policy of Extermination and War of Attrition against Mthwakazi (1893-1923)’

It follows therefore that the baton for the continuation of this scotched earth policy and war of attrition against Mthwakazi was passed on to Zimbabwe, a proxy of Britain since 1980, and thus we have seen what Zimbabwe has done to Mthwakazi through genocide, ethnic cleansing, rapes, disappearances, torture, brutal dismemberment of countless compatriots and recently witnessed at Nyathi, severe beatings of our people and many unrecorded atrocities. How then can Mthwakazi Liberation Front, the only Mthwakazi People’s Front participate in the scotched earth elections of Zimbabwe. Never in a million years. That will simply not happen.
It is in terms of the above that any movement that uses the name MTHWAKAZI for its organizational identity, if at all such an organization is a genuine one and not a fake one like the MRP (aka) ZRP, must respect the historical traditions, culture, ethnical identities and values that constitute Mthwakazi as a separate entity from the Shona batsman of Zimbabwe. It is treasonous for anybody to play around with the concept of Mthwakazi. 

Could it be acceptable for Robert Gabriel Mugabe to go to the historically revered Njelele to pray for more scotched earth powers of subjugating Mthwakazi? Of course, not at any time in the permanent future, not even in the not distant future of a million years. The word, concept, philosophy, history, and identity of Mthwakazi must be revered by all the true Mthwakazians. It must be respected and used properly. It must not be used as a tool to simply accelerate the Rule by Conquest agenda, including that of its proxy, Zimbabwe in pursuit of unashamedly personal interests defined by greed and corruption at the expense of the entire peoples of Mthwakazi.    

4. The Failed Leadership of Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo

It is common and undisputed historical knowledge that Mthwakazi and Mashonaland were separate countries. They existed differently from each other. Never were there elections that included the Mthwakazi peoples to have her bungled together with Mashonaland in the 1920s. The decision was done by the instruments of the colonizer. Understanding of this brief reality is where the leadership of Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo should have begun its formative years. But it did not! Instead it emerged away from the historical context with an alien paradigm shift and focus.

Authoritative information is that, in 1979, the leader of Zapu, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo was advised by Chief Khayisa Ndiweni to take over the reins of Mthwakazi only, and let Mugabe and his crew to get their side. We have learned that Dr Nkomo refused that offer out rightly and instead accused Chief Khayisa Ndiweni of being a puppet. A puppet, really, when Chief Khayisa Ndiweni had come up with a solution to the Rule by Conquest in Mthwakazi! 

The refusal by Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo on grounds for the pursuit of an alien nationalism that was nowhere located on the historiography and world location of Mthwakazi surpassed any of the Shakespearean tragedies. It had no historical basis and reasoning, neither did it have any emotional justification. That decision by Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo heralded the beginning of an episode bereft and not characterized by any real identity of the people in Mthwakazi, who were made to believe in a platonic existence which had never been home to any human species since the advent of mankind on this earth. It was a decision that would accelerate and deepen the Mthwakazi tragedy in ways reminiscent to the slaughter of the Jews by Hitler’s SS extermination brigades. 

Unfortunately, analyzing and understanding history is not for the faint hearted. It was after all Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo who chose to lead his people to a nonexistent platonic utopia. He remains responsible for the decisions he took throughout his tenure of leadership, whose consequences are not only in   countless numbers of graves, but also the completion of the implementation of the Grand Plan throughout Mthwakazi country. We are aware that some of us do not want the truth told. Who knows it may be that we did not lose any of our loved ones during the entire struggle period, and worse still, it may be that we never lost anyone throughout Mugabe’s 36 years of brutality, genocide and ethnic cleansing, rapes, and better still, it may be that we have been and continue to be beneficiaries of the extermination order against the people of Mthwakazi that Nkomo helped create. 

Understanding history has nothing to do with taboos, or a beauty contest and useless slogans; it is about interpreting history as it is in order to draw lessons from it that will decisively change our tragic circumstances towards the acceleration of the Restoration of Mthwakazi Agenda. We are therefore not deterred by such noises. How can we be, when we are scattered all over the world like aimless rats, at the mercy of those who can quickly deal with us with rat poisoning. This is a direct consequence of Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo’s lack of credentials and stamina to prosecute the struggle for the liberation of Mthwakazi. Instead he devoted his charismatic prowess to lure the people of Mthwakazi to a never-ending death hole of an alien country that had never existed on this planet. 

It will be remembered that the Shona intellectuals that led Nkomo astray to this alien ideology were not from the same mother and father as he was. They were strangers before they became friends and political actors. It is common knowledge that even siblings of the same biological make up do tend to disagree amongst themselves on several simple and complex issues. What is puzzling however about Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo is his failure to accede or take advice from a likewise leader, Chief Khayisa Ndiweni who came from the same biological make up of Mthwakazi, but instead blindly relied on advice from aliens, people who had no common and historical interests with the origins and indeed annexation of the state of Mthwakazi. It was this reliance on alien utopian culture that would permanently blind Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo throughout his leadership tenure.

Leading people in times of war and death requires astute assertiveness to the advice of your own. It also requires an understanding of the different ethnical identities as there is bound to be conflict one way or the other regarding the question of accessing resources necessary for human survival as well as territorial dominance and supremacy. This conflict is natural, it happens even in the world of animals, and various other such species. Human beings also quarrel over love and this conflict can result in murder. Bird watchers would tell you what makes birds fight. 

All sorts of animals will fight over many things including the right to pass on their genes. Male lions will kill cubs that are not theirs to ensure the continuation of their own genes. If bees fall in love and can fight, what made Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo believe in the aliens and their philosophy about Zimbabwe? Why was he so hell-bent in rejecting Chief Khayisa Ndiweni’s advice? Why, was he only prepared to listen to advice from aliens? How many people advised Nkomo about the Mthwakazi question only to be ridiculed by the same worthless uninformed and without any basis answer eyokuthi UMDALA uyazi? It is for these reasons that Nkomo must take full responsibility and accountability even in death for having led the people of Mthwakazi to sacrifice so much for an alien idea.

Songs were written and sung in praise of Dr Nkomo; he was revered all over the political spectrum in Mthwakazi and he could do no wrong as he was so idolized. Even when he disarmed his own forces he was revered as a Pope who knew what was best for the Christian spiritual folk. Nkomo disarmed his forces knowing fully well what Mugabe was planning for them, yet he proceeded to do that; this despite the many skirmishes that had already taken place from Entumbane and across right to Chitungwidza between Zipra and Zanla forces. Both these forces had been since their formation, long before independence, been characterized by continued conflict, yet Nkomo proceeded to disarm his forces whilst Mugabe’s forces were not disarming. Before this disarmament, we still had tools with which to defend ourselves. After disarmament, we were left naked! Why would Nkomo take such a horrible decision? Must we clap hands and say he was right simply because ngumdala wethu? Of, course not. Nkomo needs to be understood not as messiah, but a human being like any other who lacked killer instinct leadership qualities.

