1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement Releases its Flier

1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement Releases its Flier
Published: 22 April 2017 | by 1893 MRM Information and Publicity Department


The 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement: Putting Mthwakazi Nation First

Who are we?

We are a proud Nation made up of amalgamated tribes and races that have co-exited diversely and peacefully with each other for years. Mthwakazi (Matebeleland) is popularly known as Mthwakazi due to the local name of the San people, AbaThwa who were ruled by Queen Muthwa up to the 18th Century, hence the reflection of the San people in our Logo.  Our everlasting and unbreakable bond is due to unity in diversity, collective colonial suffrage and collective resistance to colonialism since 1893 when Mthwakazi Kingdom (Matebeleland) was invaded, destroyed and occupied by Rhodes and his cronies. After the destruction of our Nation by Rhodes and his cronies, Mthwakazi (Matebeleland) was conjoined with Mashonaland to form Southern Rhodesia, then Rhodesia-Zimbabwe and then what is called Zimbabwe today. Since 1893, we have suffered from colonization, genocides, segregation and marginalization in our own country for more than 100 years from both white and black occupying governments.

Our collective rights as a Nation have been trampled upon, severely assaulted and attacked since 1893. Our everlasting and unbreakable bond is also due to collective Gukurahundi Genocide suffrage we have and continue to experience at the hands of the Zimbabwean Government led by Robert Gabriel Mugabe since 1983 when the Genocide began. To push back the frontiers of both white and black occupation and genocide that we have faced and suffered as a Nation since 1893 up to this day, we, the people of Mthwakazi have collectively formed The 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement (1893 MRM) to work collectively towards the Restoration of our Rights in the country of our forefathers and foremothers.

We are not a political party. Political parties tend to be centred on their own personal interests, competition and the conquering of political power whereas a Movement is different in its aims and goals. In political parties members tend to prioritize, pursue and protect personal interests and ambitions and hence competition.  Conquering of political power and competition to gain political power is never a goal of a Movement and its members. It is the reason why the Movement accepts everyone from Mthwakazi regardless of organizational affiliation or geographical location.

The goal of a Movement is the attainment and or restoration of the collective rights and interests of its members. Members of a Movement subordinate their personal interests for the attainment and or restoration of their collective rights and interests. Members of a Movement promote its purpose, mission and vision for the collective by giving to the Movement. They sacrifice their quality time, intelligence, knowledge and skills and energy to further the aims and goals of their Movement. Therefore, the motives, aspirations and desires of a member of a Movement are diametrically different and opposed to those of members of political parties. The 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement is therefore a Movement for Mthwakazi, established in 2014 for the attainment and or restoration of the collective rights and interests of our Nation. The Movement is therefore not a political party but a Movement whose vision is the Restoration of our Nation and a plethora of our peoples’ rights in their own country.  We have adopted a principle of Non-violence to resist our occupation and to achieve our various aims and goals working directly with our people.

All Mthwakazi people can join the Movement regardless of organizational affiliations and beliefs. We also appreciate, value and treat all Mthwakazi people equally regardless of geographical location. No input from any Mthwakazi person is regarded as of no significance because of their geographical location.

Our Motto

The motto of our Restoration Movement is: Restore, Rebuild and Prosper as a Nation.

Our Aims

The 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement aims to restore a broad spectrum of our collective rights as a people and a Nation. These rights include land rights, employment rights, language and cultural rights, educational rights, resource and developmental rights and rights to business opportunities in our country. Our people must enjoy all these rights in our Mthwakazi country and be part of the Movement to ensure that they are able to restore and protect these rights as citizens of Mthwakazi Nation. The Movement believes in working directly with all our Mthwakazi communities in its restoration approach, tackling the needs of local communities and restoring the rights of local communities so that they benefit from their local resources and available local opportunities.

The ultimate and fundamental aim of the Movement is for our Nation to be a sovereign, independent and prosperous state of Mthwakazi . It is time for all of us as Mthwakazi Nationals to come together and join hands in restoring our collective rights as a Nation and engage in programmes of restoring and rebuilding our Nation to be an independent and prosperous Nation among a family of global and progressive Nations.

The 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement is your Movement, is our Movement and is the Nation’s Movement for the restoration of our collective rights and collective interests as a people. Let us own this great Movement together and collectively as a progressive and resolute people as well as a united Nation. Collective efforts and unity will yield progress in our local communities and in our Mthwakazi Nation.

Pride and National Identity

 Our Nation is identified by the pride of our ancestors’ rock (cave) paintings of abaThwa (San people) scattered around the hills and mountains of Mthwakazi, especially Matopo Hills, within the Jameson line, that is the border between Mthwakazi and Mashonaland. The rock paintings are one of the first inventions of writing that was done by our ancestors in an art form in Africa. This has never been acknowledged in the history of mankind. We are simply a unique Nation inhabited by unique peoples and we must ooze pride and a strong sense of patriotism and National identity.