The consequences of Nkomo’s failed leadership are not only evidenced by the thousands of graves littered across the region from Mthwakazi right up to Angola, but can be seen in the form of millions of Mthwakazians who fled their country Mthwakazi for basic survival all over the world, since the alien independence of Zimbabwe to: South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, and elsewhere within the region, as well in Europe, America and various other destinations outside Africa. These consequences also vividly demonstrate that Nkomo relied heavily on aliens instead of his own kith and kin of the Mthwakazi biological socio-economic, political and cultural structure for leadership advice and guidance. It is this kind of reliance that the MLF will never ever be associated with, unlike the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) which has already pronounced that it will be participating in the alien election process on the instructions of its funders and supporters. 

Leadership is not a simple walk in the park, it is about setting direction, motivation, inspiration and leading, paying attention always to the safety and survival of those being led. Leadership is not about emotions and downtrodden blindness; it involves responsibility and accountability to the thousands of lives at stake. Therefore, we in the MLF are not blindly preaching about war. We cannot at any time play around with the lives of the people of Mthwakazi. The people of Mthwakazi have gone through hell directly because of Nkomo’s failed leadership which was decidedly determined by the quest of appeasing his alien Shona intellectuals at the expense of the uneducated leadership of Mthwakazi. Therefore, we in the MLF have refused to be blinded by appeasement paths.

5. What is Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP)?

We now turn to interrogate the recent announcement by the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) that they will be participating in the Zimbabwe elections. To do this and to understand the thrust of their leadership as it directly impacts the people of Mthwakazi, we begin by posing the following questions:

Why is the so-called MRP aka ZRP fooling NOT Zimbabweans but MTHWAKAZIANS into thinking that by voting in wretched Zimbabwe Mthwakazi would be restored?

What is it that these kindergarten kids seek to achieve by dragging Mthwakazians into believing that Mthwakazi can be handed on a platter through the plebiscite of Zimbabwe?

Exactly when are these kindergarten kids going to stop being used by Zanu PF to confuse the people of Mthwakazi? And, exactly when will they stop this psychological scotched earth policy of deception?

If the charismatic Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, could not achieve NOT the freedom of Mthwakazi, BUT of his own ZIMBABWE, through the vote, what do these kindergarten kids think they can achieve by dragging the name MTHWAKAZI into the mud?

These are but just a few questions that arise. Taking part in the Zimbabwean elections represents a fundamental contradiction to the MAJOR TENETS of the RESTORATION OF Mthwakazi. Understanding what the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) is all about should not be difficult. It is a kindergarten political party that was formed by those who continue to subjugate Mthwakazi for the purposes of diluting and confusing the restoration agenda.

We have known for a considerable period what Frantz Fanon calls the ‘wretched’ of Mthwakazi. The fact that they entered the restoration discourse only to lead it astray should not require a rocket scientist to understand their modus operandi. We have said it before that these kindergarten kids had a purpose of confusing the people of Mthwakazi from inception.

We in the MLF did point out that historically Mthwakazi was never a Republic but a Kingdom. How then do these kindergarten kids create something new called a Republic and proceed to identify their organization as Mthwakazi Republic Party? They did this just as Zapu did under the leadership of Nkomo to lead people into something that was never there in the first place. Just like people of Mthwakazi origin who sacrificed so much for a Shona idea, philosophy and concept called Zimbabwe, these kindergarten kids are also hell-bent in leading and confusing people of Mthwakazi origin that there is something called Mthwakazi Republic that can be achieved through an election, not in Mthwakazi, but in a country called Zimbabwe.

Of course, only downtrodden fools will believe in this idea, that Mthwakazi can be achieved through a vote from another country called Zimbabwe. We in the MLF have equated the so-called MRP aka ZRP as “hairy hands without fingerprints” that are coming from behind and playing mind games with the Mthwakazi peoples. 

What the so-called MRP aka ZRP should be doing is to tell the people “on the ground” to begin a campaign of totally rejecting and outlawing the occupation of Mthwakazi by the Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF regime, instead of collaborating and legitimizing it. After being disposed of your house, belongings and having watched all in your family being brutalized and raped by occupiers, you don’t vote to be liberated.

Even Nkomo’s Zapu and Mugabe’s Zanu never participated in any of the Rhodesian elections simply because both these parties were fighting for the liberation of a country called Zimbabwe. How then is it possible that a genuine Mthwakazi movement fighting for the RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI can participate in an alien election? 

One can hardly unite the two contradictions. When your household is overwhelmed by the brutality of the occupier who then subjugates you by killing your children, raping your children, taking everything you own, including the land, its resources and imposing his will over everything else that defines you, your language, culture and so on, can it ever be that easy that playing by his rules of an election you can overcome such brutal subjugation? Of course, not, only pathological liars and perhaps agents hell-bent to destroy the Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda will believe in such a confused idea.

Once you are overwhelmed by an occupier there is virtually no way in which you can win in any kind of game in which the occupier is the designer of such a game, player of such a game and indeed referee of such a game. Put differently, there is absolutely no way in hell that the Zanu PF regime, the regime that is responsible for the continuation of the perpetuation of the scotched earth policy against the people of Mthwakazi, can organize, fund, prepare, design, run, and control the election process only to promote the wishes of kindergarten kids such as the so-called MRP aka ZRP. No way in hell would such a scenario materialize, it simply will never happen, even delusional people would not buy into such a crazy idea even in the world of crazy people alone. 

6. Contradictions and Hypocrisy of the so-called MRP aka ZRP

In the recent past, the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) was on the rampage, attacking the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) saying that it was not working. Why? Because the MRP (aka ZRP) stated that, it had been involved in chasing away Shona teachers from two schools, one in Plumtree and the other in Lupane.

It is important to note though that even as they claimed what they termed significant victories, they the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) had bypassed several schools with Shona teachers from where their journey (namely in Bulawayo) had started. As a matter of fact, it is not the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) that had initiated the noise against the Shona teachers in those two schools it was the local villagers themselves, the parents of the children attending those two schools. But because, the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) had not initiated anything from a clean slate, it decided that its modus operandi would be to hijack programmes and even noises initiated by others. 

This rampaging and confused determinism by the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) had intended to hoodwink the people of Mthwakazi into believing that they were doing something tangible on the ground by expelling Shona teachers. Yet there is not a single teacher that they managed to drive out from Mthwakazi, let alone from those two schools in Plumtree and Lupane. But how could they manage to drive out even a single teacher from any school? Would this really be possible when those schools are under the most brutal occupation ever witnessed anywhere in the world, including even under the apartheid regime? Of course, not, they were simply hallucinating, and perhaps succeeded in hoodwinking the very weak and extremely feeble in human understanding.

The very teachers that they claimed to be against were deployed by the occupying Zanu PF regime for the purposes of accomplishing the evil machinations of the Grand Plan, which today is virtually complete by way of successful and impactful implementation. Put differently these teachers were deployed in accordance to the Zanu PF rules, the very same rules that the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) now states it will observe to participate in a Zimbabwe election. What hypocrisy! This time, contrary to the saying, they cannot have their cake and it, we are saying let them eat their cake and swallow their poison chalice. 

We in the MLF had always argued that you cannot say by making noises against the incidence of Shona teachers in one or two schools, therefore you are pursuing a Mthwakazi agenda. That is the stupid thinking at its worst to say the least. What about all the Shonas employed in the whole of MTHWWAKAZI within the service sector, making tea, cleaning offices, buildings, streets and so on, the security guards (omantshingelane), those selling air time, those working as prosecutors, magistrates, judges and so on, those occupying all the houses in our cities, those manning the graveyards, those working in supermarkets, those owning those supermarkets and shops, those in the transport industry (in taxis and buses as owners, drivers, conductors and owinti) those within the electricity supply and all economic sectors of our cities, those hell-bent in causing more psychological trauma through the evangelist churches that have spread like bush fire, and the list goes on, and on, and on? 

This brings us to ask even more questions about the so-called MRP (aka ZRP), like, ‘Who created this evil monster called the MRP? Why is the so-called MRP (aka) ZRP determined to hoodwink and lead astray the people of Mthwakazi? Why has the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) not interrogated the true historiography of Mthwakazi and therefore its RESTORATION AGENDA? Is it fair to say the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) will be pulling you to the very system that created them? RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI is not and must never be used to confuse the people of Mthwakazi. 

In the past two months or so, the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) called a meeting in Johannesburg of what they called political formations of Mthwakazi. In attendance, there was a fellow by the name of David Magagula who was expelled from the MLF. Yet despite knowing that, the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) pronounced that its meeting was attended by representatives of the MLF. They lied deliberately to confuse the people of Mthwakazi into believing that the MLF could attend their meetings. They are just pathological liars. The fact remains that David Magagula was long expelled from the MLF and he will never be a member of this giant organization ever again. The purpose of their meeting per the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) was to create an alliance that would fight for the restoration agenda.

They called that alliance Mosi Wa Tunya. Yet even before the ink has dried up on the document that they signed with Magagula and others, the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) wasted no time to show its true colours by announcing that it will be participating in the Zimbabwe election. There is a saying that birds of the same feathers flock together which remains true even in this analogy, namely that the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) belongs together with Magagula. Abala ngqondo noma bethengisa, ngoba vele abathengisi abala ngqondo ngoba bethengisa isizwe sonke sika Mthwakazi. This is basically the main reason why the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) refused to sign the CHITAWA DECLARATION which compelled all to adhere to the true MTHWAKAZI RESTORATION AGENDA. 

The so-called MRP (aka ZRP) did not sign the CHITAWA DECLARATION because it knew fully well that it was a front of Zanu PF and that it would be uncovered as we wasted no time in doing exactly that. This is the core reason why it then went on to create something called Mosi Wa Tunya with the likes of expelled Magagula, so that it would then report back to Zanu PF that it had succeeded in pulling Mthwakazi groups away from the RESTORATION AGENDA, and reintegrating such groups back to the politics of the Ruled by Conquest by participating in the Zimbabwe elections.

This for the main reason that once they participate in the Zimbabwe election and lose, then Mugabe’s Zanu PF will use that ELECTION RESULT as a weapon of further brutalizing and raping the people of Mthwakazi. We know that the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) will get at most two (2) votes if they are lucky. Paul Siwela, Agrippa Madlela, Conti Mhlanga, Mnqondobanzi Magonya and a few others all got a maximum average of two (2) votes when they stood for Zapu 2000 in the year 2000. These were indeed giants of politics under Zapu 2000 and they had mobilized extensively filling up halls everywhere in the townships of the cities of Mthwakazi, but that is what they got. Not that these giants were campaigning for the RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI, they thought Zapu 2000 would be a justifiable appropriate vehicle that would take them to that Restoration Agenda. There is absolutely no question that these individuals continue to aspire in their on individual ways for the restoration of Mthwakazi. 

The single seismic difference of earthquake proportions is that Mugabe and his cohorts will seize on the election defeat of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) as a major weapon of reversing the gains of the Restoration Agenda. They will simply tell the people of Mthwakazi that your so-called MRP (aka ZRP) lost in a democratic election, why because ‘it was promoting tribalism and the people of Zimbabwe have spoken, they voted against tribalism of Mthwakazi, they voted for democracy, they voted for their father Robert Mugabe, they voted for their spiritual grandmother Nehanda’ and all that nonsense.

After that result, it will be very difficult to organize and mobilise the people of Mthwakazi again, because many of them will believe in the Zanu PF propaganda that the RESTORATION AGENDA FOR MTHWAKAZI was rejected at the polls by the people themselves. Just as to today when one mobilises, the very people who have been raped by Shonas, brutalized by Shonas, exterminated by Shonas, buried alive in mass graves and shallow pits by Shonas, made to watch their infants being axed to death by Shonas, will tell you that ‘you are a tribalist’ whenever you talk to them about what needs to be done.

Clearly therefore the people of Mthwakazi must pay a massive price when Zanu PF’s surrogate party, the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) gets two votes. Who knows maybe by that time the leadership of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) will have been rewarded with a car each from those thrown away by Japan. Just like Mzila who wants to be taken back to a Zimbabwe parliament through his ANSWER party, the leadership of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) can only be given certain perks by the regime for a job well done, but noma ilanga lingaphuma entshonalanga, they will never garner more than two votes each. Therefore bahambe rongo if they thought ukuthi nabo bazaba ngama members of parliament eye Zimbabwe so that bethole ukuhamba ngazo leziya old Mercedes Benz ezabo late Nkala.

Akukhathalekile what they do, the leadership of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) will never qualify as full members of Zimbabwe. Joshua Nkomo did not qualify despite spending all his life for the liberation of Zimbabwe. Countless numbers of others still do not qualify. U Dabengwa even after he had been forcefully fed with amathambo ezinja with the post of Home Affairs following his release from Prison, still did not qualify to be a Zimbabwean. There are numerous others such as Mpoko, Jonathan Moyo, Obed Mpofu and so forth, despite the irreversible damage they have caused to the people of Mthwakazi, they still do not qualify to be full Zimbabweans. In a nutshell, all of them do not qualify to be even fifth class citizens of Zimbabwe. 