Mthwakazi is also known for offering the greatest resistance to colonialization in Southern Africa under the command of his majesty King Lobhengula in 1893. After the death of our heroic and indefatigable King, several wars of resistance were launched once more in 1896 and thereafter by the King’s regiments.  Several heroic battles were fought in defence of our great motherland in places such as Gadade in Ntabazinduna, Mfelabuso in Gwanda, Phuphu in Lupane, uMguza River, Insiza, Matopo and Tshangani to name but a few places. The spirits of our ancestors were not broken throughout these historic and heroic battles of resistance against colonialism. They were indefatigable in their fight. Our spirit is not broken today and will not be broken tomorrow until victory is achieved.

What we have done in the Past

● Fencing of the Gadade Monument working in collaboration with uMhlahlo weSizwe as part of its Cultural and Historical Restoration Agenda in 2014

● Supported Mthwakazi kaMzilikazi Cultural Association in providing funds for the transportation of bricks to build toilets at Mhlahlandlela site where yearly Mzilikazi Day commemorations are done in 2015

 ● Provided transport in the form of buses to transport Mthwakazi from KwaBulawayo City Hall to Mhlahlandlela site in 2016 King Mzilikazi Day Celebrations

● Worked closely with uMhahlo weSizwe in providing buses to fetch Mthwakazi from City Hall to Gadade in 2016 Gadade Commemorations

● Provided support to uLoyiko to launch its play and to organize its recent successful 380 Degrees Gukurahundi Genocide Imbizo Demo in South Africa

● Sponsored a Mthwakazi Review-On-Radio live programme on DiProFM, an internet Radio Station based in South Africa

● Via one of its officials, Thembani Dube, donated football kits to various football teams in Bulawayo (Ajax Hotspurs, Mthwakazi United FC, King Lobhengula FC), Kalani FC in Tsholotsho and donated a kit in Lupane for an event promoting Activism Against Gender Violence. Magama FC and Stars FC battled it out for the kit in front of the enthusiastic Lupane Community. Stars FC won and was awarded the kit.

What we are working on at present

We are currently working on restoring historical sites of importance in Mthwakazi and we will be co-currently working on other plethora of programs for the collective restoration and exercise of our rights in various sectors in Mthwakazi. Together and collectively we can make a lasting difference in Mthwakazi. Be part of the Movement and add value to its programs and intended programs peacefully.

Where can you find us?

Currently we have an International leadership, the International Board, based in the UK, Canada, RSA, Botswana and Mthwakazi. We are currently building structures in the United Kingdom, Canada, Botswana, South Africa and Mthwakazi. We are hoping to be expanding into other countries as we reach out to all Mthwakazi people found around the world. We are happy to assist Mthwakazi people found in countries that are not mentioned above to join the Movement and form structures in their respective countries.

How do I join and who can I contact?

All Mthwakazi people can join the patriotic Movement. Be part of a powerful collective force and collective voice for the restoration of our collective rights and collective interests. Join and play your important part for the greater good of the Nation. We are Putting Mthwakazi First in whatever we do. Please contact the following officials in the following respective Countries listed below who will help you with further information and any help you may need to join the Movement.


Name: Thabo Siziba

Email: 1893matebelelandrestoration@gmail.com

Tel: +1(416) 890 7844

Name: Douglas Nkomazana

Email: 1893matebelelandrestoration@gmail.com

Tel: +1 (780) 604 2395

United Kingdom

Name: Thembani Dube

Email: 1893informationpublicitysecs@gmail.com

Tel:+44 (0) 7889 422 695

Name: Maurice Bunu

Email: 1893informationpublicitysecs@gmail.com

Tel: +44 (0) 7947 080 758



Name: Cora Ndebele

Email: cora.ncube@gmail.com

Tel: +2 (63) 772 728 263

Name: Greater Sibanda

Email: greatersibanda386@gmail.com

Tel: +2 (63) 713 498 974

South Africa

Name: Dorothy Ndlovu

Email: Dorothyn79@gmail.com

Tel: +2 (7) 783 221 903

Name: Bekithemba Ngwenya

Email: wozabn@yahoo.com

Tel: +2 (7) 719 926 886


Name: Onesimo Ncube

Email: onesimosakhe@gmail.com

Tel: +2 (6) 771 549 204

Name: Nkosilathi Mkhwananzi

Email: intelsolutions21@gmail.com

Tel: +2 (6) 761 03 443


Released by Information and Publicity Department

Email: 1893informationpublicitysecs@gmail.com

- Source: 1893 MRM published by umthwakazireview.com

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