What therefore makes these guys oMqondisi and his friends think that by selling out the struggle for Mthwakazi they will fare better than all the rest of abantu bakithi from Joshua Nkomo downwards. Not even in death have these people qualified to be Zimbabweans. It would be understandable if these guys in the leadership of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) went to work in the farms of the Shonas, kumbe baya gezisa izalukazi lamakhehla amashona ezibhedlela zabo, and at other such places on their own, that is if they could qualify for such positions in the first place, instead of wanting to take many of us to the death chambers of Zimbabwe. 

They must be ashamed of themselves. Exactly when will shame visit their conscience? Is the blood that has been shed by the people of Mthwakazi for virtually nothing even under Joshua Nkomo’s Zapu not enough? Why are these guys hell-bent on confusing the people of Mthwakazi? Is this the reason why rather than call themselves  Zimbabwe Republic Party they identified themselves as Mthwakazi Republic Party (something that is not even in the history of Mthwakazi) simply to confuse the people of Mthwakazi. So, they are truly wolves in sheep’s’ clothing indeed.

We have stated before ukuthi omafika izolo bayakhathaza. These boys wanted to hijack the Restoration Agenda only for them to participate in the Zimbabwe election. Shame on them! To add salt to injury, they have really come out with the reasons which explain their behavior and modus operandi. Apparently, they are working for someone whom they are not naming yet. This came as they justified their stance to participate in the Zimbabwe elections.

They said ‘their sponsors and funders’ are the ones who instructed them to participate in the Zimbabwe election, to test ‘their support’. What a crap. Yet at the same time revealing, that they are working for some faceless people. But who are these funders and sponsors of MRP apart from Zanu PF and its multitude of supporters all over the world, especially delusional people who think they are Mthwakazians when in fact they are Zimbabwean at heart and soul. Is it not fair therefore to assume that some of their faceless funders are the cream of the Grand Plan intelligentsia – the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) and various other Zimbabwean state apparatuses?

The so-called MRP (aka ZRP) even made a very sick joke by saying that they were being instructed to participate in the Zimbabwe elections by Mthwakazi business men. What a crap. Who are these Mthwakazi business men that we in the MLF do not know about? Pathological liars and sycophants, including serial killers will go to whatever extent to lure their victims before raping, killing and burying them is shallow graves or simply leave the corpses rotting wherever they dumped them. There are no Mthwakazi business men yet. You may have sympathizers at heart, and not doers.

We are aware of a number of business men all whom originate from Mthwakazi whose only contribution is to laugh at us saying ‘ayikho into elingayenza emaShoneni, banengi abantu laba, njalo into okuthiwa ngu Mthwakazi angeke lize liwuthole noma nini la nini. These are the same business men who will go to the Johannesburg Airport to meet Shona politicians such as Swangirayi, Matambara and others even before the flight had departed Harare. On arrival, they would then drive these Shona politicians in their very expensive cars and book them in hotels in Sandton, Rosebank, Melrose Arc, and other such posh areas of Johannesburg. 

If they were meetings around the country in places such as Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and so forth, these same business men will foot the bill for their Shona masters. Are these the same business people that these guys of so-called MRP (aka ZRP) are referring to as businessmen who gave them instructions to participate in the Zimbabwean election? If indeed they are, then it proves our case as MLF that the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) is nothing but a front of the Zanu PF regime. 
Participating in an election based on instructions from sponsors and funders is not different from undertaking research, an investigation or indeed a Commission of Enquiry on behalf of any organization or government department. Now for any of these investigations or enquiries to take place, there is a framework that is followed which is known as the ‘Terms of Reference’. What therefore are the ‘Terms of Reference’ of these funders and sponsors of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP)? We want to know. It is extremely important that the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) spell out these Terms of Reference from their funders and sponsors to the people of Mthwakazi before they participate in an election. 

The people of Mthwakazi should not be dragged into an election of falsehoods hidden under the Mthwakazi Agenda, when in effect these guys of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) are hell-bent on instilling more confusion in the minds of our people. The people of Mthwakazi also want to know who these funders and sponsors are, before making up their minds to participate in an alien election of Zimbabwe. What if these faceless funders and sponsors are in actual effect members of the Zanu PF politburo, such as Jonathan Moyo, Obed Mpofu, Simon Khaya Moyo, and such other evil characters who want to perpetuate the rule by conquest in Mthwakazi as they have been key beneficiaries of it? 

Fundamentally, what kind of a restoration movement is the so-called MRP if it takes instructions from its funders and sponsors? So, their lies have been exposed by none other than themselves, because they have in effect confessed that somebody is pulling strings behind their backs, and that they are nothing but puppets of certain people and organizations who hide behind their veil. 

7. Originality of the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF)

What makes the MLF original is simple this, that it was born out of the recognition of the historic occupation and suffering of the people of Mthwakazi since its annexation from Britain in 1893 until this very day. Unlike the so-called MRP (aka ZRP), the MLF is not a proxy of any faceless organization. We do not take instructions from anyone; we take instructions from the historic tragedy of the people of Mthwakazi. Our philosophical ideas, strategies and programmes are driven by our experiences under the brutal occupation since 1893 until this date. We have no boss to report to. We have no funders or sponsors. 

We in the MLF are who we are, simple, and do not expect anything from sell outs and would be pretenders. We are unlikely to be deviated because we are not driven by funders or sponsors. Our boss, and ultimate authority, is the achievement of Mthwakazi, its restoration, the restoration of its sovereignty, including the restoration of its natural and economic resources. That is our final accounting office and not to any faceless people and organizations (masked as so-called ‘Mthwakazi businessmen’), who in actual effect are members of Zanu PF and its cohorts and henchmen.

As the MLF, we will not shift our historic mission of liberating Mthwakazi at the spark of light and or some misguided advice because we do not want to confuse the people who already have been confused by Britain and its proxy Zanu PF and the other parties that have a Zimbabwean outlook. The people of Mthwakazi are tired of political parties who arm-twist them every time a Zanu PF election is on the horizon; they therefore need relief, not more of the same psychological trauma and torture.

We in the MLF are aware that the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) was formed by its funders and sponsors with the sole aim of destroying the MLF. No sooner were they in the political discourse that they began saying unashamedly that the MLF was not working; that ‘the MLF was not on the ground; that the MLF was sitting is South Africa and that the MLF that and that’. Ngesindebele abafana laba kuthiwa ngo NJWATI if you get what we mean by that.

Sadly, because certain sections of our people who are either not sufficiently grilled or simply lazy to understand what the Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda is all about, began believing the pathological lies of these Zanu PF kindergarten kids. We were told that in certain European centers some people had been hoodwinked into believing in these pathological lies, such that these people had undertaken to fund raise for these Zanu PF fraudsters masquerading as a Mthwakazi organization. But what happened to that so-called fund raising – a definite ZERO. They forgot that some of us within MLF know fully well what survival in certain centers of Europe entails. 

For most people of Mthwakazi who must work two or three jobs at times as cleaners or caring for the elderly every single day in various homes for such people in those countries, it is never easy parting with a dime. It should be remembered that most all those in Europe (people from Mthwakazi and various other nationalities from Africa) can only do jobs that are perceived as dirty by the real citizens of those countries. Therefore, all this hullaballoo about fundraising in those cities was simply balloon talk, empty as expected.

It should also be borne in mind that, for political startups, the noise done on WhatsApp and Facebook social media platforms is aimed at hoodwinking those without understanding of the never-ending quest for the restoration of Mthwakazi, into participating in the Zimbabwean elections. As always is the case with starters, they get excited and outgrow their egos. Zanu PF is a canning regime which plots deeply to strike and deflate the overgrown political egos. 

When the Zanu PF regime strikes, the region and the international community is most of the time thrown into disarray. It’s amateurish to think aloud, plan aloud, and talk too much without a decisive plan of breaking the chains of occupation. There is this assertion that because so much noise is made on the social media, therefore such noise adds up to support on the ground. We in the MLF do not believe in that as this assertion has never been empirically tested on the ground. What we know without any shadow of doubt is that most of this noise represents nothing tangible but useless hot air. It is not different from the methodology of certain armchair slave dealers in the centers of Europe who would measure a nose of an African slave long before that slave was had arrived and sold in European slave markets. In all cases these noses of African slaves were proved to be of human beings and not of animals.

It is for the comparative discourse outline above that the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) will discover that counting on all their social media political fans is an exercise in oblivion. As a matter of fact, all these fans are not on the Zanu PF Voters Roll and such there is virtually no way that these fans will go to Zimbabwe and vote for these o-called MRP (aka ZRP) for them to gauge the support on the ground that they may have. It is simply a futile exercise aimed at deepening the rot and brutality of the occupation of the people of Mthwakazi.  It is for these foregoing reasons that we in the MLF do not entirely depend on emotive politics. Of course, we do entertain emotional politics to a certain extent, but absolutely on the grounds of the realities of the struggle against the occupation of Mthwakazi. 

This therefore brings us to the real funders and sponsors of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) which are none other than the Zanu PF regime. We in the MLF will never (not now nor in the permanent future) contradict the broad objectives of our liberation front by pitying them against the Zimbabwean elections; elections that are conducted by a proxy of Britain responsible for the annexation of our country. That would be exposing the liberation front of the people of Mthwakazi in an irrational confusion; and playing into the hands of the enemy who is continuously craving to wipe out any attempt by anyone who dares call for the RESTORATION AGENDA.  All those parties that believe in the current status quo and are due to participate in the Zimbabwe elections will render the RESTORATION AGENDA as having been rejected by the entire Mthwakazi population. That will be the greatest betrayal comparable to that of the biblical Judas Iscariot to Jesus Christ.

8. Political parties that will be contesting the Zimbabwe elections

More than ten (10) political parties all with a base or office in the historic areas of Mthwakazi will be contesting the Zimbabwe elections. These parties range as follows; MDC-T, MDC led by Prof Welshman Ncube, Dumiso Dabegwa’s Zapu, PDP, Moses Mzila’s ANSA, MNP, MRP, ZENZELE MTHWAKAZI, Canaan Banana’s son’s party [we have forgotten the name] and some that appear just before the election only to disappear immediately after the elections, and there is of course the Zanu PF of Robert Mugabe. More than ten political parties scrambling for votes in Mthwakazi! 

The parliamentary seats that are allocated to the areas of Mthwakazi by Zanu PF are only 38 currently. This means that the votes in Mthwakazi will be split amongst the more than ten political parties mentioned above. In the last Zimbabwean, general elections, the MDC of Prof Welshman (the proponents of devolution), put a spirited attempt in wooing the peoples of Mthwakazi to vote as Zimbabweans. Prof Welshman went to the extent of partaking in the painting of schools as a gesture of telling the peoples what his party would do when they had won the elections. He became a guest to some homes in Mthwakazi, sleeping in their homes. 

Prof Welsh got only about 96 000 votes. They currently have a few MPs in the Zimbabwean Parliament of Mugabe’s Zanu PF. Those MPs have not changed anything in as far as Zanu PF’s Zimbabwe is concerned. So how on earth would the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) (even if it were miraculously awarded by the almighty with a single seat) pull salvos that will lead to RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI in a Zimbabwe parliament? That’s day dreaming with eyes opened! It is easier said than done. 

It is treasonous to lead people astray posing as a Good Samaritan, when in fact the people of Mthwakazi are further entrenched into hell. That is what being a Mthwakazian under that regime feels like. It is simple hell. There will never be any instance in which the Zimbabwean parliament is turned into a debating zone for Mthwakazi. The so-called restoration agenda of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) is akin to South Africa’s Pastor Mboro, who claims that he often visits God in Heaven and dines with Him there. If you believe that, then unfortunately you are in need of serious help and psychological intervention and redirection.

The business of the Zimbabwe Parliament is to advance the Zimbabwean Zanu PF’s agenda, and nothing else. It will never in hell stop doing its business only to attend to what any other political formation, especially those such as Moses Mzila and his Answer party and the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) want to put on the table. Surely abafana laba abadeleli, baqala phansi. Dabengwa’s ZAPU also tried hard to persuade the villagers and township populations, but that did not help as they garnered about only about 25 000 votes in the last election. 

What is noteworthy, however regarding these political parties such as both formations of the MDC, especially of the MDC Prof Welshman, and Dumiso Dabegwa’s Zapu is that they have never shied away from advancing the philosophy of Zimbabwe. At no time, have they ever deceived their followers into believing that they were campaigning for the Restoration of Mthwakazi. They have remained true to their beliefs of being Zimbabweans. 

It is for that reason that we in the MLF respect such political parties for the beliefs they hold as they have never attempted to mislead the people of Mthwakazi into believing that they were a RESTORATIONIST MOVEMENT. It must be noted however that we similarly hold them responsible for the psychological genocide that they have continued to inflict on the people of Mthwakazi, through concerted doses of poisons aimed at perpetually keeping them in bondage through an alien identity system and entity (Zimbabwe) engineered by Shona intellectuals. 

It must be recognized that both Prof Welshman and Dr Dabengwa were neither present nor participants when this alien identify called Zimbabwe was created, yet they have assimilated into it as if they were the founding fathers of this crazy concept. Just like those who believe that Pastor Mboro of South Africa dines with God in heaven, both these individuals (Prof Welshman and Dr Dabengwa) have been responsible for confusing the people of Mthwakazi into believing that they are Zimbabweans, a concept and identity that never existed even during the time of the spiritual grandmother of the Shona people, Nehanda. What a waste of intellectual, human and material resources, not only from the blindness of both Welshman and Dabengwa, but of all the victims who have been blinded by their political programmes. You need only imagine where we would be had these BLIND GIANTS, THE SO-CALLED ZIMBABWEANS ESPECIALLY IN THE PERSONS OF WELSHMAN AND DABENGWA HAD THEY OPENED THEIR EYES TO THE HISTORICAL INEVITABILITY OF THE STATE OF MTHWAKAZI. 

What is also fundamentally misleading is for some political parties to want to use the elections as a REFERENDUM to gauge the popularity of the RESTORATION AGENDA. Really? This is mischievous and is a telling example about such political organisations. Do they really know how a referendum should be conducted or they are talking the language of the master who is seated somewhere, salivating at how best his/her thesis will succeed? Statements of this nature which uses legitimate but extremely difficult, yet straightforward issues such as the RESTORATION AGENDA, fail to prepare for the population for the post-election name calling that inevitably takes place.

A referendum is something totally different from what they think. It cannot be done that way. As a matter of fact, a referendum will require a whole new set of questions and a workable framework that would be SMART (that is, specific, measurable, authoritative, reliable and timely). As things stand in the entire Mthwakazi country a referendum would never achieve anything as those participating in it will be Shona people. It is important to note that implementation of the Zanu PF Grand Plan is now complete throughout Mthwakazi country. What all these political parties, including the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) represent is an extension of the very system that we want to exit from. Their combined story is a telling and sinister example of not only extending but deepening the Mthwakazi tragedy.
As far as the MLF is concerned, it is now clear that the formation of a bogus collective code named AMOT, was to be used as a spring board to draw wide attention that would supposedly attract the sought-after donor funding supposedly for electioneering in the Zanu PF Zimbabwean elections. That practice is a well-known phenomenon in Zimbabwe during elections where so-called donors show sympathy to a political party by pouring monies. Half the time donor funds are misused. It is a chance for some politicians to be seen driving 4 by 4s that will remain in their hands once the elections have passed. Again, it is a known fact that donor funds come with strings attached. It is in terms of the foregoing that we have reliably learnt that the existence of AMOT is one of the pull factors and motivations for the participation of the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) in the elections of Zimbabwe. 

9. Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) in Perspective 

The MLF shall continue to exercise alertness as we move forward. The FRONT’s political style is not that of aiming to increase the political influence at any price, or seizing every opportunity and any opportunity to extend its political influence, whenever the Zimbabwean regime presents its programs. The MLF is not a political party but it is a liberation movement whose existence is solidly behind the complete RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI.

The MLF will strive to win people and usher them over to a principled position and improve their political understanding of the reasons why RESTORATION is the solution to the survival of Mthwakazi peoples. The MLF will do it the MTHWAKAZI way. In essence, the short-term gains by opportunistic players in the political field, normally lead to long term pain reminiscent of what we are facing now in the country called Zimbabwe, because some political actors failed to act decisively on matters that will have ushered Mthwakazi into freedom. That is why the FRONT will support well calculated strategies that transform the present status quo to what the Mthwakazi peoples want, which is total separation from Zimbabwe.

Political integrity demands an appropriate combination of principled positions and political flexibility that produces a morally consistent behavior in specific circumstances even if the lure of some action is perceived to be good by some political actors who seek narrow political gains. That is why as part of the basics, a well-meaning movement will ensure that the right things are done for the right reasons and not giving credence to machinations of evil.
The unreal thinking that lies at the root of what can be called a dangerous excitement spasm of carelessness in decision making is falling to the trap of the system that seeks to put the Mthwakazi nation out of existence by any means. This is what exactly happens all the time there is an election in Zimbabwe. The MLF regards such elections as a mock exercise designed to delude the people of Mthwakazi into thinking that something is done for their emancipation, when in fact everything is about deepening the tragedy. 

As the MLF, we can state categorically that all these political organizations, including the new kid on the block, the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) deliberately cause some commotion or scenes that provoke the people of Mthwakazi by engaging in half backed decisions in support of Zanu PF. That is a treasonous crime to the people of Mthwakazi. Some people and their organizations will go down in history as having betrayed the Mthwakazi peoples at a time when decisive and permanent change was within reach.

10. The Continuing Devastating Impact of the Matebeleland Order In Council of 18 July 1894

The first thing that we all have to understand is that the blue print of the annexation of Mthwakazi, the Matebeleland Order In Council of 18 July 1894 was never repealed by Britain. As such, the status quo remains. We are still occupied by Britain. Zimbabwe is just a proxy acting on behalf of Britain, and nothing else. Zimbabwe has no legal legitimacy and power over the people of Mthwakazi because it was never responsible for the annexation of our country. As a matter of fact, how could Zimbabwe be responsible for Mthwakazi when it was founded a mere 36 years ago in 1980?
Our state of Mthwakazi predates its occupation and annexation in 1893, and by a whopping 87 years to the founding of Zimbabwe, that is long before you even had what is known as ‘Pamberi Ne Zanu PF; Pamberi Ne Robert Mugabe and all that nonsense. As a matter of fact, our state of Mthwakazi predates even the birth of the so-called spiritual medium of the Shona people, their collective grandmother, Nehanda and other such characters and their sekuru Kaguvi. All these characters including the ruling elite in Zimbabwe have no material, spiritual and existential relevance to our country Mthwakazi. They all are aliens, period. 

This critical annexation document was never discussed even at Lancaster House during the negotiations that ushered in the independence of a country called Zimbabwe. As a matter of fact, there was no need to repeal the Matebeleland Order In Council of 18 July 1894, as what was being discussed was the creation of Zimbabwe and not MTHWAKAZI. Zimbabwe was just a new concept that had no historical significance and legitimacy hence it had no relevance to the Mthwakazi question. Besides the British as hardened criminals and colonisers knew very well that the question of Mthwakazi would one day come up, and that they would have to answer for it, hence they could not repeal that document as doing so would have not only violated historical international law principles, but would have distorted the whole question of their savageness as colonizers. 

Put differently, therefore, as part of subjugating the people of Mthwakazi they could appease them by recording history as it happened, as well as naming townships with names from the heroes of Mthwakazi, such as Mzilikazi Township (which of course will change one day to King Mzilikazi suburb), Lobengula Township, Njube, and so forth. As a matter of fact, the British unlike Zanu PF could show in their own historical accounts of conquering Mthwakazi, the formidable resistance they met at Mbembesi, Shangaan, Somabula and elsewhere against King Lobengula warriors. There is no single mention of any resistance from the Shona batsman in any of the accounts documented by the British, as the Shona capitulated without a single shot being fired.  One day we will have the opportunity of honouring our great kings by addressing anything named after them with full respect. 

What the MLF has done and continues to do is to expose the brutality of both Britain and its proxy Zimbabwe against the people of Mthwakazi to the entire world. We have done that to gain recognition from several international bodies such as the United Nations, Britain as the colonial power, the International Court of Justice, Nations without States and various other such multi and transnational organizations. We can confirm that we have made some progress albeit not major, but still some progress as we can now engage and receive responses from formidable powers that be in this world.
Unfortunately, we cannot divulge more or reveal what other strategies we are pursuing. That would be detrimental to the interests of the people of Mthwakazi and our gains could immediately be used by our enemies solely to perpetuate the status quo in Mthwakazi.

What we can reveal though without fear or favour is that our mission is not dissimilar from the strategies pursued by the ANC of South Africa during the reign of the apartheid regime. The first and most important of their strategy was to expose the brutality of apartheid to the entire world. This exposure in turn resulted in the mass mobilization not only of people within South Africa but of the entire world. Once it was clear how brutal apartheid was on the people of South Africa, no amount of military power could stand before the liberation of the people of South Africa. This is how the struggle in South Africa was won, with minimal bloodshed. There are no significant battles involving the use of deadly weapons by the African National Congress that are recorded anywhere in the historiography of South Africa. 

The apartheid regime on the other hand used whatever excessive military power at their disposal against a defenseless South African population until they could shoot and kill no more. Why, because by then the oppressed people of South Africa had mobilized massively to render the entire country ungovernable. It was therefore the power of the pen more than anything else that convinced the majority of South Africans to engage in a range of diverse resistance strategies that won the support of the international community. Apartheid could no longer be sustained by any ruling elite. It had indeed dawned to the African National Congress that it was sheer madness to try to overthrow through the barrel of the gun, an army like South Africa that had modern arsenal of weapons supplied by none other than America, Britain, Israel and other such apartheid backers at the time. 

Equally, because of the massive resistance on the streets of South Africa, the apartheid regime quickly realized that it was sheer madness to exterminate the entire South African Black population with modern arms (tanks, air bombers and the like) at its disposal. This reality ushered a negotiated settlement resulting in the creation of a truly multi- racial dispensation, which put to a permanent end the system of apartheid as it existed for generations. 

There are therefore important lessons to be learned from the struggle for a democratic dispensation in South Africa. This struggle differed greatly from the one that was prosecuted by the groups that liberated an alien country called Zimbabwe. Under the leadership of Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo’s ZAPU great sacrifices were made resulting in thousands of deaths (with some being buried by graders in Zambia) for an alien idea that had nothing to do with the restoration of Mthwakazi. All this sacrifice could not qualify those who died for this alien idea as full citizens of Zimbabwe. Only the Shona people qualified as such. The people of Mthwakazi did not, although they are singularly responsible for liberating that country, and not the Shona people, as was the resistance offered by King Lobengula’s warriors against the British in 1893.   

As the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) we are not ever going to repeat lessons of the past. Had Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo led his people on a course of liberating Mthwakazi, the people of Mthwakazi could have been long liberated from the British Rule by Conquest, to the point whereby no other state within the region or elsewhere could dare threaten our collective security. This is an undisputable fact which cannot be dismissed by those who want to justify Nkomo’s role in the struggle. The of course fact remains that Nkomo’s charismatic leadership resulted in the liberation of an alien country that had no connection whatsoever to the annexed state of Mthwakazi. 

Recently, the Grand Plan spin doctors have been celebrating Dr Nkomo as a significant hero who ‘handed over Matebeleland to the Shona state’ and because of that they ‘built a statue for him in honour of that donation of Matebeleland’. Whether the reader becomes emotional about this so-called celebration, it needs to be noted that we as the MLF have just quoted what is making rounds on the social media from the Zanu PF spin doctors. Jonathan Moyo, Simon Khaya Moyo, Obed Mpofu are also honoured by the Shonas in the same press release for having played a pivotal role in ensuring that the ‘Shona lives to reign’. We can only imagine how these individuals feel when they read about being honoured by people who have been singularly responsible for raping and brutalizing their own kind. Soon, the so-called MRP (aka ZRP) will be honoured for their role in negatively impacting the restoration agenda of Mthwakazi. It really does seem that these kindergarten kids may be motivated by those accolades from the butcherers of their own kind.

Surely all these characters should be ashamed of themselves. Are they happy with the role that they have played, resulting in the extermination of their own kith and kin, the people of Mthwakazi? Are they really enjoying the money that they have amassed through these evil machinations? We in the MLF have no doubt that despite the wealth that they have accumulated through selling out their own people, they are in fact miserable as they will never at any time now or in the future become full citizens of that country. In many respects, we believe that they are as frustrated as we all are having to, continuously abide by the code of being inferior to the powers that be. They will never wash away their Mthwakazi identity with any kind of soap, not even one that could be produced by Zanu PF. These individuals continue to be in a larger prison, just like us, with no real home grown authority whatsoever, and having to communicate in the language of their masters in Harare, including smelling the same of environmental damage that is perpetuated in the whole of Mthwakazi.

Just as the Nigerian writer Chika Onyeani observed, in his book, ‘Capitalist Nigger’ these individuals have been subjected just like the entire Mthwakazi population to debilitating dehumanization, unashamedly dependency and humiliation of selling out their own kind simple to put food on the table and cloth themselves and developed a perennially complacent low self-esteem, dependency on the culture of the Shona and its language and inaction of themselves. Shame on them! If only they had read (they could still do if they want) George Owen’s Animal Farm, they would have recognized what other animals realized later, that after the overthrow of Mr Jones, only ‘pigs’ qualified to sleep on beds with white ‘sheets’. This should have been a lesson too for Dr Nkomo’s Zapu. Perhaps with this recognition they would have come to the realization that a slave does not qualify to be a human being without a fight.

Whatever they do they will continuously be watched until of course they are declared heroes when they die. BUT what about their off spring and grandchildren, will they assimilate and become who they are not? The same equally applies to hundreds of thousands Mthwakazi citizens that are scattered all over the world, who falsely believe that survival equates to individualism, instead of communitarianism. Will their children and grandchildren assimilate without a proper home? Is it really what we want to see happening? Should our offspring become like those Africans who were taken to the Americas and elsewhere in Europe as slaves, who today have no idea where in Africa they came from? 

Even after slavery had long ended and citizenships were conferred to them, are they not being continuously persecuted through various forms of open racism, quiet racism and marginalization? Are they really happy without a natural home? What does an identity ‘African American’ say or mean to you? Do you understand it? Have you ever heard of racism against whites in America? If not, why not? What about a Black British? Have you ever heard about racism against whites in Britain? If not, why not? Does it make sense to you? In our country, are we likely to end up with ‘Ndebele Zimbabwean’ ‘Sotho Zimbabwean’, ‘Kalanga Zimbabwean’ or ‘Ndebele Shona’ and so forth as an identity that defines us, the people of Mthwakazi? Is that what you want? This is likely to happen to generations of Mthwakazians to come, if we do not stand up and liberate our own homeland; develop and defend it for the future generations of our own kind, rather than being treated as minorities, slaves, discriminated against and marginalized wherever we go and in our own country. 

What about the saying ‘home sweet home’ in the true sense in which we become masters of our own identity? Is there anything wrong with that, knowing that you really belong, this is your home, this is your country, this is where you can develop and practice your laws and systems of governance and you are not going to be labelled anything that you are not, but a Mthwakazian? What is wrong with the Shona people continuing to be our neighbours as was the case historically? Why must they want to own and enslave us? What is missing in their own culture and identity that they would want to turn us into Shona slaves? Are they so lazy that they can’t work for themselves and can’t procure their own kith and kin, apart from enslaving, brutalizing, killing and raping us? 

These are the questions that should shake us from all our comfort zones. As Chika Onyeani further asserts in his book, ‘Capitalist Nigger’, it is about time we stopped allowing the Shona people to dictate how we live, it is about time we stopped consuming their nonsense, it is about time we became political and ‘economic warriors’ instead of being slaves and develop a ‘devil-may-care attitude and the killer instinct of the Caucasian’ race, through the Vukuzenzele Doctrine to escape our collective ‘victim mentality’. 

11. Conclusion

As we progressively draw towards the inevitable conclusion it is noteworthy that, the RESTORATION of Mthwakazi, which is referred to as secession by the enemies of Mthwakazi is not a beauty contest, but a journey to total freedom, where every ethnic group in Mthwakazi will enjoy and fully occupy their spaces as they utilize their resources for self-sustenance.

It is further noteworthy that this journey belongs to you as well. You may be comfortable wherever you are, but whatever comfort you may be enjoying is only temporary. One day just like all humanity you will also pass through earth without having contributed to the welfare of your permanent offspring to come. Remember, only a person passes on, and not the entire human race. Through the passing of your genes, a multiplicity of generations will continue to live millions of years after you have passed on. 

How are these generations, your own offspring going to survive on this earth? Will they be comfortable? Will they not be discriminated against and persecuted wherever you left them without a permanent home, or will they have assimilated and become something else alien to your own identity when you were still alive? Is comfort not best defined by having a permanent home where none of your countless offspring will ever be persecuted, brutalized, enslaved, killed, tortured, disappeared and raped for who they are, and nothing else? 

In a nutshell, this is what the struggle for the Restoration of Mthwakazi is all about. It is about struggling for a permanent home in which your offspring will live perpetually as a free people, secure, prosperous and able to engage their neighbours with full dignity, respect and equality of human beings. This therefore is what makes Mthwakazi Liberation Front different from all pretenders and outright sellout organizations that have continually led the people of Mthwakazi astray. 

You are therefore welcome to join the ranks of this RESTORATION OF MTHWAKAZI FORWARD LOOKING AGENDA. We have no doubt that one day, just as in the past, we will live peacefully with the Shona people as our neighbours. That is inevitable. The people of Mthwakazi shall also prevail simply because they were not ‘divinely ordained’ by their God to live as slaves in their own country. The saying that charity begins at home is therefore equally true and applicable to the people of Mthwakazi.

For those who did not understand or have no idea completely as to what was discussed in the course of this document, you have every right to seek clarity about of the issues raised in the course of this document and the design of the argument, directly from the writers hereof on the following contact details: and 

Alternatively, you can reach us on the following mobile phone numbers: +27 72 350 4916; +27 74 617 1132 and +27 78 730 7538. We stand ready to take you through an educational and philosophical journey of Mthwakazi, whilst at the same time liberating your mind from the psychological genocide that was deliberately inflicted on you by the Rule by Conquest doctrine as originally applied by the British colonialists.

Wishing you all the, people of Mthwakazi, the liberation of your country, Mthwakazi, in the not distant future. 

- Chrispen Khalipha Nyoni & Dr Mpiyezwe Guduza, published by


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1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM): W...
Isikhulumeli sikaMzilikazi II sikhupha umbiko ngemvoxovoxo ephuthumayo
Mthwakazi omuhle ,lina bondlela zimhlophe, lingabe linjani kum...
1893 MHRRM calls for another UK Matebele Genocide Demo
The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement’s (18...
King Mzilikazi II visits Ngozi Mine
The King for some time has wanted to visit the Ngozi mine commun...
Umbiko ngesethekeli sakwaZulu
Sokulombiko ophuthumayo lapha. Isethekeli sethu sakwaZulu aka...
King Mzilikazi II condemns arrest and torture of Matebeleland 8
King Mzilikazi II condemns and protests strongly the arrest and be...
Mnangagwa Bring Back Our Youths: 1893 MHRRM
The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement condemns in...
uMbiko oMkhulu: uSomlomo kaKing Goodwill Zwelithini wethekelela uMthwa
  Mthwakazi omuhle ,lina bondlela zimhlophe mnyaka om...
Zanu PF's ministry of National Healing and Reconciliation is a mockery
When Zanu PF created the ministry during the GNU era, it appeared ...
1893 MHRRM RSA and UK Demos a success
This statement, from the 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restorati...
King Mzilikazi Christmas message
King’s Christmas Message, 2017 It is that time of the year when ...
1893 MHRRM ups its Gukurahundi Genocide Demos Campaign in London and J
Gratitude and many thanksFirst and foremost, we extend our grati...
Transitional Government of Tamil Elam Human Rights Conference Report
“Tamil’s Human Rights Conference on the World Human Rights D...
Mutsvanga throwing stones while in a glass house
If one lives in a glass house, he/she must not throw stones. This ...